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By Nick Guarino | October 29, 2018

The Fake News Media, The True Enemy Of The People, Must Stop The Open & Obvious Hostility & Report The News Accurately & Fairly


Two big credit-card issuers tighten lending standards amid robust economy: WSJ. Trump: ‘We’re going to build tent cities (AKA concentration camps) to house ‘caravan’ migrants who apply for asylum. Trump to terminate birthright citizenship. Oil prices down more than 1 percent on rising supply, trade war. Ukraine says Russia preparing to deploy nukes in Crimea. Trump says he can defy U.S. Constitution to end birthright citizenship. U.S. preparing to deploy several thousand troops to southern border. These stories and more in today’s Market News and Commentary.

Market News and Commentary for October 29th has been posted. Click here to listen now.


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