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By Nick Guarino | July 5, 2015

Greece Stands Up To The IMF And The ECB

Breakup of EU Currency Union

As we long predicted, the crack up of the European Currency Union has now begun. The fact of the matter is, the Greeks are right. Bailouts were never intended to bail out Greece. But to save the greedy banker’s butts once again.

The cold hard untold truth is that 97% of ALL bailouts given to Greece were used to pay loan shark interest rates to the Banker whores. When the entire European Union slipped into the funk, the bankers swooped in like a bunch of blood suckers. Austerity has directly resulted in a 50% contraction in the Greek economy. Unemployment has run year after year at over 25% and youth unemployment runs 50%.

This is not about Greece. Like I have been saying.

What happens in Greece does not stay in Greece.

Athens is the least of Europe’s problems. The two ton Gorilla in the closet and the elephant under the carpet are the dead broke Mediterranean European Union members. As in Italy, Spain and France.

And that my friends, spells curtains for your friendly neighbourhood banker and fund. Because the truth is, US banks are so broke and wiping out on the high yield European debt they have been gorging on these past 5 years.

I want you ready for the next and even bigger financial crises. The break up of the European Currency union and the biggest banking wipe out the world has ever seen.

There will be no bail out of our sleazy banker buddies this time. If you think 2007/2008 was a big deal. You have not seen squat.

And you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Sure they will tell you all is well and we have little exposure to Europe. Don’t believe it for a minute.

The global financial melt down has started. And that means one of two things for you. Abject poverty as your traditional investments and banks accounts are wiped out. Our countless millions. You decide.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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