You Have a Chance to Get Your Very Own Million-Dollar Bonus Check! – Wall Street Underground

By Nick Guarino | March 12, 2010

Wall Street and our banker buddies have a financial disaster plan. It’s pretty simple. Win, lose or draw, they walk away multi-millionaires under their bonus plan. You walk away stone cold broke.

Sad to say, they already have a pretty damn good start on their robbery!

They have already cut the value of your house in half. Even if you don’t want to believe it. No matter what lie your real estate agent tells you, housing prices will NEVER EVER come back.

They have probably decimated your retirement savings. Your business. Your job.

Their slick business shows have tricked many people into buying more of their worthless investments. Like gold. Real estate. Oil. Index funds and yes even “distressed” real estate.

These so-called investments are doing what all Wall Street investments do eventually – losing huge amounts of money for most people. They will keep the losses coming..

Like it or not, you are in the game. Your banker put you there. Your money market fund put you there. So did your stock broker, mutual fund and retirement plan. Your deposits, wherever they may be, find their way into the bankers’ own Las Vegas: the derivatives casino. (The only two exceptions to this are cash you put in your lumpy mattress and US government Treasuries.)

They leave you no choice. Either you take control of your money now. Or they will take it. They will lose it all in their derivatives hell hole.

There are no innocent bystanders here. There are only victims. Wall Street and the bankers don’t care who they wipe out. Who they impoverish. Who goes hungry and who is homeless.

All they care about is their $10 million yearly bonuses! Win, lose or draw, they take their bonuses. They have proved this over and over again. How they performed has nothing to do with it.

The good news is we have our own Wall Street bonus and bailout program. We could earn millions. With little capital, and strictly limited risk, in the trades I have given you.

Of course you are speculating. Of course you could lose your investment. You are supposed to use genuine speculating capital, i.e. money you can afford to lose.

No surprise that Wall Street wants you to believe your ETF’s won’t track. They tell you government will close them down and you will lose your ass.

Relax. Don’t let this bullshit scare you out . The fat lady has not sung yet. No one knows for sure how this will turn out. We place our bets and we spin the wheel. We could score the big one. Do not let their spin panic you out. This is a waiting game. And in some ways it’s a game of chicken.


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