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By Nick Guarino | September 29, 2019

Oil Trade Fundamentals… How To Get Filthy Stinking Rich, RICH I TELL YOU!!!



1. Oil demand will climb because reality is the global economy is expanding. Driven by global coordinated central bank stimulation.

2. Oil production has peaked and is dropping. The fracking miracle is a nightmare. Wells lose 90% of their production in the first year. Unable to pay back the capital investment. AND financing is drying up.

3. Sanctions against Iran, Venezuela and war in Libya, Syria and Iraq and in the Middle East have capped supplies.

4. OPEC+ led by the Saudis are firm in their commitment to cut production and the Saudis need $90 oil for their 2 trillion IPO, the world’s biggest, to work.

NOW: How we get to $150 to $200 oil will be in the coming retaliatory attack coordinated against Iran by global powers. It’s the only way to stop them.

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