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“Free” Social Benefits: The Cheese at the Center of the Trap – Wall Street Underground

At first blush, all these welfare state benefits appear wonderful. Like money from heaven. Who could say no? Who could be upset with saving a baby’s life, using the miracles of modern medicine? Making sure our grandmothers have the best health care, convalescent housing, and endless entertainment in their retirement years? Socialism is seductive. For [...]

Banker Debt: The Key to the Modern Welfare State – Wall Street Underground

Maybe the worst thing the banker whores did was to buy, resell and finance government sovereign debt. That gave birth to the great modern socialist welfare states. It let these states exist and thrive. It made government the biggest single employer in the U.S. Look at our nation for the past 80 years. People have [...]

We are Entering a New Dark Age – Wall Street Underground

Do you really expect the politicians to tell you this? That we are starting a new dark age? That the masses are about to become impoverished slaves? Just the opposite. The sharpest minds in the world are working day and night, figuring out how to put you there. As they take your money and your [...]

Now We Face the Fall of America and Europe – Wall Street Underground

It’s a brand new ball game. A new way of doing things. Not just for the ultra-poor nations. For the developed world, too. People won’t like it. The services they take for granted are dying in a sea of red ink. Real soon now, these services will be no more. Prepare yourself for a new [...]

Socialist Utopian Dream Now a Nightmare – Wall Street Underground

Now on to one of the great socialist lies. The masses have been brainwashed. They now believe, heart and soul, the liberal fantasy: “I breathe. Therefore I am entitled to food, shelter, education, health care, work, car(s), sex, drugs and endless rock and roll. All paid for on the backs of someone else.” It doesn’t [...]

Blood in the Streets – Wall Street Underground

Don’t get me wrong. I hate to see blood in the streets. Especially if it’s mine or my subscribers. But in any great catastrophe, blood must flow. The Riots in Greece are just the start. Better its their blood being shed than ours. And we are entering the greatest financial catastrophe ever. Rivers of blood [...]

You Have a Chance to Get Your Very Own Million-Dollar Bonus Check! – Wall Street Underground

Wall Street and our banker buddies have a financial disaster plan. It’s pretty simple. Win, lose or draw, they walk away multi-millionaires under their bonus plan. You walk away stone cold broke. Sad to say, they already have a pretty damn good start on their robbery! They have already cut the value of your house [...]

Obama “Fixed” the Crisis. So Why Do We Keep Getting Depression-Type Numbers, Month After Month? – Wall Street Underground

Look, this wipeout started a year ago. It was a no-bullshit wipeout. The world’s biggest banks collapsed. The world’s biggest economies fell. Some of the largest corporations on the planet went bankrupt. Yet now they want to tell you everything is okay. They fixed it. In just a few months. Bullshit! They didn’t fix a [...]

The Rule of Liars – Wall Street Underground

We are living under the rule of professional liars. They are our politicians, Wall Street brokers, bankers, leaders of our our major companies. Banks don’t record their losses in derivatives, in the past that would be called fraud. They don’t book their vast losses in housing, commercial real estate and business loans. But those losses [...]