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By Nick Guarino | January 4, 2016

7 Steps You Must Do Right Now


Here are the 7 steps you must take right now. If you want any chance to keep your wealth. This is my way of making sure you are prepared for the coming financial system collapse. And stock market crash. Look, this is not hysteria, this is not hype. This is a reality check. I can’t believe after what you have seen there could be any doubt in your mind that a depressionary wipe-out of biblical proportions is upon us.

It will be a very, very interesting new year to say the least. And I think we could make a hell of a lot of money. I have to report, we have gotten complete and total verification that the biggest commodity, banking and stock market wipe-out ever is upon us. The truth is for most everyone it will be a life changing event. The vast majority of prosperous people around the world will be thrust into poverty. It will be worst for Americans. We are the least prepared people on the planet. The higher up you are the bigger the fall.

I know this is a hell of a way to start a New Year. But the truth is for us it represents what could be a vast fortune. Now you might think this is a sad message. And for most people it will be. But if you know what to do and DO IT. Then this is a message of hope and inspiration. It means that you have a chance to become a player. You could join the ranks of the wealthy. You can leave your DNA imprint on the world. You can save your loved ones, your family, your friends. You can even save your community. Maybe even your nation.

I have never met a poor philanthropist. You can have all the good intentions in the world. You can have all the great ideas. You can really see the way forward. And know how to save our way of life. All that does not mean squat if you don’t have the do ray me. The moolah. The money to carry out your plans. And this wipe-out which as far as I am concerned is a guaranteed event. Makes the life of your dreams possible.

SO take heart, be happy. Because we have seen the proof that the banking bubble wipe-out and stock market crash is upon us. I want to urge you to follow ALL our recommendations. Stash cash and follow the recommendations as outlined. They will not reverse the commodity wipe-out. Oil is doomed! $10 a barrel here we come. And the bankers will never be able to bail out their bad loans and shit commodity investments.

The stock market is getting ready for its date with the devil. Wall Street sold their soul and the devil is coming to collect. It will be ugly. A 10,000 point plunge in the Dow will soon be upon us.

The deflation will mean people will earn $1.00 a hour. A new car will be $2,000. A Manson with the furniture, bone china and sterling silver will be $30,000.

We are resetting the clock. Most people will be totally blindsided, they will never know what hit them.

I met people in New York who were wiped out in the last deflationary collapse. They never recovered. It’s been called the Great Depression for a reason. Former millionaires went to their plush offices. At 9:00 AM they were among the richest people in the world. In a matter of hours they lost ALL their cash when their banks closed their doors. THOUSANDS OF BANKS CLOSED. PEOPLE LOST EVERYTHING. IT WILL BE NO DIFFERENT THIS TIME. In fact it will be far, far, far worse.

Their stock portfolio went from millions to pennies in the twinkling of a eye. I heard stories where the wife and the kids went back to her fathers paid for farm in Iowa.

And Mr Bigshot was left with his tweed coat. And ended up on the Bowery in a soup kitchen for dinner. From fine cigars and fancy restaurants. To cigarette butts he found on the street. And dinner in a bread line. It happened so fast they never knew what hit them.

If you are not careful and do exactly like I tell you this could be you. These people were not poor people when they started their day. And I warn you, it happened in the twinkling of a eye. And that was the day before computers and money zipping around the trading casinos of the world at the speed of light.

From millionaires to the bread line in an instant. Like most people today they were stupid enough to trust government, the stock market and their banks. They had nothing when the wipe-out came like a bolt of lighting out of a clear blue sky.

Look at the picture on the right. These are not bums. These are well dressed people whose banks closed and left them nothing. The line they are standing in is to get a free meal. This will be you if you do not follow my 7 simple steps outlined below.


And how did all this happen. Very simple, the banks went broke and wiped out the stock market and took down the US economy. Just like is about to happen today. I beg you, don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t happen again. Because a banking wipe-out and stock market crash is a guaranteed event.

Look, in 2007 they BARELY saved the financial system. They call it the great recession. And all the complicated derivatives based debt entities are still with us times 3. The banks are more highly leveraged than ever. And they have already wiped out again. This time in oil and the commodities markets. We will soon be able to add to the list the stock market wipe out.

Let me ask you a couple critical questions. What would your life be like if you wake up one day and discover ALL your charge cards have been turned off? And your banks are closed and you can’t get any money from your ATM. Imagine you can’t write a check because your bank is broke and they lost all your money.

Sounds like science fiction? Well it’s not. How much of your money do you think your bank has? Try 6 cents on the dollar. Before bankruptcy costs. Imagine your pension gone, your mutual fund closed, your money market account frozen. Imagine everything you have worked for and your savings gone, gone, gone. Are you really so sure it can’t happen again. Are you willing to bet you life on the government being able to save them?

Remember they weren’t supposed to go broke in 2007/8. So if the system is so safe and sound, why did every major financial institution in America need a bail out. Remember the money is gone. There is no way they can be bailed out again. 2007/8 was your warning, it can and will happen again.

I want you to look at the picture on the right. Envision yourself standing there at the door of your closed bank. And realizing all of a sudden you are poor and penniless when your bank closes.

You buy life insurance. You buy health insurance. You buy car accident insurance.

Why are you not buying insurance from ANOTHER banker wipe-out and stock market crash. Are you really going to trust everything to the bank insurance fund. Because it is also broke.

FDIC insurance has no government guarantee. It is an insurance fund that banks pay into. You wanna know how much of the total deposits in US banks it can cover? Prepare yourself to be shocked.

There is 50 billion in the FDIC insurance fund to cover over 10 trillion in deposits. There is less than 1 penny on the dollar to cover any losses in peoples accounts held in the banking system.

Get this, 4 US Banks hold more than $8 Trillion in assets. JP Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., and Wells Fargo & Co. IF just one of these large banks go bust, the entire FDIC insurance fund is WIPED OUT. And as you can see below they are wiped out buried in derivatives:

And it’s not just the big banks either. It would take only 30 of the smaller banks (with about US $1.5 Billion in assets) to go under in order to also wipe out the entire FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund.

To put that into perspective, there are in excess of 6,500 banks covered by the FDIC insurance. So, what that means is, IF ONLY ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the small banks go under, the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund would be stone cold broke. Think about that for just one moment. So tell me, how are you protected? The truth is your not.

SO why is there a crises now? It’s simple, your bank took your money and gambled it away in the derivatives casino. They bet on the price of oil and commodities going up and staying up. They bet wrong.

So as you can see, your bank, mutual fund, money market fund, retirement account and even your pension is rolling the dice with your money in the derivatives casino. And don’t be fooled when they tell you we don’t trade derivatives. They may not but the people they are loaning your money to are. This is known as counter party risk. It’s completely and totally not accounted for. In fact, there is no system to even disclose counter party risk. Never mind evaluate it. Even if the bank or financial entity holding your money is rated very high. It still does not mean squat because the people they are loaning your money to are literally gambling your money away, and they have rolled snake eyes.

We have now established that ALL the global financial entities are trading in the derivatives casino. And for a fact they are taking enormous, highly leveraged losses with your’s and everyone else’s money.

Now we need to analyze that risk. We know for a fact that the worlds global financial institutions embarked on the greatest market manipulation in history. And for a number of years it looked like they pulled off the impossible.

They were able to get oil to over $100 a barrel. Copper, gold silver, steel, iron ore, coal, in fact every commodity they touched soared in value. The problem was it was a manipulation pure and simple. In order to get those record breaking sky high prices in everything from Aluminum to Zinc. They had to buy the commodities (hundreds of trillions worth) and hold them off of the market.

In every market manipulation that creates artificially high prices. You must buy and hold product off the market. This comes with enormous risk. The high prices the bankers created by market manipulation in every commodity under the sun. Bought in huge supply. So they created bubbles in commodities like oil, copper, soy beans, even corn. Producers responded to the highest prices ever by producing product in record amounts. The supply exceeded the bankers ability to buy. That is why EVERY major commodity has lost half its value. Their commodity manipulation has failed and the bankers are hiding hundreds of trillions in massive losses.

Look at oil. For over 50 years we were told any year now we would run out… You remember the peak oil predictions? Well sky high prices for years of oil over $100 a barrel bought new technologies and new discovery’s. And voila, we now have all the oil we could ever want. Funny how the peak oil hysteria has disappeared. In fact, prices are getting cheaper by the day.

For example, just one discovery, the Alberta oil sands in Canada and new extraction technology has brought about a revolution. That one deposit is enough to supply ALL the worlds energy needs for the next 300 years. And in ten years Canada has gone from an oil importer to a net exporter. In fact, they now rank the 5th biggest in the world.

Hell has no fury like a market manipulation gone bad

And that gets to my next point. Here is where it gets up close, in your face, down, dirty and personal for you. Because what you do not know is the fact that all your financial institutions, directly or indirectly made loans to commodity producers. That is your money that has already been lost. Through the financial institutions you use and have your money in. They invested in oil and commodity projects that are now broke. And they did this with ALL your money in financial institutions. Down to your last dime in banks, funds and retirement accounts. YOUR MONEY IS GONE! All that money was poured into the commodity market that not only will wipe, but already has. All your waiting for, whether you know it or not, is the day of reckoning. That is where they finally admit you’re broke and they close your account.

While you were living in blissful ignorance. Right before your very eyes commodity prices across the board have lost at least half their value. With your money! These are staggering losses any way you look at it. But what makes this even worse is the 300% leverage ALL players in the derivatives casino use.
So how close are we to the biggest financial banking collapse the world has ever seen? Well the fact is it’s knocking on the door.

1. People like never seen before have most all their money in financial institutions. That will prove to be a fatal mistake.

2. Every damn one of them either directly or indirectly have sent your money into the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives casino

3. They for a fact created the greatest commodity bubble ever and caused the price of ALL commodities to soar in value

4. They did this through manipulations that they will eventually go to jail for. They held product off the market creating artificial shortages. They used their vast deposits… Your money and incredible leverage to create bubbles in every commodity under the sun

5. They were so successful that the huge bubbles they created are now bursting. The fact of the matter is every commodity under the sun is trading at least half of their former peak

6. Unprecedented losses, epic record breaking losses are being taking by them in their trading of commodities. And in their leveraged loans to commodity traders and producers

7. And here is the punch line! They are hiding enormous derivatives losses that is about to bring down the global financial system

And that is why a great depression, stock market crash and banking wipe-out is upon us. Now, you can wait for the runs on banks to start. Like the people on the right did. But you will get nothing for your trouble. Because your money has already been lost in the Wall Street banker derivatives casino.

You can wait for the stock market to crash before you take action. You can wait till you see headlines like this. By then your money will be long gone. And that is what most people will do. Doing nothing guarantees your own personal wipe-out. If you think you’ve got money troubles now, you ain’t seen shit. Wait, the day is coming where you will have NOTHING.

You need to understand we have been here and done that before. You will not be the first person to lose everything in a banking and stock market collapse. And you will have a lot in common with the people whose lives were destroyed in the last great depression. What you hold in common with them is the fact that they did not heed the warning signs either. They trusted the banker and wall street bullshit. I beg you, please prepare now for the greatest financial wipe-out mankind has ever seen

Starving to death is a very, very unpleasant death indeed. And I warn you again, millions of Americans will literally lose everything. They will become homeless and many will literally starve to death. Look, it happened before. There is no safety net. There is only the illusions that government will be there to help you. Please, please don’t be fooled. Unfortunately, doing nothing and waiting guarantees you a reservation at your local soup kitchen.

Look at the picture above. That WILL be you if you are not damn careful and take the steps I am about to give you right now! OK, you have been warned, remember this day.

Now there are seven simple steps you must take right now. This will guarantee you do not join those poor souls who wiped out in the last great depression. 7 simple steps you must do right now.

So why am I doing this? Well to tell you I care will not cut it with a lot of you. So let me give you the cynical view. See, this wipe-out will make me a billionaire. My associates, those who follow my trading recommendations, will become at least multi-millionaires in the coming financial market panic and collapse.

And as I enjoy the fruits of my labors. I do not want it spoiled because I feel guilty about you being thrust overnight into abject poverty. So by warning you and giving you these simple 7 steps you must do today, my conscience is clear. This is my New Years gift to you.

Here are the 7 steps you must take right away to save yourself

First You need to raise cash. And stuff your mattress. That is right, you need to get ALL the cash you possibly can out of the financial system. That is ALL banks, credit unions, mutual funds, stock funds, retirement account, annuities, and life insurance policies. You need to do this nice ans legal like. Now, if you’ve got millions or you’ve got thousands, you need to get as much cash as you can in The First National Bank of your Mattress.

Second The dollar is king, it’s the only currency to hold. It will not wipe out but continue to get stronger and stronger against every currency in the world. Forget yield and forget returns. Look, no matter how poor or rich you are. I want you to get cold hard cash in DOLLARS in YOUR possession. $1,000 will buy in the future what $100,000 buys today. So no matter how little you have you need to be in cold hard cash. CASH is king. And the dollar is a queen.

Third You need to buy US government securities known as treasuries. Don’t believe the crap that there will will be a US debt wipe out. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the dollar will be king among the world currencies. And US debt will be the only debt that will be paid back in full. And the ONLY way to buy US government debt is through this US government website. Treasury Direct. Here is a link:

Fourth Sell ALL your gold and silver to raise cash now. Inflation is dead. And gold will go to $150 an ounce and silver will go to $3.00 an ounce. And there will be no rally back. Face reality, if you bought gold and silver it was a stupid thing to do. Instead of wallowing in your mistake, take your ass kicking like a man. Get out before you lose even more money. Ditto for stocks. Which are also wiping out.

Fifth Sell all real estate. It will lose 90% of its value. And don’t tell me your real estate is different. It will ALL wipe out. Real estate is about the worst investment in a depression you could ever make. Keep the house or farm you love but lighten up. Get out, get out, get out NOW.

Sixth Get out of ALL debt now, PERIOD. Don’t tell me you can’t do it, you must. Adjust your lifestyle to your income. Which by the way will wipe out with the economy. I am telling you, it’s the best it’s gonna get. The easy times are over. The times of the most prosperity the world has ever seen is coming to an abrupt end.

Seven Invest in the very few trades that will make money. Only do this with 10% of your liquid net worth. Don’t confuse trading which is speculating with investing. There is a chance to make millions with a precious few instruments that could make you wealthier than a king. Now is not the place or time for this.

In closing There you have it, free of charge, what you must do to survive the coming stock market wipe-out. In a few days I’ll tell you how you can get in on the greatest trading opportunity I have ever seen.

Now is not the place or time for this. See you in a few days. And we will talk about the speculating opportunities that are about to pop up.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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