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By Nick Guarino | September 7, 2018

Obama Jumps Back Into Political Fray, Calls Out Trump By Name: ‘He Is A Symptom, Not The Cause’


U.S. adds 201,000 jobs as worker wages accelerate to nine-year high. Tesla shares plunge NINE PERCENT-after Elon Musk’s wild pot-smoking, whiskey-drinking rambling podcast and company’s top accountant quits. National Park Service edited inauguration photos after Trump, Spicer calls. Trump aants Attorney General to investigate source of anonymous Times op-ed. Wall Street drops on tariff worries, with Apple in crosshairs. ‘The EU could die’ – Macron allies fear consequences of globalist collapse, populist rise in 2019. Fed official: The fleeting impact from Trump’s stimulus is at its height right now. These stories and more in today’s Market News and Commentary.

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