Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | December 22, 2021

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

More precisely, the Omicron. You might be wondering why governments have gotten so aggressive lately. Reality is, this next wave will be the worst one yet. I’m going to tell you what you must do now in our latest edition of Radio Free Wall Street.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | November 11, 2021

Bark, Bark, Bark

Europe starting to go into lockdowns just as the flying disease incubators have started up again. Bark, Bark, Bark.

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Take Profits – My Two Most Favorite Words In The English Language

By Nick Guarino | November 3, 2021

For those of you smart enough to be making the NASDAQ 100 trade I gave you, it’s time to take profits and take the cash off the table. If you traded exactly as we recommended and kept the trade all along, you profits should be over $75,000. Not bad but I promise we’ll do better. We will be back in this NASDAQ trade in short order.

We’re now in an oil trade that is showing profits so we are in a sweet spot. If you’d like to get these trades, please call Jim at 866-924-0607.

It Pays To Be Patient

By Nick Guarino | October 25, 2021

Back on May 31st we gave you a very simple trade and like so many of our trades, you buy them, you hold them and you forget them. The last time we spoke, that trade was making around $30,000. It’s now making $40,000 as the insane stock market rally continues. This is to update you and to tell you to continue holding your positions and to inform you that we will soon be exiting this trade.

We have also entered a trade in oil and we have trades coming up in Bitcoin, Gold and the S&P 500. A lot of people tell you about profits. We show you the profits. If you’d like to get in on the next round of trades, call Jim at 866-924-0607.

Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | October 18, 2021

Protect The Kiddies You Know And Love

Halloween marks the start of party season. None of our kids are vaccinated and they are vulnerable. You can’t isolate them. They’ve got to go to school. Let me show you how to protect them.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | October 8, 2021

Self Imposed Lock Down

Politicians are afraid of an uprising so they’re allowing massive spreader events. Smart people are in isolation.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | October 1, 2021

Remdesivir Shows A Lot Of Promise In Clinical Studies

A new study reveals that myocarditis cases may be because the jab hits a vein.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | September 14, 2021

The Whole World Is Giving The Third Booster Shot

Surprise, surprise, surprise… The U.S. is not. I wonder why? We explore this mystery in the current edition of Radio Free Wall Street.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | September 10, 2021

Biden Did Something Really Crazy

The untold story in America is the Delta variant is ripping through the country. Infections, hospitalizations and deaths are approaching record highs. Super spreader events are the order of the day. And now, they’re opening up schools to millions of innocent, unvaccinated children.

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Special Report

By Nick Guarino | September 9, 2021

Opportunities Everywhere

The Delta variant is sucking shut the global economy. There is much to talk about and specific trade strategies.

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Trade Making 56,000 Smiles

By Nick Guarino | August 30, 2021

Back on May 31st I gave you my 3 hottest trades. If you made just one of them, you’re sitting on close to $60,000 net profit. In that trade I told you to buy the NASDAQ 100 Mini and your first position was around 13,700. On July 9th I told you to buy your next layer at 14,700 and now you need to buy your third layer at 15,700.

In the original trade, we told you to take profits at 16,700 which I still hope to get. If the trade works out as planned, you could make $120,000. You might consider taking some of those profits and subscribing to our comprehensive Financial News Network because our biggest trade ever is coming up this Fall. I gave this trade to prove to you that we have the golden touch and we can deliver the goods.

If you’d like to discuss this, call 866-924-0607.

Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | August 26, 2021

Click, Click, BOOM!

ISIS bombing the airport and U.S. assets in Kabul. Breakthrough COVID mutation infecting fully vaccinated people in America. We cover this and more in our latest offering of Radio Free Wall Street.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | August 16, 2021

Your Monday Morning Score Card

Coronavirus 5, Taliban 10, President Biden -5. In this edition of Radio Free Wall Street we’ll take a long, sober look at the issues we face.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | August 9, 2021

I Put My Money And In This Case My Body Where My Mouth Is

I got my third Pfizer booster shot today at a VIP event and I want to tell you about it.

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You Don’t Have to Isolate

By Nick Guarino | August 4, 2021

Being Vaccinated is Not Enough
Test Anyone You Let Into Your Home
Protect You and Your Loved Ones

For $15 and 15 Minutes You Can Have Your Life Back

Now You Can Have BBQ’s, Birthday Parties and Weddings and Not Have Them Turn into Super Spreader Events

“Delta is the most infectious virus ever seen” – CDC

“Delta Strain as Contagious as Chickenpox”
“Fully vaccinated people becoming symptom free Super Spreaders”
“Vaccinated people infected and getting sick”

You Would be a Fool Not to be Worried

The above headlines sent chills up and down my spine. I always knew the Delta strain is a highly contagious killer… but to see it confirmed in black and white is my worst nightmare


I recently sent most of you, over a year in development our CoronaVit state of the art supplements… But to my horror masks, supplements, isolation and even vaccinations are not enough.

Our vaccines at 6 months old are failing and at best it will be the end of the year before a new vaccine targeted to the Delta variant will be available. You need in the mean time to get a third booster shot of the existing vaccine. If and when you can.

Until then, what do we do about the 1,000 times more infectious Delta mutation that is defeating our vaccines!!!!!!! I agonized day and night. Short of living in a clean room, donning a hazmat suit I could not guarantee your safety.

Well it’s Sarah to the rescue, my youngest daughter. She just finished her exams and passed the most difficult freshman algorithm test I have ever seen.

So I offered her a trip to Greece as a reward with her buddies… And she turned it down and wanted to come home to her Daddy… She sure knows how to tug on my heart strings.

And this is where one of those Zen moments, life changing events occurred. They would not let her on the plane… She had her Vaccination passport and had gotten a few days earlier a PCR test.

The airport would not accept any tests. The airlines know that they’ve got a huge Delta mutation spread problem. So at some airports the authorities instituted new guidelines. Before anyone could board the plane they had to get a new Covid-19 test on the spot at a cost of 100 Euros.

Sarah called me upset because she was standing in a long line to get tested and she was afraid she would miss her flight. I told her Sarah, you are going to miss your flight anyway because it takes at least 24 hours to get the results back. She said, Dad it’s a new test, you get the results in 15 minutes and it identifies negative cases with 99% accuracy.

Well HELLO KITTY! I said Sarah get me a picture or the name of this test. I’ve got to have them. I am catching hell here. My millennial daughters and staff are in a rebellion. We came out of lock down and people were coming and going under a few conditions impossible to enforce. They can go off the reservation as long as they wear their masks, only hang with vaccinated individuals and avoid crowds, especially indoors…

Now what do you think the odds of that happening with the millennials who have developed the art of obfuscation and omission of pertinent information to an art form?

They are not going to give up frying on the beach… or the $5 chocolate flavored coffees and perish though no Sushi bar!

I have been dreading the coming lock down I was going to have to impose on the compound here. The variant has for a FACT defeated our vaccines and there is no booster shot targeting the Delta variant approved much less in production. And there will not be one until the end of the year. What to do?

A light went off in my head.

For the past 2 years we had demanded everyone coming on the compound wear a mask and we checked their temperature and blood oxygen levels at the gate… And this year we demanded a vaccine certificate.

So our solution could not be simpler. And it works in part because the Delta mutation is so infectious. The solution is:

At home testing… Or in my case at gate.

Give me $15 and 15 minutes and I’ll give your life back.

The viral load of this Delta variant is 1,000 times more infectious than the Alpha variant… And it gets into your nose and throat in a matter of hours if you’re infected. So the solution is very simple.

Test everyone you’re about to let around you. And here is the really good part. You do not need to test everyone in the same household. Suppose your family is coming with the grand kids. If they all live in the same house all you need to do is test one person. Because the variant is so contagious they are either all infected, symptoms or not, or hopefully no one is infected… And these new test kits I have in stock well tell you in fifteen minutes.

We have purchased and committed to 1,000 test kits, 400 of them have already been spoken for. If you order now, I can have them in your hands next week. It’s the best home test kit on the market. They are made by Abbott in the USA and have FDA Emergency Use Authorization. We made a special purchase and can offer you the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Test Kit at the best delivered price anywhere. Better hurry, stocks are disappearing fast and many suppliers have them on backorder. Buyer beware: The market is being flooded with inferior product, made by dodgy manufacturers in India and China.

Announcing the: Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 OTC Home Test kit

What you get:

  • Two tests in each box
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Abbott
  • Packages/Order: 1 to 10
  • Package Type: Complete Test Kit
  • Order Size: Limit 10 kits x 20 tests
Introducing the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 OTC Test available for delivery to your door – Order now and you can have it next week, while supplies last

Give me 15 Minutes and $15 to change your life. No more isolation… You can safely get together with family and friends…

Fast, Easy. Ready When You Are.

We have made a special purchase. In fact we bought all our supplier had. They are now out of stock until late August.

Order Now – Better Hurry, Supplies are Disappearing Fast!

I do not know how long our supplies will last. First come first served, limit 10 test kits per person.

To order now call Jim at: 866-924-0607


*One test kit containing 2 tests: $28.99 plus $12.95 shipping and handling. Total $41.94

*Ten Test kits containing 2 tests in each box, 20 in total: $279.99 plus $39.95 shipping and handling. Total $319.94

Please note: We will only accept orders for supplies we have. I expect prices to rise and supplies to run out. You remember what happened with the N-95 masks.

Special Suggestion: The way we do it is we ask anyone who wants to come on the compound to isolate the best they can for 48 hours before they show up. Therefore one test could be sufficient. And we can test two people per box. If they are going to stay a week or more we do a second test as per manufacturer suggestion within 36 hours.

It’s great, we are back to barbecuing and having visitors once again.

More Details: The Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 OTC Test lets you get rapid results, in the privacy of your own home. Available direct from us at SalvaVida, everything you need is in the package and taking the test is simple.

The Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 OTC Test utilizes trusted technology used for decades by healthcare professionals and makes simple, easy-to-use COVID-19 tests easily accessible. This has been a game changer for us. Life around here is now near normal. The best it’s been in two years… Since this horror show started.

Features/Benefits: When it comes to COVID-19, knowledge is power. People want to know if they are infectious or not and they want their results now.

Rapid tests are best at detecting higher amounts of viral load when people are most likely to be infectious. And they deliver results quickly enough to help sick individuals from potentially spreading the virus to others. With multiple rapid tests available, what should you look for when selecting a rapid test?

Speed: Look for tests that offer results in minutes, not hours or days. Tests claiming to be “rapid” but still require mail-in samples or lab processing times have delays built in. Our BinaxNOW COVID-19 tests deliver results in 15 minutes or less.

Convenience: Testing that’s convenient and accessible is likely closer to you. Tests that don’t require instrumentation can be performed at home (with a virtually guided service) or outside of traditional healthcare settings, in drive-thru clinics, schools, workplaces and stand-up community testing sites. Look for tests offered in myriad locations.

Comfort: Nasal swabs that don’t require a deep swab are the most comfortable. They’re preferable to nasopharyngeal swabs, which can be uncomfortable and require that healthcare workers take additional precautions.

Reliability: Our BinaxNOW test is among the most studied rapid antigen test in the country and demonstrates performance of 95.6% positive agreement (sensitivity) in people seven days or less post-symptom onset with Ct counts of 33 or below. These are people who are most likely to be infectious and spread the virus to others.

Track Record: All COVID-19 tests in the U.S. have been authorized under FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Abbott’s rapid tests are among the most widely-used in the U.S., with more than 200 million of our BinaxNOW rapid tests used in urgent care clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, nursing homes, and schools since April 2020.

Our Rapid COVID-19 Tests

Our BinaxNOW test is the size of a credit card and requires no specialized instrumentation. This sleek form factor is what allows us to make it at scale and sell it at an affordable price. The test can be used at home without a prescription and through a virtually guided online video. This test kit is extremely easy to use.

Even as promising vaccines become more widely available, reliable, quick and convenient rapid testing will play an important role in containing pockets of infectious mutations that are in some cases defeating vaccinations.

Home testing is helping people get back to business, travel, school and visiting loved ones.

Because the sooner your COVID results are known, the sooner you can get back to the things you want to do. And now, you’re ready.

If you’d like to see an instructional video, scan the QR code on the left or click the link below

If you’d like to order now online, scan the QR code on the right or click the link below

If you’d like to order using Skype or Telephone:
Call (201) 588-3014

You can send us an email at:

*Prices subject to change. Better hurry supplies are limited and flying out the door!

Some Weeks Back I Gave You A Trade

By Nick Guarino | July 26, 2021

So How Are We Doing?

On May 31st I sent you an email with a specific trade in it, FREE, no questions asked, nothing to subscribe to, read the trade and make money. That trade is now making $28,000 and it’s going to make a hell of a lot more. Yes, you’re welcome.


Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | July 13, 2021

Important Announcement

Finally another breakthrough is here. So tune into our latest offering of Radio Free Wall Street.

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NASDAQ 100 Trade Update

By Nick Guarino | July 9, 2021

NASDAQ 100 Futures Trade

If you started your trade I sent you by email and traded the minimum, you bought 1 mini NASDAQ 100 at 13,700. At no time did the trade go against you and you should be making $20,000 in OTE profits. It’s now time to buy your second layer every 1,000 points higher and I urge you to continue the trade. Happy days are here again.

Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | June 2, 2021

Machiavelli Was Right

We’ve been to Hell and now we’re back and the back part is what interests me now.

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Lockdowns Over, Stock Market Will Go Wild

By Nick Guarino | May 31, 2021


As usual the Wall Street Pundits have got it wrong. Like mistaking reflation for inflation… Or my favorite MYTH they are trying to peddle: The FED will start the dreaded taper, no longer buying 150 billion a month in securities and will soon raise rates. That is NOT going to happen for at least 2 years in the future. Don’t bet against the FED. They have made it clear they will keep filling the punch bowl until everyone is working and all business is back.

Another silly worry is supply chain shortages causing inflation that will soon result in runaway inflation. As soon as production gears up the supply chain will fill up and prices will drop.

Do Not Mistake Reflation for Inflation

The TEMPORARY price increases you are seeing is reflation. Everyone shut down because of the Plague induced depression. The supply chain collapsed. Inventories were allowed to sell down. Business economists got it wrong. Love Trump or hate him you’ve got to give him credit. By throwing 10 billion dollars at the drug companies they did the impossible. They came up with and supplied 1 billion doses of working vaccines within a year. And stopped the pandemic dead in its tracks.

You need to understand Wall Street and Big corporations pulled in their horns figuring we would be in lockdown for years waiting for a working vaccine. Why would you maintain inventories or build inventories during a depression induced by a plague? Car companies canceled chip orders figuring people locked at home would not be buying cars. Restaurants shut down and canceled food and equipment orders. Hotels shut down rooms, closed the pools and shuttered in their restaurants and bars. The airlines and cruise industry sent workers home. Canceled flights and furrowed crews. Mothballed airplanes and cruise ships.

The shut downs affected everyone. Farmers paired down the flocks of chickens. No restaurants no steaks so cattle herds were also pared down. The entire economy sucked shut.


The suits never in their wildest dreams ever anticipated the economy roaring back to life so quickly. Now the scramble is on for supplies.

From Lumber to computer chips. To chicken wings and steaks. Even nails, gypsum board to build with, demand is soaring for everything in sight. It’s called a reflation.

In the scramble to get scarce supplies everyone is trying to meet the surprise demand and as to be expected prices are temporarily increasing.

It’s called a reflation… Do not make the mistake of confusing these temporary supply chain price increases with an inflation. In a reflation prices increase TEMPORARILY as everyone scrambles to fill up the supply pipeline. This is a TEMPORARY situation. Once restocking is over prices will come right back down again.

WHY? People are going back to work and manufacturing is restarting again. The saw mills will turn back on. Chips will be supplied in mass by the semiconductor manufacturers. Farmers will build back their flocks and herds.

As soon as everyone gears up and goes back to work the supply lines and warehouses will fill up and prices will come right back down again. A reflation is a temporary phenomenon, not the permanent price increases we seen in an inflation.

It’s pretty simple, you gear up production as you see demand returning… And that is exactly what is happening. Let me let you in on a little secret. As the captives are set free to travel, eat out, shop and party, the economy will soar to the moon. The biggest increases in economic activity and GDP in U.S. history. Corporate profits will increase to historic levels.

Stock Market to ZOOM and Make Instant Millionaires
Biggest Economic Growth Since the End of World War II Will Drive Corporate Profits to the Moon

These 4 words END OF THE PANDEMIC have the power to give you the life of your dreams. IF you understand what they mean and have the wisdom and know how to use the power that knowledge of the future gives you and take advantage of the coming stock market boom.

Most people are sleeping and you can’t blame them, A global plague is a once in a hundred year event. During the great plagues of the past there were no vaccines. So there is no modern economic model for what’s about to happen.

What has caught the markets by surprise was the fact a plague that was expected to last years is over in less than 2 years. Nothing has ever been seen like this before, a 2 year plague, Two years from start to mass vaccinations that work… Incredible. Wall Street economic models do not know how to price this in.


There is another part of this… STIMULATION means everyone has cash to burn. The U.S. savings rate is the highest ever. There are only so many pizzas, take away box dinners and exercise equipment you can buy when you are under lockdown. There is 7 trillion dollars cash in the hands of the banks, brokers and individuals that has not been deployed.

Remember Wall Streeters are pack animals. They have not arrived at a consensus yet. They still do not get it. They have not yet processed the fact that the biggest economic boom has started.

The money parked on the sidelines is burning a hole in their pockets. That will soon change. They are under enormous pressure to invest these funds. In individual trading accounts there is over 1.5 trillion in cash to be invested. Wall Street investment funds, retirement funds and hedge funds are sitting on an additional 3 trillion dollars. And private equities have 1.5 trillion to invest. And there is only one place to go. The stock market!


That means there is still time for you to get there first. Here is the secret. As the captives are set free people are going to go hog wild. Buying and spending money on everything in sight. Remember they got a pile of stimulus check cash. You can see they are flush with cash in the housing boom. Cars and pickup trucks are flying out of dealer showrooms. But it’s not just big ticket items. People are booking flights and vacations like never seen before. Memorial Day weekend was like the good old days. With people driving and flying again. Making reservations at expensive restaurants, going to the movies. Even the Indy 500 was back with full capacity crowds. They are shopping and buying clothing, for example getting all gussied up to go back to the office. No need to invest in designer jeans when you’re stuck home in drawstring yoga pants. By Fall with the kids back in school they will be going back to work.

Which means corporate profits are about to soar. The stock market has not begun to price in the explosive growth. Already U.S. GDP is over 6 %, numbers not seen in decades. Corporate profits are up 30, 40 even 50%. And stock markets have not even come close to valuing in the coming corporate bonanza.

If we project forward the economic growth and apply the increase in cooperate profits we see a BIG stock market rally going to the moon. If we take the average P/E ratio of the last ten years and apply the coming boom in corporate profits that gives us a projected NASDAQ 100 at 18,000. That calculates to a 4,000 point in the END OF THE PANDEMIC rally for the NASDAQ 100.

How to turn every: $30,000 into $150,000
$3,000 into $ 15,000
$1,000 into $ 2,000

NAS100 Mini: Trade a $30,000 account. Which tracks the NASDAQ100. Margin is around $20,000 per position. Add another position every 1,000 points higher. So the trade looks like this. First position around 13,700. Add another position at 14,700 and another at 15,700. And take profits at 16,700. Your average price will be 14,700. If you take profits at 16,700 you could make $120,000.

NAS100 Micro Mini: Trade a $3,000 account. Margin is around $2,000 per position. Add another position every 1,000 points higher. So the trade looks like this. First position around 13,700. Add another position at 14,700 and another at 15,700. And take profits at 16,700. Your average price will be 14,700. If you take profits at 16,700 you could make $12,000.

FNGU: Trade a $1,000 account and buy 30 shares of the FNGU that offers 3x leveraged exposure to an index of FANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google [Alphabet Inc.]) and other companies that exhibit similar characteristics. It’s currently trading around $30 a share. For every upward move of 1,000 points of the NASDAQ 100 index you could make $7.00 per share. If we get lucky and the NASDAQ soars 4,000 points… You could DOUBLE your money. Not bad for a no brainier extremely low risk trade.

Now let’s say we only get half the move I expect and the NASDAQ only goes up 2,000 points. You still make $60,000 in the mini trade, $6,000 in the Micro Mini and $14.00 per share in the FNGU.

For grins let’s take my worst case scenario. The NASDAQ only goes up 1,000 points, a little over this year’s high in May. You still could make $20,000 in the Mini. $2,000 in the micro and $7.00 per share in the FANG

Now let’s take my best case scenario. We get the biggest stock market rally ever that I am sure in my opinion is a slam dunk. After all it is the Roaring Twenties again right after a pandemic. If you leverage the trades I gave you above as we see the rally I am predicting unfold. Well let me put it this way. It could be a multi- million dollar trade. As you know I have had these before. Could we be guessing lucky again??? Well you decide.

If you have any questions or need my help in these trades call Jim at: Toll Free 866-924-0607 Overseas Subscribers call 1-913-871-0701 or SKYPE Handle: jrounder39 AND WHILE YOU ARE AT IT ASK HIM TO TELL YOU THE SECRET OF HOW YOU CAN TRADE WITH A $3,000 MARGIN INSTEAD OF $20,000 ON THE NASDAQ 100 MINI.

I wish you all the best.