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By Nick Guarino | October 1, 2019

Sheep Led To The Slaughter In Precious Metals… AGAIN


This is how it starts… The herd mentality

This is how it ends up… WALL STREET DEAD MEAT

It is amazing to me that people let the same ASSHOLES fuck them over and over again. When gold on August 9th was at $1,535 Goldman made this bold prediction, “gold will climb to $1,600 an ounce over the next six months.” It peaked at $1,557 on September 4th. Never making their BOLD prediction for a rally to $1600. In fact, we shorted the shit out of it as high as $1,557 (the peak) all the way down and just recommended taking profits at $1,460… A $100 drop with lots and lots of positions. Ditto for the other fools in silver. We recommended shorts from a high of $20 silver and just took profits at $17… I actually saw them telling the sheep that silver was heading for $250 silver and $3,000 gold. I have a tear in my eye for the boomers more than anyone else who buys into this shit!

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