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Greece’s D-Day – Wall Street Underground

Greek D-Day is here . Hi, Europe is in for a rough ride. This game has just gotten a hell of a lot more serious. Let me explain. The Europeans are pushing the Greeks against the wall HARD. And to their credit, the Greeks are pushing back. What Europe refuses to understand is, Greece is [...]

Obama Sells Out America – Wall Street Underground

TRAITOR! Obama has betrayed Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Christians and now worst of all the country he swore to protect America Never did I think I would have to speak these words. Like many people I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I could care less that he was black. I swallowed [...]

Deflation To Devastate U.S. Economy – Wall Street Underground

Deflationary Death Plunge Has Started Inflation and GDP now totally negative… The event we long feared is happening. A deflationary depression. The Commerce Department revised US GDP, down to a staggering -0.7%. They originally reported GDP was UP 0.2%. More b.s. spin from the Obama administration, to keep the real news from the American people. [...]