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Fed Desperate! Expanding Emergency Borrowing Program for Flat Broke Banks – Wall Street Underground

Dear Comrade, In a desperate move right out of the Communist era playbook, our dead broke financial institutions are being given empty guarantees of money they don’t have by government. Before the bailouts the Bush administration in next year budget that begins October 1st need to borrow $500 billion. Promises of a Federal bailout our [...]

Dead Broke Banks are Doing Anything to Survive and They are Screwing People out of Billions of Dollars – Wall Street Underground

By any reasonable measure of solvency, the world banking system is broke. There is a major campaign going on to hide just how broke they are. The banks are in survival mode and that means they will screw their best and biggest clients to survive. GE capital did it when they dumped billions in bad [...]

Rallies in a Bear Market Are A Sell – Wall Street Underground

Never in the modern history of the stock market has government done so much to try to save its favorite golden boys. In overt manipulations not seen since the desperation of the Great Depression, the government has come to the aid of its real owners — the Wall Street Elite. But the truth is, it [...]

Housing Market Wiping OUT, Stock Market CRASHING, Banks FAILING – Wall Street Underground

I think it’s safe to say the shit is hitting the fan. My warnings of doom and gloom are coming true despite the incredible disinformation campaign being waged by the government and Wall Street bankers. As I have been telling you, these SOBs will tell you how great things are and blow blue sky up [...]

Financial Institution Nationalizations About To Start In Earnest – Wall Street Underground

Its been a shocking week with two key events occurring (besides the Stock Markets continuing wipe out that most people have not even noticed. The first was the revelation by a former governor of the Federal Reserve, confirming what we been telling you all along, that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae the nations largest mortgage [...]

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