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By Nick Guarino | August 11, 2015

First National Bank of YOUR Mattress

Time to open the only bank account you will ever need

Don’t get wiped out and lose everything in the coming banking crash. As you know, times are getting ugly indeed. There are wars and financial panic and massive losses occurring around the world. Billions of people are displaced and poverty is spreading like a case of winter flu in a kindergarten.

Commodities are crashing, banks are going broke (even if they have not admitted it yet) and we are very close to a 1929 style financial panic. One that will wipe most people out in the twinkling of a eye.

How Do I Protect My Money?

The biggest most often asked question I get is how do I protect my wealth in what’s coming. And it’s a damn important question. One that you only get one chance to get right. Knowledge is critical if you want to keep your wealth. You were smart enough to make it. Now learn how to be smart enough to keep it.

There is an entire industry set up to screw you out of your money. From your retirement funds, to investment trusts, to gold, even real estate. What they want you to do is wrong wrong wrong.

The majority of people have got it wrong. And the very thing the financial establishment convinced them to do insures, in fact guarantees they lose EVERYTHING. And guess who the winners will be if you get it wrong? You got it, our wall street buddies. You lose, they win.

This is a difficult subject. Especially if you are still stuck on inflation. I have prepared an in depth tape on preserving your wealth. I try to cover the alternatives and deal with the most serious, often asked questions.

Let’s talk honest. It’s just not about you. If you’re like most people I know, your kids and grand kids are too busy being good little, deep in debt slaves. Shopping till they drop brain washed consumers. Yes I know it pisses you off. But you’ve got to be strong for them too.

It’s not their fault. Don’t blame them for being fooled. I promise you when the bubble bursts they will come back to you. Apologizing and thanking you. The french have a saying:

Once they see Paree it’s hard to get them back on the farm.

Hard but not impossible. When the Nazis rolled into Paris, the French all wished they had a farm to go back to. Well you keep the home fires burning and a candle in the window.

This is a labour of love. It’s my gift to you. I know what to do. We have the technology to preserve and grow your wealth. For some of you it will be difficult. For those of you who have been with me a while, there will be a lot of familiar ground.

I have also taken the liberty of updating some recommendations in the audio tape you’re about to hear. In view of the changing financial landscape this is urgent. It’s worth a serious listen to.

Click here to listen to audio file.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




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