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By Nick Guarino | April 1, 2010

Before you take a bungee jump off a bridge without the cord, let me tell you the extraordinarily good news in this. In the coming weeks, months and years, we could make a fortune.

In principle, it’s not hard to know what to do. We take the opposite side, of the very derivatives that got our economy into this mess to begin with.

Remember, derivatives let the banks leverage their balance sheets to the moon. Now things are falling apart. So that leverage is working the opposite way. It is leveraging their losses.

Which means it has the potential to leverage our profits. This is our key to potentially making a king’s ransom.

I have already given you derivatives reco’s (i.e. ETFs), that let you get at the stock market. At the real estate REITs (real estate investment trusts). At the dead-broke banks. Gold. Oil. At the vast debt markets.

These are great trades,in my opinion. They will take some time to unfold. The way I see it, they are well worth the risk. If they do what I expect, we could make a series of incredible killings from them.

And now we could potentially raise that to a whole new level. We could get at the sovereign states as they go broke. Blood -– the real stuff — has already started flowing in the streets. This is just the start. You ain’t seen shit!

You might say, “wait a minute. I haven’t seen the wipeout.”

Yes you have. We already traded the first phase of this wipeout. Now we are positioning ourselves for the second.

Phase two is the ongoing banking wipeout. It will follow the “fake-them-out/recovery” rally-back. The sovereign debt crisis is your wake-up call for round two. It is starting as we speak.

“I have only seen the stock market go up,” you might say. “Same with oil and gold.”

Really now. Well, you should have been here when we traded the markets that went down so hard last year. And the year before.

Yes, gold and stocks have rallied since last March’s lows. Like we told you they would. Before that, they made historic crashes. Also just like we said they would.

These recent rally-backs give us another chance to whack the bastards again. The rally-back you have witnessed in stocks, gold oil and interest rates are, in my humble dishwasher opinion, a trading gift form GOD.

Ask yourself this question. What is different since last year at this time? What has happened to change the nosedive the world financial system is in?

Is the economy better? Are more people working? Has the hahahah housing market recovered?

Are people suddenly paying their mortgages? Have the alleged “buyers” suddenly come back into the housing market?

What a remarkable time. So many smart people have gotten suckered. They believe the biggest lie of all: that the worst financial crisis in history has played itself out, from start to finish, in less then 18 months. They are sheep headed for the slaughter.

My newest tape in production now is our latest offering in Current Recommendations. I wanted you to see this background information first. Current Recommendations will soon be posted on the Insiders website. It deals with the incredible specific opportunities presenting themselves, due to the sovereign debt wipeout and the ongoing, spreading depression.

Many of these opportunities are brand new. Almost no one understands them. As usual, the financial press is about six months behind the curve. And lying their asses off when they finally do catch up.

These trades let you potentially cash in, as nation after nation wipes out in Europe. As the Asian “miracle” turns into a fiery dragon collapse, straight from the pits of hell. This is especially true of China.

In closing…

You and I are incredibly fortunate. We are living in an unprecedented time of financial history.

You just don’t get lucky like this that often. You could go through a lifetime of trading, and never see one-tenth the opportunities we have right now.

Of course Wall Street says we are wrong. What a shock. Who the hell is going to admit we are in a depression -– a wipeout of biblical proportions? Especially when they got stocks to sell and mutual fund retirement accounts to strip clean?

Let’s get real. Suppose the masses could figure it out. Would they really be losing their homes en masse? Would their life savings have crashed by half or more?

First they invested in’s. “For the long haul.” Predictable they lost their asses. Then they moved over to real estate. Wall Street told them to buy that stuff now, because they aren’t making any more of it.

Real estate collapsed, too, to no Insiders surprise. It still has a long, long way to fall. People are getting their asses handed to them.

Since then did the masses all of a sudden take a smart pill? You believe now they suddenly got it right? That buying gold, getting ready for hyper-inflation, is the right play now?

Sorry. I don’t believe that for a minute. The facts say gold is another sucker play, a colossal money loser.

I say we are in a depression. We will be in a depression for the next ten years or more. Anyone who trades for a recovery — that will supposedly create thirty million new jobs, bring on shortages in oil and commodities because of soaring consumer demand -– that will send gold to the stratosphere because of debt monetization and Chinese buying -– is going to wipe out even more.

Just look at the track record of these people. They have been on the wrong side of every major move for decades. I do not believe for a minute they finally got it right this time.

We have incredible opportunities before us. I have never seen more startling proof of the spreading economic wipeout.

I’m Nick, I’m still at your service…. especially in these very difficult times,


Convicted felon, banned trader, and gagged market analyst. But it is a fair fight. Because with my two hands tied behind my back, in the ring with these pompous asses, brains and truth still wins…..


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