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By Nick Guarino | June 5, 2015


Obama has betrayed Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Christians and now worst of all the country he swore to protect


Never did I think I would have to speak these words. Like many people I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I could care less that he was black. I swallowed hard about his socialist agenda. And like everyone else I accepted the elections as the will of the people.

I saw like everyone else the claims he was a died in the wool Muslim. And again I kind of accepted his explanation.

But my thinking had a profound change when I saw him prematurely leave Iraq. The country was and is in an all out sectarian war. Sunnis fighting Shia’s in a centuries old feud and America stirred the smouldering embers into roaring flames.

As I saw the president build and arm Home Land Security into an internal army, I became convinced America was becoming a police state. That is when my alarm bells went off.

If that was not warning enough. The alarm warning turned into out and out fear. I saw him destabilize Egypt and betray a long time ally Mubarak using Islamic terrorists.

The coup-d-gras literally was when he put in power a violent savage extremist terrorist organization in Egypt. The Muslim brother hood. They are as Muslim crazy as you can get and supported by Iran.

Obama thinks he swore to support and protect Islam

The President’s half brother has long been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and lobbied the president hard. Obama supported them with 1 billion dollars in cash before the Egyptian elections.

Even after they were thrown out of Egypt he still supports them and their alliance with Iran.

I knew it was time to duck for cover, when Obama did not intervene in Syria after Syrian president Bashar used chemical weapons on his own people. Something Obama said was a red line in the sand.

Things continued to deteriorate as he allowed Iran to take Syria, Libya, Lebanon and under the guise of fighting ISIS take Iraq.

But he did not stop there. He has US fighters flying 6000 sorties supporting Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood’s conquest of Syria and Iraq. All this under the guise of stopping ISIS.

He has moved very quickly creating his vision of a global Islamic State. He supports Islam over America. Read the quote below:

He pulled out all US military advisers from Yemen. And that country is now falling to Iranian supported crazies who are now threatening former US ally Saudi Arabia.

Like many Americans you could take the mistaken view “that is there and we are here.” Here is a news flash, the Islamic crazies are immigrating under Obama’s open door policies in mass. I bet there is a Mosque (terrorist recruiting and arming centre)not to far from where you live.

Well the last straw, the event that convinced me he is a traitor is the sell out of Israel, the Christian world and America.

This deal with Iran was a rigged game. He gave Iran the Middle East and in exchange Iran gave him a supposed Nuclear arms treaty.

This establishes his legacy and gets Kerry the Noble peace prize.

Why you my ask let Iran take the middle east and still have a nuclear arms development program?

The answer is simple. Obama hates Jews, Christians and the traditional American way of life. He is hell bent on creating his own image of global Islam. It’s true!

I have prepared a detailed audio file that explains all this and what it means for world peace and the global economy.

Click here to hear more.

The Audio file is called treason.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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