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By Nick Guarino | August 27, 2016

Negative interest rates will make everyone you know poorer and could make you richer than an internet Baron!

Federal Reserve Preparing Negative Rate Policy!

Hi everybody, it must be the dog days of summer. How do I know? Because the Federal Reserve is having its little diddy, its Fed Reserve version of the WOODSTOCK love fest in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

The reason I am writing you is there is a key story the sold out financial press forgot to report… AGAIN. At these fests the academic thinkers from the world of Doctoral professors of economies types come and shape Federal Reserve policy.

One of the top thinkers the Fed listens to is a guy named Marvin Goodfriend from Carnegie Mellon University. THIS GUY IS A TOP THINKER WHO HAS ADVISED THE FED FOR YEARS. One of the key guys in shaping Fed policy and quantum easing during the 2006/2009 wipe out.

He has warned that quantum easing will not work in this next recessionary wipe out. He presented a paper that has Fed Reserve governors planing their REAL next move in secret. Forget all the hyper blow of will she or won’t she raise interest rates. That is the diversion.

The Feds top secret plan is to drive rates negative and soon. They need to do this to stimulate the economy when the next recession (we have already entered in stealth mode) becomes public knowledge.

I am sure you understand that we always go into recessions, it’s the economic cycles we have all experienced over and over again. The next recession, whenever it comes (I think sooner rather than later and the biggest EVER) and the Fed has got a crises.

In every recession The Fed lowers rates 3% to 6% at least. The problem and the dilemma they face behind closed doors is the fact that US interest rates are .50% a half of a percent. Even if they raise rates, the best they can risk is raising them to 1%. A drop from 1% to zero won’t do squat to stimulate the economy and they ALL damn well know it. So they have been planing in secret for negative interest rates. Here are some excerpts from a key policy report and speech given at the Fed Meeting in Jackson hole. Understanding this Special Report has the power to potentially for you, turn thousands into millions. Without further adieu, read the secret report presented to the Fed below.

Negative rates integral part of central bank policy options

Central banks should make negative interest rates a fully integrated part of monetary policy in order to respond effectively to future recessions, according to an academic paper presented on Friday to the world’s top central bankers at the Fed Jackson Hole Conference. “It is only a matter of time before another cyclical downturn calls for aggressive negative nominal interest rate policy actions,” concludes Marvin Goodfriend, a professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University and a policy adviser at the Richmond Federal Reserve bank. Negative interest rates have emerged as a hot topic in economic circles as central banks look for ways to stimulate growth and inflation from persistently low levels. When rates are negative, banks must pay to hold funds on deposit at the central bank, giving them added incentive to lend. They have already been introduced in the Euro area, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan. The U.S. Federal Reserve recently confirmed turning to negative interest rates in the future, would be legal. In a paper delivered to the FED’s economic policy conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Goodfriend concludes that a sustained move below zero during a future crisis may be the only way to achieve and maintain a stable purchasing power of money. The decline in the level of the neutral rate of interest globally and the inability of banks who have raised short-term interest rates since the crisis to sustain them necessitate such a rethink, he said. A whole host of central bankers including U.S. Fed Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda are at the Jackson Hole conference, which runs through Saturday. Relying on interest rate policy in a future crisis would be “far superior” to alternatives such as more quantitative easing or using fiscal policy, Goodfriend said. “Interest rate policy is by far the most flexible, the least intrusive to markets, and has proven capable of targeting low inflation,” he wrote. When the next recession hits, the federal funds rate would likely have to be brought down to minus 1 percent or minus 2 percent to kick-start a recovery, according to Goodfriend.

Nick Note: Negative interest rates are an idea whose time has come. In fact, it is their ONLY policy option. And the only instrument that is guaranteed to make you money as interest rates plunge and everyone else is losing money is our blessed special US Treasury bond trade. Remember, all 30 year US Treasury bonds are not created equal! You must be sure to get the right ones!!! Goodfriend is wrong about one thing. The coming depression wipe out will be so severe it will in my opinion take double digit interest rates.

PS – Wanna here the good news? Suppose I am wrong (I am not but just suppose) and we only get negative 2% rates like Goodfriend predicts. Our bond trade will ONLY make you a government guaranteed 300% return. Every $5000 invested will turn into over $18,000. In fact, it could be more than that. Let’s suppose, just suppose we got negative 22% rates like I think could happen, as soon two years from now. Then every $5000 invested in the right bond could make OVER $10,000,000. Yes, you read that right, TEN MILLION Dollars. Now that is making money the Nick way.

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Thank you,
Nick Guarino




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