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By Nick Guarino | November 8, 2015

He does not want America to have a direct supply to the worlds largest oil fields!


Obama and his merry bunch of traitors sells out America once again. As you are probably aware, Obama has Killed the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of ecology. Sound nice, BUT that ain’t what happened by a long shot. This has nothing to do with the environment.

The sold out media has not begun to tell the REAL story. The XL pipeline was to link the vast oil fields of Alberta Canada and the Bakkans in the US to Cushing, Oklahoma storage facilities and the Texas oil refiners. Cushing is one of the US’s key oil terminals. That is where the nations biggest oil refineries draw the crude oil from that they turn into oil based products like gasoline and Jet fuel. It is the most strategic oil terminal in the world.

To understand the scope of this great crime, you need to grasp the miracle of US fracking and the technology of Alberta oil sands processing. The Bakkans and the vast unconventional oil sands fields of Alberta contain the worlds largest oil supplies.

The Bakkans hold, according to estimates, total reserves now recoverable with today’s technology, at close to 500 billion barrels.

The oil sands of Alberta Canada contain 2 trillion barrels of oil. Bigger than ALL of the oil fields of the Middle East combined. This one oil field has enough oil to supply ALL the worlds energy needs for the next 200 years.

If you were an Islamic oil state, soul brother of Obama, the last thing you would want is oil from the politically stable, free market economies of Canada and the US coming to market. Canada is Americas largest trade partner. The Bakkans fields are in the US. And the oil sands of Canada are across the street from America. Not across the world in the Islamic crazy land also known as the middle east.

Obama and his hate America agenda will not succeed. These oil fields will come to market no matter what the greenies do. But they have the power to make it more costly and to drag the fight on for years.

I am telling you, kicking and screaming all the way, the vast majority of Middle Eastern oil will stay in the ground. These maniacs are not worth the hassle of trying to do business with them. The world will soon realize there are far, far better and safer places to draw its oil from. Between fracking in the US, Unconventional oil sands in Canada and Russian Siberian oil and gas, the world will soon be replacing Middle Eastern Islamic crazies oil 4 times over.

The pipelines are being built to get other sources of oil to market

The cheapest and most efficient way to move oil and natural gas is by pipelines. Not by ships. Which, by the way, is how most of the Middle Eastern oil comes to market

The Russian Star of Siberia pipeline under construction is 2,500 miles long. It took 24 months from conception to design, funding and construction to begin. On 29 October 2012, president Vladimir Putin instructed the general manager of Gazprom to start the construction of the pipeline. That’s all it took to get the project going… On 21 May 2014, Russia and China signed a 30-year gas deal which was needed to make the project feasible and fully fund it. Construction was launched on 1 September 2014 in Yakutsk by president Putin and Chinese deputy premier minister Zhang Gaoli. Construction of the pipeline from Vladivostok to China is expected to be completed in 2 years and producing.

See the map below. You may notice that the thick red line section is on Russian territory and exits at the RUSSIAN PORT of Nakhodka.

It sets up a direct oil supply line from Angarsk in Russia to the hungry energy markets of China, South Korea and Japan. Please note the spurs (blue dotted lines) to Bejing and South Korea. In other words, in two years Russia, already the drop dead only supplier of note to Europe becomes the largest suppler of oil to Asia. And takes the whole Asian market… Please note, this is new oil and gas that is land locked. This is net new oil coming to market. Adding to the global supply glut.

What’s an Islamic Oil supplier to do? HELP!! Get your Islamic brother Obama to do everything possible to stop as much new oil as he can coming to market.

And now you understand the real reason Obama has killed the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now that you have this background, let’s look at the Keystone XL chart on the right. It’s not a new project, in fact the first three parts of the pipeline have been completed.

The Keystone Pipeline (Phase I), delivering oil from Hardisty, Alberta over 2,147 miles long to the junction at Steele City, Nebraska and on to Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois and Patoka Oil Terminal Hub (tank farm) north of Patoka, Illinois, completed in June 2010. The Keystone-Cushing extension

(Phase II), 291mi from Steele City to storage and distribution facilities tank farm at Cushing, Oklahoma, completed in February 2011.

The Gulf Coast Extension (Phase III), running 487 miles from Cushing to refineries at Port Arthur, Texas was completed in January 2014, and a lateral pipeline to refineries at Houston, Texas and a terminal will be completed late 2015, going online a year later.

The controversy is over the XL project which runs down a shorter route with a larger pipe line hence the designation XL. See the green line.

The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline (Phase IV) would have essentially duplicated the Phase I pipeline between Hardisty, Alberta; and Steele City, Nebraska, with a shorter route and a larger-diameter pipe.

It would run through Baker, Montana, where American-produced light crude oil from the Williston Basin (Bakken formation) of Montana and North Dakota would be added to the Keystone’s current throughput of synthetic crude oil (syncrude) and diluted bitumen (dilbit) from the Alberta oil.

Besides bringing to the refineries of Texas, Canadian oil, the XL pipeline would also open up some of Americas oil fields. Presently, because there is no pipeline, a lot of the Bakken oil is being delivered by truck and train. The most costly and dangerous way to move crude oil.

But, the keystone XL project is not gonna happen. After more than six years of review, President Barack Obama has decided, in his infinitive wisdom, to kill the vital 4th phase of the project. Remember, in Russia they put the deal for their pipeline together in 3 years. Americas next President, the heir apparent to the Obama dynasty, Hillary also opposes the XL project.

So this means once again, American leaders are trying to keep as much oil off market as possible. Despite this, the free enterprise system is exerting a mighty influence on the oil market. And despite every trick in the book, vast amounts of new oil is making it to market and will continue to do so.

Now here is the money ball. Vast amounts of new oil are still coming to market. Despite the spin, oil prices are already cut in half from recent highs and because of all the new production, are still under enormous price pressure. Iranian oil will hit the market in the first half of 2016. EVERY producer the world over is pumping all the oil they can to increase volume to make up for lower price.

The worlds 3 largest oil producers are pumping record amounts of oil. The US is the worlds largest oil prouder. Not to be confused with the worlds largest oil exporters. Russia, the worlds 2nd largest oil producer and largest exporter is killing it. Increasing production month over month. And Saudi Arabia, the worlds 3rd largest oil producer, is producing and exporting the most oil in its history.

Contrary to Wall Street spin, lower oil prices does not curtail oil production but in fact increase it. And the proof is, as the price of oil has been cut in half this past year, global oil production has increased. And now is at all time record highs. And global oil output is due to continue to increase.

This means there is great opportunity here because the price of oil will fall further. Even with Wall Street’s altered reality fighting it all the way, oil will soon be at $10.00 a barrel.

What you need to understand is that Wall Street and bankers are choking on oil. Oil they have purchased and held off the market in storage. Oil companies they have invested in and loaned vast amounts of money to. In other words, oil at under $50 a barrel is killing Wall Street and the bankers. They are getting more desperate by the day. Every attempt they have made to rally oil prices, at great expense I may add, has failed miserably. Soon they will reach the breaking point and throw in the towel.

That means besides all the other oil supply swamping the market, from established producers, we have Iranian oil coming to market as sanctions are lifted early next year. AND we will have what is called capitulation. That is where Wall Street and the bankers throw in the towel, sell out and take their losses on the vast amount of oil they are holding.

These combined forces will take oil to lows not seen since the late 1980′s wipe out. All I can say is look out below.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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