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Oil’s Attempted Rally-Back Friday Ended in Its Biggest One-Day Loss in 20 Years! – Wall Street Underground

After seeing such a staggering rally like we have had in oil these past few years, it’s easy to understand why so many people are gun–shy. All I can say is, get over it. The truth about the bank and the mega-fund manipulations we have told you about for years is now slowly coming out. [...]

Worsening Financial Crisis About to Send the Stock Market Over the Cliff! – Wall Street Underground

It’s really eerie out there in stock market wonderland. Try as they might, our friends on Wall Street just can’t get the old market manipulations going like they used to. The bear market continues and every rally attempt hits the proverbial brick wall before it even gets off the ground. I am sitting here waiting [...]

One of the World’s Biggest Banks is About to Fail! – Wall Street Underground

Along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that guarantees a trillion-dollar loss in mortgages! Despite the incredible spin, government promises of intervention and even the SEC prohibiting short selling of banking stocks, the banks, brokers and mortgage-issuers are seeing their stock prices continue to plunge. In fact, I expect another major financial institution to be [...]

Commodities Prices Crashing Worldwide! – Wall Street Underground

Rarely in life do markets get this far out of whack. In fact, we have never seen so many commodities manipulated all at the same time and for such distorted prices. Up until recently, no one had the money to rig all the markets at once and no one would dare do it for fear [...]

Banks Are Grabbing Every Dime They Can to Try to Keep Their Doors Open – Wall Street Underground

You can’t have a depression and an inflation at the same time. It’s either one or the other. Despite the fact that Wall Street wants to keep you confused, the price increases you have seen in everything from oil to gold to soy beans are a temporary blip on the radar screen. They were a [...]

Debt Crisis Growing Worse by the Day – Wall Street Underground

This economic crisis that started with home mortgages has now spread like a metastasizing cancer and is attacking the entire financial system. The only thing that is holding banking system and financial institutions together are government guarantees. The question the government doesn’t want you to ask is this: How can a government that is already [...]

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Trade This Oil Bust – Wall Street Underground

I want to reiterate my absolute firm conviction that oil has begun a bust that will take it to $10 a barrel. All the trades and recos in the Stampede Audio Files and in Nick Picks stand — with one exception. The old reco for the ETF DCR has been replaced with a new recommendation [...]

Oil Still Plunging – Wall Street Underground

We talked when oil peaked near $150 a barrel. I told you then that such an insane number could not be maintained. As you know, we had a bunch of oil trades posted at that time on the Insiders website. We talked again when oil started down and dropped below $140 a barrel. That was [...]