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By Nick Guarino | September 3, 2015

Oil Will Crash


Are you ready for this. 50 million barrels of new oil is about to devastate an already vastly oversupplied oil market. If you hate Obama I understand. But the dumbest deal of the century has the potential to make you rich. And you’ve got to thank the Pres.

It’s now a slam dunk (Obama loves B-ball) all that oil that Iran has stored will come to market and soon! Sanctions against Iran has meant that a vast amount of oil it has been unable to sell on the black market will come to market. Legally and soon. Obama has enough votes to pass the Iran gets nukes deal.

This means two things:

1st in the next 6 months the oil market will see an even bigger over supply crises and oil will plunge to $10.00 a barrel

2nd Iran will get nukes. In the next 12 to 24 months Iran will attack the Saudi oil fields. Thanks to Obama Iran will have enough money to buy Russian rockets. They will attack Saudi Oil fields. Oil will soar from $10 a barrel to $500..

You could get rich in our oil trades two ways.

Your first fortune could come as $50 oil plunges to $10. The oil death plunge has already started. Like we predicted oil has crashed from $100 to now $50. The next leg down will occur as Iran dumps huge amounts of stockpiled oil on the cash market. And triples its oil output to 3.5 million barrels a day.

Your second fortune could come next. The real money to be made is when Iran uses its brand new Russian rockets. Equipped with either conventional warheads or nukes to settle old scores. The Iranian Shiite Muslims hate the gulf state Sunni Arabs, especially Saudi Arabia. They will bomb the gulf state and Saudi oil fields.

Iran is supporting and supplying with arms, Yemen Houthis troops, in an ever growing conflict with Saudi Arabia. Yemen has a long border running along the southern flank of Saudi Arabia. Iran is not ready just yet for all out war with the Saudis. But you can bet at $500 oil it will.

Sanctions have devastated Iran’s economy. Now that Obama foolishly lifted them Iran is re-arming. And preparing for all out war with its hated neighbours to the south..

Obama’s Sell out of America can make you rich.

My oil trades can show you how. I warn you, do not be fooled by attempted manipulations in the oil sector to take oil higher. Our Banker Buddies are losing their ass in commodities, especially oil. This latest stock market wipe out only sealed their coffins.

There will be a great human tragedy and a price to be paid. This silly agreement with Iran guarantees that they will get nukes. But they don’t need them to attack the Saudi’s and the gulf states oil fields. Because the agreement Obama did with Iran also lets them get long range missiles from Russia. There is no defence from a thousand rockets packed with conventional high explosives raining down on 35% of the worlds oil supply.

Overnight the world will be in its biggest energy crises ever. The price of oil will shoot to the moon. But between now and then, oil will go to $10 a barrel.

Why would Russia supply Iran with thousands of its rockets? Well there are two reasons.

1. Iran now has the cash to pay for advanced rockets and Russia needs money.

2. Russia will become the worlds largest oil exporter at the highest price in history. When Iran attacks the gulf oil fields.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. When Iran attacks the gulf oil fields, not if, the oil glut is solved. One third of the worlds oil goes up in flames. That solves the oversupply problem and low price issue.

Russia becomes the worlds biggest oil exporter and they get the price the highest price ever paid for oil and gas.

Oil at $500 a barrel means Russia becomes the worlds only super power. With a huge surplus economy and a mighty oil based cash generating machine. They sell oil and gas to Europe and with the new pipeline, they sell to a very eager Asia including China, Japan and South Korea to name a few.

On the other hand, America will be mired in its biggest economic crises ever. Its oil industry and banks wiped out by $10 oil.

But it’s uglier than that. Without a drastic change in leadership, America’s military will crumble away. It happened to the Roman’s mighty military. Although never defeated in battle. It was destroyed by stupid politicians.

More about all that later. In closing, I want to warn you. Don’t be fooled by these rally backs. The stock market, commodities and oil all have a date with destiny. Wall Street and our banker buddies are desperate. That can’t stand much more pain.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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