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Boehner Bombs – Wall Street Underground

Stock Market Flame Out Coming . Government shut down now very likely. This could be a trigger for a major stock market wipe out. Look, we have been looking for the trigger for a flame out in the stock market. I have prepared a very special tape. The market is about to experience what could [...]

Fed Trapped In Endless Easing – Wall Street Underground

7 Years of Zero Interest Rates With No End in Sight . Trapped like a caged Lion, there is little the FED can do. Contrary to popular misleading spin, it’s not inflation that has got the FED in a quandary. It’s the global deflation that has central bankers shitting bricks. This knowledge is worth millions [...]

DAH! Goldman Sachs Finally Predicts $20 Oil – Wall Street Underground

They Are Getting Close… It Will Be $10 . At $100 oil Goldman Sacks was predicting $200 a barrel oil. After the market drops to $45, they FINALLY scratched their butt and figured it half out. NOW they predict $20 oil. What a bold prediction. They changed their prediction by $180. They only missed the [...]

Hyper Inflation NO, Deflation Crises YES – Wall Street Underground

Death by Deflation…. Worst of All We are in, as President Bush used to say, Deep DO DO. The global deflation that has been growing for years has now taken hold. Commodities prices have crashed world wide and now global stock markets are starting to crash. If you do not understand deflation and know exactly [...]

Iran Oil for Nukes Deal Approved – Wall Street Underground

Oil Will Crash . Are you ready for this. 50 million barrels of new oil is about to devastate an already vastly oversupplied oil market. If you hate Obama I understand. But the dumbest deal of the century has the potential to make you rich. And you’ve got to thank the Pres. It’s now a [...]

SUCKER! – Wall Street Underground

Oil Market Manipulation Failed. Still fooling the fools. Were you fooled? These past few days have had some some real fireworks in the oil market. Oil had its biggest 3 day gain since the start of the gulf war. As oil came off its most recent lows, the Jerk OFFS and the pretty Wall Street [...]

Economies and Markets Melting…Bankers Did it Again – Wall Street Underground

Our Party in Oil and Stocks is Far From Over. Markets will continue to crash This SMALL reversal in oil is a selling opportunity . See, it’s not supposed to be a straight plunge down. Life is just not that simple. This rally back in oil is NOTHING but a shorting opportunity. It’s temporary and [...]