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By Nick Guarino | July 8, 2015

Defiant Greeks Say No…HELL NO

Europe closes GREEK banks…Takes their money

Well it’s here, the first crack in what will be the smash up of the German led European Currency Union. And there will be hell to pay in every economy on the planet. As we long predicted, the crack up of the European Currency Union has now begun. And we have some trades that are doing great. The fact of the matter is the Greeks are right. Bailouts were never intended to bail out Greece. But to save the greedy banker’s Butts once again. The global banking system is stone cold broke. Soon you will see the runs on banks and ATM machines without money the world over.

Hell YES the Greeks will be the first to leave the Currency UNION but not the last

And it will lead to a chain reaction as Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France leave the EU and China debt implodes. The global dead broke bankers will go broke and stay broke this time. And there will be hell to pay as the entire world is suddenly impoverished. The only cash you will have, is what you make trading and stash in The First National Bank of your Mattress.

The stone cold broke European Central bank has been desperately supporting the Euro. Borrowing like crazy. That will soon end. Markets are reacting. Investors yanked $2.9 billion from European government bond funds last week, more than ever before, and pulled $699 million from short-term investment-grade U.S. bond funds, Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. data show. While these assets have traditionally been havens during rocky periods, they look less appealing now after more than six years of unprecedented monetary stimulus that pushed yields to record lows.

This is all about the bankers raping the Greeks and for that matter everyone else on the planet. Because they are stone cold broke, highly leveraged and in a desperate fight for their very survival.

Yields on Greek debt are out and out loan shark rates. Some Greek debt yields as high as 50%. What country can possible pay those kind of rates. The bankers don’t care. In essence they are willing to throw the world into abject poverty to line their greedy pockets.

But it’s not just Europe. China wipe out has started

The reality is, the worlds central banks are tapped out. Because the contagion has spread to China. Yes, with little publicity China debt defaults and the long feared China bubble stock market crash has started.

Close to a decade since the last banker wipe out, they are still trying to get the global economy to recover. ALL nations and companies around the world have taken on unprecedented amounts of debt. All with the hope of igniting some growth. It has not worked. There is no more money for the the hundreds of trillions it will take to bail out the global banking system this time.

And I want you to grasp this grave danger we all face and be protected. The truth is, the coming banking wipe out chain reaction has started. It is a great opportunity to get filthy stinking rich.

Is it not time for the good, honest people to prosper? You know what is happening and the significance. The next step is to understand the great trading opportunities this wipe out that has already started offers. By the way, this will be your last chance. After this financial market banker melt down, the global financial system will be no more. Trading the markets will be no more.

After the markets wipe out this time, there will be unprecedented global turmoil. Look at the news, it has already started. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Far far worse things are on the near horizon. We will end up with a global barter system, then something far more sinister.

The global cashless society. The mark of the beast. You can’t buy, sell or trade without it. Before you worry about that, let me show you how to get rich first. Protect your wealth. Then we will deal with the next stage of the ugliness that will follow.

It started in Greece. The cold, hard, untold truth is that 97% of ALL bailouts given to Greece were used to pay loan shark interest rates to the Banker whores. It’s been a banker bailout, not a Greek one. Greeks are supposed to impoverish themselves to pay exorbitant interest rates. Banks are wiping out as we speak.

If you think Greece is bad, I want you to consider the fact that things are far worse debt wise in Italy, Spain and France. And don’t forget the fact the Chinese miracle has now turned into a nightmare.

Although it’s starting in Europe, it does not end in Europe. China is the most deeply in debt country in the world. It’s a closed society and for two decades they have been able to hide the ever growing debt crises.

Greece has a debt to GDP ratio of 170%. The IMF says that amount of debt is not sustainable. And I agree. But I find it amusing that none of our banker butt heads mention China debt.

The world bankers are choking on soon to be worth nothing China debt. They owe the worlds bankers trillions. The China debt to GDP ratio is over 300. Yes you read that right. Funny how we never hear a disparaging word. WHY? Because the game the worlds bankers play is, keep it zipped. Never warn about a wipe out.

After all, you would not want to panic the markets. Well there is panic. The Chinese stock market has taken close to a 40% hit. That is the equivalent of an 8000 point drop in the DOW from its recent record highs. Shares in over 400 Chinese companies have seen trading suspended.

And we have to consider the bubble stock market in the US. Which is the next to wipe out. The amount of debt and leverage on US corporate balance sheets is unprecedented. And the truth is, the rising dollar, the Asian wipe out and the European debt crises are destroying what little profits are left in US corporations.

As we speak, global financial leaders are in a panic. They are in secret and not so secret talks about what to do. The truth is, little ole Greece is responsible for bringing down the global debt orgy house of cards. It started in Greece, spread to China. The US stock market is next.

This is not about Greece. Like I have been saying

What happens in Greece does not stay in Greece.

Athens is the least of our sleazy banker buddies problems. The two ton Gorilla in the closet and the elephant under the carpet are the dead broke Mediterranean European Union members. As in Italy, Spain and France. And the Chinese debt crises.

And that my friends spells curtains for your friendly neighborhood banker and fund. Because the truth is, US banks are so broke and wiping out on the high Yield European and Chinese debt they have been gorging on these past 5 years.

I want you ready for the next and even bigger financial crises. The break up of the European Currency union and the biggest banking debt wipe out the world has ever seen as China implodes.

There will be no bail out of our sleazy banker buddies this time. If you think 2007/2008 was a big deal. You have not seen squat.

And you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Sure they will tell you all is well and we have little exposure to Europe or China. Don’t believe it for a minute.

The global financial melt down has started. And that means one of two things for you. Abject poverty as your traditional investments and banks accounts are wiped out. Or countless millions as you cash in as the global economy is cashed out. You decide.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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