Oil Still Plunging – Wall Street Underground

By Nick Guarino | August 5, 2008

We talked when oil peaked near $150 a barrel. I told you then that such an insane number could not be maintained. As you know, we had a bunch of oil trades posted at that time on the Insiders website. We talked again when oil started down and dropped below $140 a barrel. That was July 20th when I posted for you my Special Report titled, “Are You Ready for $10 Oil?” I was begging you to consider trading oil if you have not done so already.

Finally, on July 29, I sent you a written Special Report entitled, “The Oil Bust Has Begun.” That was when oil dropped to below $130 a barrel.

Now oil has dropped even further. It’s now below $120 a barrel. Now I’m really begging you to prepare for the oil price collapse of 2008-2009 if you have not done so already. I still believe, as crazy as it may sound, that we will eventually see oil back down at $10 a barrel.

We have seen an incredible manipulation of oil prices, something not seen before to this extent. In fact, we are seeing damn near every commodity being aggressively manipulated, from gold to lead. Hell, they even did a number on rice and beans! But now those chickens are coming home to roost. And I you know I have given you trade after trade to take advantage of the price collapse in oil, gold, copper and silver. We even have posted trades that lets you get in on the coming fun in corn and oats. All in all, we have posted over 30 specific trading recommendations — all programmed to take advantage of the greatest commodity bust in history.

But in my opinion, by far the greatest commodity trade to ever present itself is to take advantage of what I believe will be another $100 drop in the price of oil – black gold, the most manipulated commodity of them all. Oil is the most widely traded commodity on the planet. It is also the one in which we have the most excess supplies – despite all the silly-ass “peak oil” bullshit spin. As we are seeing supplies do a moon shot and demand plunge, in my opinion that means oil will have its biggest crash EVER.

To be clear here, I think the greatest money-making trade to come along in your LIFETIME is to prepare yourself for $10.00 a barrel oil. I realize that everyone and their dog thinks that is crazy as hell. But any experienced trader will tell you that the only way to make a BIG fortune is to buy when everyone else is selling… and to sell when everyone else is buying. I think oil is just such an opportunity. I think you should get in on the greatest commodity trade ever — and I do mean, EVER — come along.

Look, I thought oil was ridiculously over-valued at $50 a barrel. I thought it would plunge then. I admit I was wrong then because the oil market manipulators got a few trillion dollars I did not count on to do what no one in history had done before – which was to literally buy up millions of barrels of physical oil and hide it, take it off the market, to drive the price up to close to $150 a barrel. But if the truth be known, this evil plot could turn out to be the greatest financial windfall of your life. That’s because if oil was overvalued at 50 bucks a barrel, it sure as hell is overvalued at $100 a barrel. The potential profits you could make selling oil at these prices are staggering. In fact, if you were to pick the one trade that I think could make a fortune in the next 6 to 18 months —one in which someone should consider putting their speculative capital — I would I say without a doubt that trade would be in oil.


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