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By Nick Guarino | April 8, 2015

It’s Started! Record Oil Inventories

API reports all time record increase in oil inventories

American Petrolatum Institute just reported the biggest crude oil inventory build EVER. A record build of 12.2 million barrels….

In just one week. We have seen another record,crude oil inventories have been up for the last 12 weeks in a row. How can anyone be surprised. Oil is gushing into the terminals around the world. Operators tell me that they have never seen this before. They are running out of places to store oil.

The ongoing price crash in crude oil is both a selling and buying opportunity

What happened to buying when everyone else is selling? The GREAT opportunity here is to not go with the pack. They are slowly scratching their asses and figuring out oil is in vast over supply. As always they are behind, that’s the old story. As you know for years we told you this day would come. The fracking revolution.

The real story is that oil dropping from $50 to $30 or even $25 a barrel is comparatively speaking peanuts. The real move and money will be made when the Saudi oil fields are ablaze. Then oil soars to $250 and possible even $500 a barrel.

Soon it will be time to leg out of our short trade and to reverse positions and go long.

Stay short at least until $35. we will be in touch you may even get oil under $25… how cool will that be?

For now we need to all take a deep breath. I know the oil crack up is finally in the news.. SO! Where the hell were these Johnny come lately’s when oil fell from over $100.

Relax a really big plunge is coming. We cannot get positions at numbers that have not printed yet. LOOK big big moves are coming. Don’t sweat these $5 and $10 moves…. And don’t let the spin and desperate oil traders (who are losing billions)fool you.

PLEASE NOTE A COMPREHENSIVE TRADE REVIEW IS COMING for VIP members. These take a LOT time to produce, If you want the real deal.

The teleprompter analysts and the internet trade mills are all over oil on the short side. As usual at the end of the move.

The big story is not the coming $20 a barrel drop. Its the $200 a barrel up-move.

Thank you,
Nick Guarino




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