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By Nick Guarino | September 14, 2015

They Are Getting Close… It Will Be $10


At $100 oil Goldman Sacks was predicting $200 a barrel oil. After the market drops to $45, they FINALLY scratched their butt and figured it half out. NOW they predict $20 oil. What a bold prediction. They changed their prediction by $180. They only missed the first $55 of the drop. BUT they are going to grab the last $20. SHIT, what whores. And these are supposed to be the world’s Einsteins of trading. I’ll tell you what they are. Wall Street whores.

Because once again they are setting up their clients to take the fall. And here is why. As you know, we have been warning about the very wipe out in oil we are seeing. As you know, this drop to $10 is the tail end.

The really big call is our prediction for $500 a barrel oil after the death plunge finishes. How do I know I am right? Well in part because Goldman predicts $20 a barrel oil and they are always wrong.

I predict after the plunge to $10 oil, in 18 months we get a damn near overnight run to $500.

To Quote Mr T in part “I pity the fool”…. Who takes their market advise from Goldman Sachs, the money of the clueless. Forget their bullshit!

Now here is the real deal:

Russia and Iran are going to destroy gulf oil production and producers

As we speak, because of Obama’s abandonment of the middle east, the blood is flowing. Our intelligence guys on the ground are getting it right. They are warning that we are losing in the middle east. The Islamic crazies are taking over. 50 intelligence officers have gone public. They have officially complained that their assessments are being changed. Obama does not want to hear about what a screw up he is. Or the great big AWH shit he created in the Middle East.

The truth is, what you are seeing has its roots in Obama’s famous screw up two years ago. That is when the US, Brits and Israelis were on the border of Syria. They were about to attack. And stop the chemical weapons on civilians and end the Assad regime. Obama called the attack off. So much for his chemical weapons line in the sand.

Since that fateful night, to say things have gone downhill is the understatement of the year. A vacuum was created by US troop withdrawal prematurely from Iraq. That fateful move destabilized the entire middle east.

Obama failed to act on his line in the sand. And did nothing about the Syrian military chemical attacks as threatened. Assad read the US withdraw from Iran as weakness. That was further confirmed when the US did not attack when Assad repeatedly used chemical weapons against his own citizens.

It was not just Assad that understood that Obama had given them the green light to do as they please. A whole host of crazies were let out of the bottle. Chief among them, ISIS, which is bringing back the brutality of the dark ages.

Now you may wonder what all this has to do with oil. But it’s all about oil. Look at the map:

Look at the concentration of the green and red dots. That real estate represents two things. The bloodiest place on earth, being torn apart by war. AND it also supplies 1/3 of the worlds oil.

Now look at the map of who in that region is producing all that oil:

As you can see, the bulk of that Middle East production is from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

What is significant is these key players (known as the gulf producers) are Sunnis. They are the enemies of the other producers the Shiite. Who are chiefly Iran and Iraq.

Look at the next map and you will understand the power struggle:

Syria’s Sunnis are under attack by the Assad regime supported by the Shiites of Iran. Iraq (mostly Shiites)is increasingly coming under Iran control. The US token forces that are left in Iraq are fighting a losing battle.

Oman supports Iran and Yemen is falling to the Iranian supported Houthi. Their leaders, such as Issam Al-’Imad, stated as early as 2011 that they were religiously and ideologically influenced by Iran and as of 2014 it has been observed that The Houthi group’s approach is in many ways similar to that of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Another group supported by Iran.

As you can see, the Shiites are circling the Sunni gulf oil producers, chief among them is the worlds largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia.

And here is the greatest oil trade ever

Oil, because of the global slow down and vast oversupply, IS crashing.

Shit, even Goldman Sachs finally figured it out. As the global slow down bites hard and the bankers go broke again, oil will go to $10 a barrel. That is the short term trade. But it ain’t squat compared to what happens next.

One of the greatest mistakes of our time (besides leaving Iraq to soon) is the Obama Iranian Nuclear deal. What you need to understand is, it’s not simply a nuclear deal. It’s also an economic and military weapon deal too.

Sanctions have meant Iran’s economy has been crippled. It has not been able to produce all the oil it’s capable of. And it has not even been able to sell the oil it’s producing. That’s all about to change. Iran will swamp the market with oil it has in storage, and it will quickly ramp up production. And that is why oil prices will crash to $10.

But there is something far, far more important about to happen. Sanctions have meant Iran has not been able to buy or pay for all the non nuke military toys it has wanted. Namely, the parts for and the purchase of long range missiles and tanks. Look at the map:

Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded. All that is stopping the attack is the fact Iran needs 18 months to rebuild its economy and military. Now that sanctions are to be lifted, it’s a done deal. Once it rearms, the oil fields of the gulf Arab states will go up in flames. And $500 a barrel oil here we come. In an hour, 1/3 of the worlds oil supply will go up in flames.

An oil field is very easy to put out of production. And it takes years to recover from an attack.

The playboys of the gulf states are no match for the Iranian radicalized forces. These guys want blood and are religious fanatics. But there is something that just happened that is a warning that should not be ignored.

Here is how this shakes out. Assad of Syria has been kept in power by two friends. Iran and Iran’s arms supplier, Russia. Russia is the worlds second largest oil producer. Second behind its big competitor, the Saudis.

Putin is the worlds first trillionaire. Besides being the worlds richest man, he is also the most powerful. He is very, very ambitious to say the least. As a result of his attack on the Ukraine, he is suffering under sanctions.

If that were not enough, he has seen the price for his oil cut in half. And he blames the Saudis, who have not only not cut their oil production, they have increased it. Putin is pissed to say the least. And he is doing something about it.

He is not a man to mess with. And he has a big problem. He needs a high price for his oil. And Putin is used to getting what he wants. SO, how does he get the oil price back up? Well the equation has two parts, supply and demand. As mighty as Putin is and do not underestimate him, he is a mighty dictator. He can not increase global demand. Especially as the world enters this horrible deflation. But there is another side of the equation and that is supply.

If Putin were to cut oil supply, he could get the price higher. But that does him no good. So he has got to figure out a way to cut global oil supplies and production. Without cutting his own output. And he has found a way. In fact he has already put his fiendish plan into motion.

The middle east is already up for grabs. Thank YOU Obama. So all Putin has got to do is get the natural enemies there to do his dirty work for him. And it has started!

Russia is setting up an air base in Syria

U.S. intelligence now shows that Russia is planning to send a force into Syria that is capable of striking targets on the ground. Two U.S. officials told me that the intelligence community has collected evidence that Russia plans to deploy Mikoyan MiG 31 and Sukhoi Su-25 fighter planes to Latakia in the coming days and weeks. The military equipment that has already arrived includes air traffic control towers, aircraft maintenance supplies, and housing units for hundreds of personnel.

As Obama runs out of the Middle East, Russia walks right in. To the determent of all mankind. Russia is filling the vacuum left by the US abandonment of its Middle East allies… But Putin is not stupid. Not by a long shot. Their base, which will eventually have 500 fighter jets, will be the largest in the middle east. The base is set up by invitation of the Syrian government. Completely legal. Much like the US bases now abandoned in Iraq. The Russian MIG base has two purposes. To defend its ally Syria. And to defend its biggest arms buyer, the Iranians. Israels wet dream of attacking Iranian Nuclear weapons facilities are gone.

When Iran gets around to attacking the gulf states oil fields (with its new Russian Missiles)in the next 18 months, it has little to fear. It’s protected by the Middle East’s largest air force… THE RUSSIANS.

It’s the perfect set up. Russia is “neutral” as long time enemies Iran and Saudi Arabia duke it out. Before the world can react, the Saudi oil fields are up in flames.

Everyone goes home happy.

Iran strikes a deadly blow against its Sunni Enemies for Mohammad.

Russia becomes the worlds largest oil suppler at $500 a barrel.

And you could turn thousands into millions as the price of oil soars.

I have prepared a special oil file on all of this… Please click here.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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