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By Nick Guarino | July 13, 2015

Never Have The Bankers Been So Desperate

Time to take off the kid gloves

There is a killing to be made in these markets. But you’ve got to understand what is really going on. And that is my job. I would never ask you to make a trade without giving you my trade rationale.

Recent events we have long predicted have given us multiple trading opportunities. Remember the secret, if the CORRECT information is in the market then it’s priced in and there is no trading opportunity.

As you know, my job is to scratch my butt. Figure it out first. Place our positions and then go fishing while we wait for reality to return.


Many of you have been with me for decades. Some of you even go back to the days when we had the brokerage firm. We call you the Nick Lifers.

The other day, I was talking to our IT guy Needles. He is the man that makes all this magic on the web sight and the emails happen. He has been with us for decades.

We were talking about how important it is to have credibility and accountability. The point is, all of our past trades and commentary are always on the website. We give you the historic record.

The conversation came about because in recent weeks a lot of the brand X. make believe analysts are changing their tunes on Greece, China, Iran and oil. And Needles asked me if it pissed me off because we all know who got there first. And we get no public credit.

I told him that the Wall Street Machine is our enemy. And they have spent 30 years discrediting us and trying to silence our voice. The last thing they want is for the masses to understand the tricks they use to take people money. And that means, the last thing they want people to see is our analysis of the markets.

Who do you think got Greece into the mess it’s now in? One of the biggest investment banker whores, Goldman Sachs.

It’s a great gift to see the future in markets but it is also a great curse. Let me explain. I look at the markets and the present line of crap Wall Street is peddling and then I go to work. I figure out the reality and I look for the trading opportunities.

A great example is the Euro debt crises. It was obvious to me years ago that the huge Euro debt and the slowing global economy would bring down the union.

I said years ago that Greece, Spain, Italy and France would eventually leave the union. Then I went to work looking for trading opportunities. The first we generated was our Euro short. Another is our short of the Euro stock market. That’s the blessing.

The curse is, it takes these mega events years to unfold. And when you’re the first one making these bold predictions, you look foolish until the event you predict happens. And that means you have to wait for your reward. Of course when the events you predict start to become headline news, it feels pretty good.

Hell YES the Greeks will be the first to leave the Currency UNION but not the last

Twisting and turning on the spigot, Greece will eventually be forced to leave the European Union. Not now but later. And it will lead to a chain reaction as Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France leave the EU and China’s debt implodes.

The global, dead broke bankers, who are choking on Euro debt, will go broke and stay broke this time. And there will be hell to pay as the entire world is suddenly impoverished. The only cash you will have is what you make trading and stash in The First National Bank of your Mattress. Greece has many lessons to teach us. Look how the bankers squeezed the masses. No cash, little money from ATM machines.

Now that they have beaten the Greek masses into submission, viola, cash suddenly arrives. This is the model of how the bankers extort money out of governments and the masses know that they’ve got control of the global money system. If you let them control your money, they own you. This is how the bankers squeeze the masses.

If you do it right, the bankers can’t squeeze you

But you don’t have to play their game. There are many, many transactions outside of the banking system. Make sure you obey all of the laws. The lesson, if you’ve got the cash, you won’t end up like the suckers on the streets. If you got the cash, you don’t have to wait in line for 6 hours to get 60 Euros.

Look, the people in Greece that have cash are king. Now I want you to really get this. There were and are no wheel barrels of money for a loaf of bread. No hyper inflation. That is banker misinformation.

The last thing our banker buddies want you to know is, that in fact, just the opposite is true. It’s a global deflation. If you’ve got the cold, hard, cash as in DO-RAE-ME, you’re king. The bargains to be had in Greece are unbelievable.

Again further proof, in a crises of the deflationary kind we are in, gold does not do squat. In fact, I doubt you would find more than a dozen places you could sell your gold in Greece. And I doubt for cash, unless you’re willing to take a great big, giant hair cut.

The lesson is, if you don’t need the bankers loans, if you don’t need their ATM machines. If you’ve got no debt, cash in the First National Bank of your mattress, they have no power over you. CASH is king. Not Gold, not silver, not credit. Cold hard cash.

Learn the lessons this minor Greek Opera has to teach you. Because it is the glimpse of the ugly future to come.

This is all about the bankers raping the Greeks and for that matter everyone else on the planet. Because they are stone cold broke, highly leveraged and in a desperate fight for their very survival. The dead broke bankers will take down the global monetary system. And that my friend is worth millions to you.

This next bail out, number 5 of Greece, will cost 250 billion dollars. 100 billion in new cash to cover interest payments due on debt to bankers. 125 billion in private sector loans, credits to get the Greek banking system going again. And another 25 billion to the Greek government to meet operating expenses.

And that’s just what it will take to the end of the year. Yes that right, the whole opera will be replayed again next year.

Sooner or later, kicking and screaming all the way, Greece will be the first forced to leave the Euro. There is no way they can stay. And the even deeper in debt Spanish, Italians and French will also leave. See, this is the part about seeing the future.

Whatever they have told you about Greece is true. What they are not telling you is the fact things are far, far worse in the rest of the southern Europe EU members. Unemployment is just as bad in Italy, France and Spain as in Greece.

What is worse, are the debts of France, Italy and Spain. They are far, far bigger than little piss-ant Greece. And they can’t pay either. In all, Southern Europe will need tens of trillions in bailouts. The money does not exist.

We have three trades that are set to kick butt when the next round of European government debt defaults start. They are the Euro trade, The banker stocks trade and the coming crash in the European stock market. That’s the part about cashing in when you see the future.

But it’s not just Europe. China wipe-out has started

The reality is, the worlds central banks are tapped out. Because the contagion has spread to China. Yes, with little publicity, China debt defaults and the long feared China bubble stock market crash has started. If you think Europe is in trouble, you ain’t seen nothing.

In banking and credit circles, countries with a debt to GDP ratio of 100 are regarded as in big trouble. Poor little Greece runs a debt to GDP ration of 170. A pretty big number and you see the trouble they are in.

But the dinosaur under the carpet is China. Never has any country in world history racked up bigger debts. All non-collectable from our commie friends the Chinese. Their debt to GDP ratio is over 300. Yes, you read that right. It’s another little secret our banker buddies don’t want you to know about. Why? Because they are holding a mountain of worthless Chinese debt.

The world bankers are choking on soon to be worth nothing China debt. They owe the worlds bankers trillions. Funny how you never hear a disparaging word. WHY? Because the game the worlds bankers play is, keep it zipped. Never warn about a wipe out.

After all, you would not want to panic the markets. Well there is panic. The Chinese stock market has taken close to a 40% hit. That is the equivalent of an 8000 point drop in the DOW from its recent record highs. Shares in over 800 Chinese companies have seen trading suspended. They have for now slowed the death plunge. But at a high price. Half of Chinese stocks are not trading. The central government imposed trading halts. And most large traders are prohibited from selling any stock for six months.

It’s been close to a decade since the last banker wipe out. And they are still trying to get the global economy to recover. ALL nations and companies around the world have taken on unprecedented amounts of debt. All with the hope of igniting some growth. It has not worked. There is no more money to cover the hundreds of trillions of bad debt sitting in the global banking system.

And I want you to grasp this grave danger we all face and be protected. The truth is, the coming banking wipe out chain reaction has started. It is a great opportunity to get filthy stinking rich.

Just like Greece, all they are doing is postponing the coming wipe-out. So that gets us to part two of what I do. Part one was when I predicted the Chinese wipe-out in a special report I did over a year ago. It’s still in the special report section of the website.

And part one is waiting the suckers out. I have a great Chinese stock market trade I will be putting up on the website.

The Iranian nuclear sell out will be done

As you know, we have some great oil trades. The existing over production and glut in the oil business is about to get a hell of a lot worse. With Iran out of the market, oil has plunged from $100 a barrel to $50 because of fracking bringing vast amounts of oil to market. As you know, another event we predicted well in advance of the so called oil experts. Now add the lifting of sanctions against Iran and here comes an oil tsunami. $10 a barrel oil here we come. Another wait for the market to figure it out trade.

Is it not time for the good honest people to prosper?

You know what is happening and the significance. The next step is to understand the great trading opportunities this wipe out that has already started offers. By the way, this will be your last chance. After this financial market, banker melt down, the global financial system will be no more. Trading the markets will be no more.

After the markets wipe out this time, there will be unprecedented global turmoil. Look at the news, it has already started. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Far, far worse things are on the near horizon. We will end up with a global barter system, then something far more sinister.

The global cashless society. The mark of the beast, you can’t buy, sell or trade without it. Before you worry about that, let me show you how to get rich first. Protect your wealth. Then we will deal with the next stage of the ugliness that will follow.

And we have to consider the bubble stock market in the US. It started in Greece, spread to China. The US stock market is next.

I want you ready for the next and even bigger financial crises. The break up of the European Currency union and the biggest banking debt wipe-out the world has ever seen as China implodes.

There will be no bail out of our sleazy banker buddies this time. If you think 2007/2008 was a big deal. You have not seen squat.

Nick Guarino




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