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Cut Their Hours in Half… Give Them Unemployment Benefits… and Still Count Them as Fully Employed! – Wall Street Underground

Here’s the latest trick. It is one of the worst. State employment agencies (run by government) are telling companies, “Instead of firing people, cut everyone’s hours. You have 100 employees, and need to go down to 75. Instead, keep all your employees, but cut everyone’s pay and hours. Share the misery.” In essence, you have [...]

Changes in Size of U.S. Workforce Show Real Unemployment is 25% – Wall Street Underground

Banking is not the only Big Lie. So is the unemployment scandal. Government is taking jobless people off the unemployment rolls en masse -– simply by saying these people aren’t looking for work. And therefore are no longer unemployed. The latest BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) report show the grim reality: the U.S. lost 746,000 [...]

Government Lies UNDERSTATE the Ongoing Housing Crash – Wall Street Underground

Remember the bad old days of real estate insanity? No money down. Adjustable rate mortgages, where within a few years you spend 50-75% of your income on your house payment. People buying houses for far more than they’re worth. Incredibly, those days are back. FHA, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are still doing exactly the [...]