We are Entering a New Dark Age – Wall Street Underground

By Nick Guarino | March 29, 2010

Do you really expect the politicians to tell you this? That we are starting a new dark age? That the masses are about to become impoverished slaves?

Just the opposite. The sharpest minds in the world are working day and night, figuring out how to put you there. As they take your money and your freedoms. That is what Wall Street and its puppets in Washington do.

You may wonder why governments bailed out the banker whores, with trillions of your tax dollars. Why they gave them countless billions in bonuses. With almost no questions asked, and even fewer answered.

These assholes bankrupted our nation. They stole your money. They trashed the value of your home, wiped out your “guaranteed” retirement investments, and threw tens of millions of Americans out of work.

How could they get so much public money –- the greatest sums of taxpayer dollars any government ever gave any special interest group? With little more than a phone call?

Simple. They own our government. Bought and paid for. For shockingly little money, too.

But that’s not all. They also own us. They own our businesses. Our homes. Our cars.

They own anyone who needs their money to survive. Anyone who takes their credit. Which is basically the entire western world.

You and I being debt free isn’t enough. We are still beholden to them for the credit (financing) on our roads. Our sewers. Government, Our electricity. Our water sanitation services. All the basics of life, that we all take for granted.

Not much longer, I hasten to add. You better figure out how to unhook from the water meter. How to supply yourself electricity.

The bankers ‘gave’ the world 30-year mortgages. They gave us our hahaha retirements, annuities and stock market mutual funds. Their insurance companies (also a bunch of dead-broke, whore thieves) supplied our oftentimes rationed health care.

The bankers financed our cars for 48 months. Our motor homes, jet skis and exotic vacations. They let us build our airports and 100 million dollar jet liners. All on credit, that will never be paid back.

Let give you an example. The aviation industry has never made a profit. It’s been a loser since we took up our first paying passenger, Orville Wright, in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

The masses have been able to fly for only one reason: airlines (and airports) were able to take on vast debt, and then roll that debt over and over. The airlines have lost far more money than they have ever made.

Massive government and banker debt supports the entire industry. Planes. Their maintenance. Airports. Air traffic control systems. All subsidized.

This debt keeps swelling. Both in amounts and terms. The date it must get paid back keeps getting moved further and further into the future. Now it stretches into the 22nd century. In reality, it will never be paid back.

Every major airport in the world is banker/government subsidized. And every one is a money loser. Same thing with the ground transport systems to the airports (roads, parking lots, trains, buses). Same with the air traffic control system, fire rescue, security systems. All government subsidized. NOT reflected in the ticket price.

These are just a few examples of the hidden unpaid debt that subsidizes our modern lifestyle. It’s that way in everything from roads to trucking to shipping. Even manufacturing.

This should help you understand why the bankers got these unbelievable government bailouts. With virtually no questions asked.

By pulling every dirty, illegal trick in the book, bankers managed to keep the whole bubble debt orgy afloat. Now it’s come to an end. The debts have grown too large. The losses from derivatives have gotten out of control. We can no longer finance (borrow) our way out of this. It’s curtains!

The theme for the next 100 years will be a much poorer world. A world where the masses are reduced to virtual slaves. They and their children will work their whole lives, to pay all this debt back.

No, we will not monetize it. We won’t inflate it away or simply default. That is another myth. A lie straight out of the pits of hell, to try and take more of your money.

Say the U.S. tried to do this. The second the world got wind of that shit, they would shut down our society. The fleeting credit we need would be gone. The lights would go out. The Homeland Security guys would not have gas for their helicopters, payroll or bullets.

So don’t kid yourself. Every stinking last dime owed will be paid in full. Including the compound interest.

We would need vastly greater amounts of new debt to support our kingly lifestyle. That money is no longer available. As a society we have borrowed all we can. Now it’s payback time.

That is why you see pay cuts right and left. Service cuts. Less and less of everything.

Even our cities are shrinking. There is not enough money to provide services to all neighborhoods. This will get worse and worse in the coming years.

The crisis the world faces is DEFLATION. You damn well better understand and prepare yourself for it. Everyone gets less.

Look, you have no excuse. You can’t say you weren’t warned. You can’t say you didn’t see it. Everything is deflating (becoming less) all around you.


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