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By Nick Guarino | July 27, 2015

Gold, Oil and China are all CRASHING Stock Market and Banks are NEXT


It’s finally started. Damn near $2000 an ounce gold is barely over $1000. Crude oil that peaked at $150 a barrel and was at $100 in the past 12 months is now under $50. And despite the bogus numbers out of China’s communist government, the truth is their manufacturing miracle is in a colossal slow down. And their only miracle is the greatest debt orgy of any nation ever.

Lets take this from the top:

China manufacturing has been plunging for the last 18 months. The PMI for July was reported at 48.2, its lowest reading in 15 months. Any reading below 50 indicates a slow down. Everything China uses to manufacture in mass is not selling. And prices for key manufacturing commodities they used to suck up like a hoover are plunging in price and volume.

At China’s peak they were buying iron ore at $150 a ton and grabbing all they could. To feed their hungry factories. Now with demand cut in half, iron ore is $40 a ton. Copper that peaked at $9.00 a pound is now trading at $2.40 a pound. Copper actually was stored and traded like gold.

It makes sense that commodity’s are wiping out. Look at the core numbers the spin-meisters can’t change. Demand is falling because the global economy is entering the next phase of the global depression.

Oil is under two curses. Global demand has peaked and is dropping. While global oil production, because of the fracking miracle and wars, is at all time highs. The middle east wars mean everyone needs cash. OPEC output is the highest ever. Led by record production out of Saudi Arabia.

The BIG oil game changer is Iran. They are preparing for all out war. They fooled the fools and are about to get sanctions lifted. Fifty million barrels of market ready oil sitting in storage will come to market in a matter of weeks.

The moth balled oil fields of Iran will be in production again. By the end of the year, Iran production will be over 3 million Barrels a day. The price of oil is headed to $10 a barrel before the coming global oil crises comes.

Gold is the worst investment of the decade. Damn near $2000 an ounce gold has lost half its value. WHY? Because it’s a global depression and prices go down in a depression not up. Gold is doing its job and telling you there is no inflationary crises. Not now and not in the future. Millions of unsophisticated investors who bought into all that precious metals hype are getting wiped out. It’s sad to see. I am on record before the peak of predicting $300 an ounce gold. I may be wrong it may go down to $150 an ounce.

It’s worse for silver investors. Silver peaked at over $50 an ounce and it’s now trading well under $15 an ounce. That is wiping people out the old fashioned way. But silvers crash is not over yet. It will go to under $3.00 an ounce.

Here is reality.

This is the START of the end… not the end

Which means the real fireworks are coming soon. And I want you ready. See audio file at the end

OK, lets get real here. You pay me for the inside skinny. And you expect me to deliver the goods. And I know that. By the way that is as it should be. Please notice I am accountable. Like I say, those business shows and wall street publications tell you what has happened and at best what IS happening. At worst, they feed you as full of crap as they can, to take your money.

My job is different. I tell you what will happen. With a view to first protect your wealth and hopefully multiply it.

As you know there is a major flaw.. Most of the time I know what. It’s the when part that is a bugger. BUT, as you are seeing, when does eventually come. And with these wonderful trading tools time is no longer your enemy. You can wait the bastards out.

You better know I weigh every word I write. I agonize over every prediction. I only put pen to paper or voice to microphone when I can’t stand it any longer.

Like a woman giving birth, I agonize, and when I can’t stand it any longer and I am sure inside, I tell you what I must. It’s then time to deliver the goods.

I know full well it’s hard for some of you when everyone else is giving out the Wall Street lie. And I tell you the exact opposite.

You may ask how the hell do I know? Beats the tar out of me… I just know. Of course, between knowing and telling, I put in a lot of hard work to be sure.

Nobody said it was supposed to be easy. Now comes to what I have to tell you.

Oil, China and gold are symptoms of a much greater problem. And that is the fact the matter is the freeging banks and the derivatives casino is in BIG trouble.

They are stone cold broke and about to wipe out again.

We are on the verge of the greatest banking crises ever

It’s the deep dark secret of Wall Street. The banks are more highly leveraged than in the 2007/2008 financial crises. Remember when they were bailed out they were suppose to de-leverage and scale down their speculative operations. Well, not only did they not liquidate their casino interments, they leveraged even more.

Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total national derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion – about 25% more than in 2008, beyond what anyone can conceive, let alone regulate or control when the next wipe out strikes.

Since 2008, too-big-to-fail banks consolidated to much greater leverage than ever. They’re financial and political powerhouses, controlling world economies to their own advantage.

Civilization’s have no hope in smashing them or dismantling them into small, impotent pieces, or ideally putting money back in public hands where it belongs. They will wipe out and destroy everything they touch.

This is my great gift to you. They are about to wipe out every credit based institution and debt carrying individual on the planet. That means with your cash in the first national bank of your mattress, you will be a dynasty unto yourself. They wont be able to touch you.

Cash is king and the squeeze has started. Look at the markets, especially commodities. Consider this your two minute warning.

I’ll tell you who’s to blame. My old enemy, that rat bastard sell out Bill Clinton, who repealed Glass-Steagall (the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act – letting insurance, investment and commercial banking merge) and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (permitting unregulated commodity and derivatives trading).

He unleashed the financial predators from hell who entrap small/weak people and entities and nations, making them into their debt slaves. Look how they used the bank credit system to beat the Greeks into submission. They sucked the life out of them like a vampire bleeds its prey. But if you have your wealth outside their (in cash) clutches they cant get to you.

The bankers grow more powerful and wealthier than ever. I am warning you ahead of time, the whole corrupt system is going bust. It will soon decimate billions of people worldwide and create the greatest human poverty and misery ever seen.

I am telling you the derivatives casino counter-parties don’t have funds to pay as the bubbles begin deflating. It’s just a matter of time before current market mania ends.

The Wall Street owned, controlled and operated Fed is the problem, not the solution. Monied interests buy politicians like a New York hooker. They write business friendly legislation, getting Congress to pass it in return for generous campaign contributions and other special favours.

The corrupt, clueless, blow dried pretty boys and sexy, slinky girl models of the financial media don’t know squat about the markets. But are portrayed as experts to trick the masses. America’s and for that matter the global economy and financial system are train wrecks of mass destruction waiting to happen. Nothing can save the global financial system. But I know how to save you.

Ok, now I said it. You are warned.

And no, I am not happy about being the bearer of this incredible bad news.

Sometimes I hate my job.

But I love saving your butt!

CLICK HERE to hear audio file.

Thank you,
Nick Guarino




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