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The Best Trades Ever – Wall Street Underground

I’ve explained all this to you in the past. But bubbles are always surrounded by blizzards of b.s. spin. And contrarian trades, by their nature, are bound to try your patience. So sometimes it’s good for us to review things. But let’s not get carried away here. 95% of the time, markets are boring. That [...]

Our Trades are Lined Up Like Ducks in a Shooting Gallery – Wall Street Underground

I am 100% satisfied with our trade recos. Our specific market, carefully chosen ETFs let us hold our positions, at no extra cost, till the markets go our way. We are averaging in very well. I’m also 100% satisfied with the markets we are trading. We are perfectly positioned, in my opinion, to potentially make [...]

Do Not Mistake This the 2nd Liquidity Bubble for a Recovery – Wall Street Underground

In 2008 through March 2009, the economy and markets wiped out. Just as we predicted. The banks and financial institutions we told you ahead of time would collapse, did so. After that I had a brief glimmer of hope. There was a small chance that government really would set up the “bad bank.” That they [...]

Liquidity Bubble Bursting as We Speak – Wall Street Underground

Wall Street, the investment bankers, and their orgy bedfellows the whore politicians, have dreamed up plenty of low-down dirty rotten tricks. But the most deadly of all, that does the most damage, is the liquidity bubble. It causes loss of wealth for the masses like no other evil trick they have cooked up. And it [...]

The Debt Wipeout is Upon Us – Wall Street Underground

Before you take a bungee jump off a bridge without the cord, let me tell you the extraordinarily good news in this. In the coming weeks, months and years, we could make a fortune. In principle, it’s not hard to know what to do. We take the opposite side, of the very derivatives that got [...]