Baron Rothschild the famous banker said “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

By Nick Guarino | April 24, 2020

By popular demand in these times of troubles we are back:

The Wall Street Underground

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As you know, the WSU has published for over 30 years. And we made subscribers killings in every Economic crises and stock market crash. Starting with the 1987 Long Term Capital Management meltdown. It got even better in the 1998 Russian economic crises. Next was the most obvious 2000 tech wreck that was good for a new yacht or two. And the very sad 2001 9/11 stock market plunge. Let’s not forget who predicted the 2008 great recession ahead of time where I made hundreds of subscribers millionaires. And now the long awaited 10 year bubble market coming to a catastrophic end is upon us.

What most people do not know the real profits are made in the recovery and the bail outs.

I have traded for myself and my subscribers 5 of the last wipeouts and recoveries. This will be number 6. Most people get stuck on stupid and are too scared to get in on the bottom. For example, we just witnessed the greatest stock market wipe out in history. We will soon see the greatest recovery in over 100 years. And don’t forget oil is trading cheaper than even when it was first discovered in the 1800′s in Pennsylvania.

Now is the time to act, you do not have a minute to lose. You have seen the greatest bailout and stimulative programs EVER! In the 2008 financial collapse, it took 2 years for them to scratch their asses and decide to save the financial system. And they damn near lost the banking system by waiting too long.

Not this time… what took two years to do in the Great Recession they have done in two months. I call this the greatest bailout ever on steroids. The coordinated Central Bank, congressional and Treasury intervention by pumping trillions in cash into the system is unprecedented. It will buy the biggest rally ever in certain sectors of the economy. But there will be losers. You have to know who to buy, what to buy, when to buy and in what quantities. And when to average in more. There are a precious few instruments like the ones we will be recommending that will work. The beauty is if you’re risk adverse and limited in investment capital these new tools are just what the Doctor ordered (excuse the pun). The fact is you cannot lose more than your initial purchase price. AND NO MARGIN CALLS! More on this later.


There are two reasons why. Understand these key elements and you could turn $1,000 into a hundred thousand and $10,000 into a million by the end of the year. In a minute, I’ll show you how.

As I mentioned earlier you are witnessing the powers that be throwing money at this economy like there is no tomorrow. And if they did not do this there would be no tomorrow. By the way, there will be no inflation as you are seeing. Oil does not go double digit negative, minus $40 a barrel in an inflation. Right now, spot oil is trading under $20 a barrel and prices are plunging in this deflation. For now inflation is years away if it ever comes. The fact is the vast non-inflationary money pumping has already bought the stock market off the bottom. And oil will soon zoom.


The battle cry can be heard from New York to Los Angeles, Texas to Minnesota. And the politicians are feeling the heat. And they will cave in. Starting next month the quarantines will be aggressively lifted. By July, this will be over for now. People want out.

They want their malls back. Cappuccino at Starbucks. Dinner out and do not forget baseball to football to basketball at the billion dollar arenas.

And the masses will go on the biggest spending spree you have ever seen.

Remember the trillions in stimulus? The money will have to go somewhere. Stimulus does not work unless people spend money into the system. There will be plenty of cash and easy credit to go around.

That will mean everyone will get a happy check, a bail out. Forgiveness on mortgage and credit card payments and with a pocket full of money from their happy checks and endless credit you will see the biggest mindless spending boom in human history.

Here is the one thing that makes all this happen. Recent tests have shown the Coronavirus is very contagious. But, and here is the money ball! This virus is particularly easy to kill. In a mild bleach solution, it dies in 5 minutes. In Alcohol, it dies on contact. In sunlight, the ultraviolet rays kill the Coronavirus dead in minutes. And as a byproduct, summer time temperatures kill this virus.


Translation, the Coronavirus is about to go dormant. The infections will stop and virtually no one will test positive. And governments will breathe a sigh of relief and quarantines will be lifted. The grocery stores will see crowds like never seen before. Sports arenas and movie theaters will run out of seats. Jetliners will be filled to capacity as they ballyhoo their new air filter systems. You will not be able to get a reservation at a vacation spot dripping with antiseptic sprays for love or money.


And if you listened you could be shopping for yachts and Ferrari’s, set for the rest of your life. We have identified 7 key markets and instruments that are tracking them. These are very special ETF’S that have gotten decimated in the stock market wipe out. They now can be bought at bargain basement (blood in the streets) prices.

As you know in recent years, I have been advising a select group of high net worth individuals and retired from the public. These exclusive services trade very risky, very volatile instruments and cost a bundle to trade. And definitely not appropriate for most people especially during these wild times. The trades in the exclusive service requires millions.

I feel like I owe my past subscribers and it’s wrong to leave them out of the greatest potential money making trades ever. Because of the financial emergency, I have decided to re-open the Wall Street Underground to old subscribers. The trading pace will be much slower. Requiring very small investments. Many instruments can be bought for hundreds of dollars. We trade select ETF’s that strictly limit your losses. The markets have just begun their recovery. The upside potential is truly amazing.

Want proof I know how to make you money in this. A month ago I urged you to buy one little ETF the SPXL. If you bought it when I recommended it you could have purchased for around $18 a share. It’s now trading close to $35 a share. It has almost doubled in price. In 30 days with that one trade, I gave you a 100% return on your money. And get this, by Christmas this ETF could be trading over $100 a share.


When you subscribe to The Wall Street Underground, I have 7 more trades that I think will do even better. And get this, I will show you how to leverage these very special instruments to where you could well make 1,000 times your money. Trust me you will not be able to do this on your own. Potentially 1,000 times your money in ten months.

I am coming out of semi-retirement to help the little guy this one last time. You have the once in a 100 year blood in the streets market opportunity to make 1,000 times your money. But unfortunately, without specific trades in the enhanced markets and my analysis you will not make one thin dime.

If you want to make serious money and be sitting fat and sassy for the rest of your life, the time to act is now. You will never get another opportunity like this one again. Take advantage of it by contacting my associate, Jim at 866-924-0607 (Overseas subscribers call 1-913-871-0701) to reserve your spot immediately. This one call could well change your life forever.

This offer is strictly limited by invitation only to former subscribers. The cost has not changed for the last 20 years. It’s $5,000 a year and comes with our customer satisfaction guarantee. You make a bundle of money or it costs you nothing. I can tell you that the spots will not be open for long. So I urge you to contact Jim right now. Imagine the opportunity of making millions while everyone around you is going broke relying upon government handouts. Think what you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

The Wall Street Underground
Nick Guarino

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Coronavirus Is Spreading Like Wildfire

By Nick Guarino | March 3, 2020

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