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By Nick Guarino | April 11, 2018

Robert Mueller’s Nuclear Option


‘GET READY RUSSIA!’ Donald Trump warns Putin his missiles are coming ‘fast and smart’ after Russia vowed to bomb US sites if it strikes Assad. The GOP tax plan means short-term gains for the economy, but federal debt is primed to explode, CBO analysis says. Donald Trump cancels South America trip. Mueller is investigating a $150,000 payment a pro-Russian oligarch made to the Trump Foundation during the campaign. ‘A total witch hunt’: Trump tweets blistering early morning attack on his own Justice Department and says ‘attorney-client privilege is dead.’ US’ Moscow sanctions are finally proving a ‘major game changer’ for Russia. Oil jumps 3% to above $65 on growing Middle East tensions. Trump rants on Ukraine, WH fake news, ‘corrupt Russia’ probe. Senate GOP leaders warn Trump not to fire Mueller but reject calls for legislation to protect him. Paul Ryan lost and Donald Trump won in the fight for the future of the GOP. These stories and more in today’s Market News and Commentary.

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