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By Nick Guarino | March 16, 2015

The Economy Keeps Getting Worse

Just when you think the numbers could not get any uglier. Another group of economic reports and trade numbers prove how ugly things are getting.

Prepare yourself to be blown away. The banks are dead broke again and the smart money is scared shit. Another banking crises is upon us.

We just got the latest PPI (producer Price Index) another disaster. Here is a chart Wall Street and the bankers hope you never see.

Look for yourself:

See that blue line doing a nose dive. That is absolute poof of the deflationary crises we are in. And I can tell you for a fact the FED is scared shitless. You have never seen that in your life time. You got to go back to the Great Depression to get that kind of plunge.

But that ain’t all because we also got the Retail sales report. Another in your face disaster.

Oh my GOD, the end is neigh. Further proof the US economy is in a death plunge.

Still are not a believer? Well I understand. With some many good looking babes and Hot guys on those business show telling us happy days are here again I can appreciate why you may be a bit confused.

So I decided to break up the wall street party with cold hard facts. And 25 pretty pictures.

I have been at this a month and in production over a week. It is a labour of love.

And once you see the truth I know I have saved you from another Wall Street banker Whores wipe out.

And if you really pay attention you could make millions.

Oh by the way this herculean effort is my gift to you

Click here to see this important report now.

Your welcome,
Nick Guarino

PS here is a chart of major dollar moves and the events that closely followed. Please note the last time the dollar soared like this was the Banker wipe out and Lehman crises. The markets are telling you we are at another Lehman moment .. but this time the wipe out will be far far bigger.




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