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By Nick Guarino | August 29, 2016

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By Nick Guarino | August 27, 2016

Negative interest rates will make everyone you know poorer and could make you richer than an internet Baron!

Federal Reserve Preparing Negative Rate Policy!

Hi everybody, it must be the dog days of summer. How do I know? Because the Federal Reserve is having its little diddy, its Fed Reserve version of the WOODSTOCK love fest in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

The reason I am writing you is there is a key story the sold out financial press forgot to report… AGAIN. At these fests the academic thinkers from the world of Doctoral professors of economies types come and shape Federal Reserve policy.

One of the top thinkers the Fed listens to is a guy named Marvin Goodfriend from Carnegie Mellon University. THIS GUY IS A TOP THINKER WHO HAS ADVISED THE FED FOR YEARS. One of the key guys in shaping Fed policy and quantum easing during the 2006/2009 wipe out. Read the rest of this story »

Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | August 24, 2016


August 23rd live Radio Free Wall Street webcast is now available for you to listen to.

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Radio Free Wall Street

By Nick Guarino | August 19, 2016


August 18th live Radio Free Wall Street webcast is now available for you to listen to.

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Special Report

By Nick Guarino | August 12, 2016

The Debt the Federal Reserve Holds is Making Them Record Breaking Profits!

Another supposed crises that is NOT!

Hi everybody, HK did it again. He asked some questions that many of you have sent me. I am experimenting with building Special Reports that answer YOUR specific questions. I will do a Special Report when I feel they are relevant and would appeal to all of us. This is my attempt to give you a relevant PROFITABLE interactive product.


Dear Nick, Thanks for excellent review of treasury bond issuance and its effect. I am sorry that I wont be able to come to radio talk show due to my work. Radio Shows are always posted on the WSIFN website within 24 hours of live webcast. Thanks to your invitation. I have one more question. When we say Central bank we mean Fed? Yes, the name of the Central bank of the US is the Federal Reserve. In England for example the Central bank is called the Bank of England. When Fed buys bond they buy from treasury and open market? Most often If interest rate is negative why will treasury sell bonds as they lose money to FED and to market. ? They will not lose money if rates go even further negative from the point they bought in. IE they buy at -22% negative yield and rates go to -30% negative yield they make a killing. Read the rest of this story »

Special Report

By Nick Guarino | August 9, 2016

U.S. Government debt is going to yield negative

I got a Letter to the Editor that deserves a lengthy response

Hi everybody, HK asked some questions that many of you have sent me. It’s not an easy subject, it deserved more than a paragraph. So here goes:


Dear Nick, Can you please explain the concept of QE, creating central bank reserve, and treasury bond printing by treasury. With negative rates central banks will lose money with the fed and would it not cause more speculation and higher stock prices? At what time will Treasury will stop printing and even at negative interest rates stocks will fall and depression starts. HK

Hi HK, Treasury Bonds debt issuance is negative on money supply. It sucks money out of the system. Which will be negative for the stock market and other investments. It’s not creating or printing money. Money is only created by BANKS (not to be confused with central banks) debt creation IE making loans. Because banks create money on leverage since they loan on leverage. Read the rest of this story »

Special Report

By Nick Guarino | August 2, 2016

Oil is drowning BUT this trade could save you!

Just this year the first oil trade, profits taken in February, should have made you a 500% return.
The second oil trade we are now in should be making you a 100% return so far. And that trade ain’t over yet.
BUT this other very special oil related trade that is setting up now should make you a 1000% return… At least.

Hi, remember me? I am the guy that has been screaming about this oil wipe out. We have had quite a run. And the good news is that oil has started to crash again.

The first drop took crude oil from $115 a barrel to $26. And as you know we took profits at crude oil $26. You could have lots of profits if you made the trade from start to finish.

Then we held back and when oil got to $45 a barrel we started operations again. And when oil peaked at damn near $55 we added more positions. Now oil is at $40 and we are dancing a jig.

Even though we have doubled our money in this second oil trade of the year, it’s not time to take profits yet. Yes, I know those wall street assholes would be breaking out the champagne if they could ever get a 100% return. But as you know we swing for the bleachers looking for 1000% return or more. Read the rest of this story »

Crash And Burn Up In Flames

By Nick Guarino | March 5, 2016

The Wipe Out Has Started


Aubrey McClendon, considered a big player in the energy industry, died in a suspicious fiery single-car crash Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases. Some people one should not trifle with. As Aubrey learned the hard way. The former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, was forced to relinquish his position as chairman of that company in 2012 following a shareholder revolt led by activist investor Carl Icahn.

He built Chesapeake Energy into the nation’s second-largest producer of natural gas, (when gas was over $8.00) amassing massive debt and wealth to become part owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team and a renowned collector of antique maps and rare wines. Chesapeake came under scrutiny after it was disclosed that McClendon, 56, had borrowed more than $1 billion against his personal stake in company wells.

What you need to understand is the fact that the whole oil and gas business especially in the US was/is a house of cards. Built on massive debt and banker oil price manipulation. Here is a chart of natural gas. You can see why the players in the natural gas business are hitting the wall, crashing and burning: Read the rest of this story »

The Wreck… Has Already Occurred

By Nick Guarino | February 27, 2016

Your Bank is Stone Cold BROKE!


You need to grasp the fact we have had for over 50 years rising commodity price lead growth, inflation and profits. We are now entering a time of a commodity prices crashing led contraction, deflation and losses. It will be the biggest depression the world has ever experienced. It’s not too difficult a job to analyze and understand this. What we are not being told is the extent of losses generated by crashing commodity and oil prices. Your bank is broke and most major corporations are taking their biggest hit ever.

What got a temporary reprieve to the 2008 sub prime mortgage crises. A hyper bubble was formed in stocks, commodities and oil. Government allowed bankers and investment banks and mega corporations to rig the commodity and energy markets. With borrowed money creating the greatest bubble ever! The bubble has crashed in commodities, banks and stocks are next.

Want PROOF? All you have to do is look at the soaring prices of oil and every commodity under the sun. Here is a chart of oil from the 2008 financial crises to its peak. From $40 a barrel to $115: Read the rest of this story »

It Won’t Be a Happy New Year for Most

By Nick Guarino | January 4, 2016

7 Steps You Must Do Right Now


Here are the 7 steps you must take right now. If you want any chance to keep your wealth. This is my way of making sure you are prepared for the coming financial system collapse. And stock market crash. Look, this is not hysteria, this is not hype. This is a reality check. I can’t believe after what you have seen there could be any doubt in your mind that a depressionary wipe-out of biblical proportions is upon us.

It will be a very, very interesting new year to say the least. And I think we could make a hell of a lot of money. I have to report, we have gotten complete and total verification that the biggest commodity, banking and stock market wipe-out ever is upon us. The truth is for most everyone it will be a life changing event. The vast majority of prosperous people around the world will be thrust into poverty. It will be worst for Americans. We are the least prepared people on the planet. The higher up you are the bigger the fall.

I know this is a hell of a way to start a New Year. But the truth is for us it represents what could be a vast fortune. Now you might think this is a sad message. And for most people it will be. But if you know what to do and DO IT. Then this is a message of hope and inspiration. It means that you have a chance to become a player. You could join the ranks of the wealthy. You can leave your DNA imprint on the world. You can save your loved ones, your family, your friends. You can even save your community. Maybe even your nation. Read the rest of this story »

Obama kills the Keystone oil pipeline…

By Nick Guarino | November 8, 2015

He does not want America to have a direct supply to the worlds largest oil fields!


Obama and his merry bunch of traitors sells out America once again. As you are probably aware, Obama has Killed the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of ecology. Sound nice, BUT that ain’t what happened by a long shot. This has nothing to do with the environment.

The sold out media has not begun to tell the REAL story. The XL pipeline was to link the vast oil fields of Alberta Canada and the Bakkans in the US to Cushing, Oklahoma storage facilities and the Texas oil refiners. Cushing is one of the US’s key oil terminals. That is where the nations biggest oil refineries draw the crude oil from that they turn into oil based products like gasoline and Jet fuel. It is the most strategic oil terminal in the world.

To understand the scope of this great crime, you need to grasp the miracle of US fracking and the technology of Alberta oil sands processing. The Bakkans and the vast unconventional oil sands fields of Alberta contain the worlds largest oil supplies.

The Bakkans hold, according to estimates, total reserves now recoverable with today’s technology, at close to 500 billion barrels. Read the rest of this story »

Stupid people do stupid things… And we all have to pay the price

By Nick Guarino | November 6, 2015

Oh my GOD not Again!




What MOST people don’t know is the the last great depression was caused by a stock market and banking wipe out. Like now, Wall Street bet wrong and finally the losses got too big to hide.

What threw gasoline on the fire was a critical mistake. The Fed raised rates. This event insured that the great depression was the greatest financial disaster the world ever faced… Up to now.

And they are going to do it again… I have prepared my latest E-report which is an audio file for you. Read the rest of this story »


By Nick Guarino | October 22, 2015

Too Big to Fail = Too Big to Save
Too Big to Regulate = Too Big to Manage

Dead Broke Banks are out of control


This is the start of the next banking wipeout. I have been busy this past 2 weeks as the worlds biggest banks report the earnings disaster the 3rd quarter really was. As bad as it is, the big banks financials are impossible to decipher. And if they can’t be figured out, it’s because they don’t want you to… It ain’t no accident.

What I can tell you for sure is that our banker buddies are losing huge amounts of money. Their trading desks and their commodity trading partners (who they have loaned trillions to) are evaporating money faster than a beer spilled on a New York city sidewalk on a hot day in August. The last time I have seen this was right before the 2007/2008 financial wipe out.

See for yourself. Here is short list of what they fess up to:

*Glencore the worlds largest commodities trading firm has posted staggering losses. and their share prices are also taking a huge hit.

*Reo Tinto the worlds largest miner is also posting record breaking losses Read the rest of this story »

Obama failures, Putin aggression opening the gates of Islamic hell…

By Nick Guarino | October 6, 2015

Don’t be surprised by the great evil unleashed


You are witnessing a defining moment in world history. That will shape a very ugly future for mankind. Obama’s intentional premature withdrawal for the middle east created a vacuum. Russia is rushing in to fill the bloody void. And there will be hell to pay. Russia has opened its first new military base outside the old Soviet Union in the Middle East.

Russia now has a formidable air base and troop presence in Syria. This now gives Russia the most modern air force in the Middle East. Soon to be the largest. Russia has sent its crack special troops into Syria to back up President Bashar al-Assad’s bid to wipe out his opposition.

Vladimir Putin’s feared blood thirsty special forces Spetsnaz unit and a covert para battalion snuck into the war-torn country and are preparing for an all-out assault on rebels fighting the regime – including moderate units such as the western-backed CIA supplied Free Syrian Army.

A military source said: “Putin’s marines are there to guard the airbases they are using against sabotage by rebels. But Spetsnaz and air-assault troops are not there to provide security to static objects, they are extremely aggressive and highly trained. They are there to mop up after air strikes, call in air strikes, go on extremely covert missions against rebels and ultimately wipe them out.” Read the rest of this story »

Boehner Bombs…

By Nick Guarino | September 25, 2015

Stock Market Flame Out Coming


Government shut down now very likely. This could be a trigger for a major stock market wipe out. Look, we have been looking for the trigger for a flame out in the stock market. I have prepared a very special tape. The market is about to experience what could be another game changer…

Please click here to listen to my latest audio file offering.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Fed Trapped In Endless Easing…

By Nick Guarino | September 20, 2015

7 Years of Zero Interest Rates With No End in Sight


Trapped like a caged Lion, there is little the FED can do. Contrary to popular misleading spin, it’s not inflation that has got the FED in a quandary. It’s the global deflation that has central bankers shitting bricks. This knowledge is worth millions to you. Let me explain! The Fed cannot raise interest rates. They are in a liquidity trap caused by the global deflation. Their statement shows what a dangerous game they are playing.

The global Quantum easing, that they embarked upon 7 years ago as a temporary measure, has become endless easing. Their statement reveals that they are clueless in Cleveland. The FED has no idea what to do. This knowledge is life changing and reaffirms our constant warning about the deflationary spiral the world has entered.

The world is about to enter a global depression. You must understand that Interest rates are going to go beyond 0 (zero) and to double digit negative. You have got to grasp these never seen before economic events that are already occurring. Negative interest rates on long term government paper is an economic reality. Read the rest of this story »

DAH! Goldman Sachs Finally Predicts $20 Oil…

By Nick Guarino | September 14, 2015

They Are Getting Close… It Will Be $10


At $100 oil Goldman Sacks was predicting $200 a barrel oil. After the market drops to $45, they FINALLY scratched their butt and figured it half out. NOW they predict $20 oil. What a bold prediction. They changed their prediction by $180. They only missed the first $55 of the drop. BUT they are going to grab the last $20. SHIT, what whores. And these are supposed to be the world’s Einsteins of trading. I’ll tell you what they are. Wall Street whores.

Because once again they are setting up their clients to take the fall. And here is why. As you know, we have been warning about the very wipe out in oil we are seeing. As you know, this drop to $10 is the tail end.

The really big call is our prediction for $500 a barrel oil after the death plunge finishes. How do I know I am right? Well in part because Goldman predicts $20 a barrel oil and they are always wrong. Read the rest of this story »

Hyper Inflation NO, Deflation Crises YES

By Nick Guarino | September 6, 2015

Death by Deflation….

Worst of All

We are in, as President Bush used to say, Deep DO DO. The global deflation that has been growing for years has now taken hold. Commodities prices have crashed world wide and now global stock markets are starting to crash. If you do not understand deflation and know exactly what to do, you could lose everything.

Before we get into proof of the coming deflation/depression, let me explain to you what is happening in the markets and what the future holds.


The next wipe out will take $100 a barrel Crude oil to $10.

Do not get caught up in the incredible spin. Read the rest of this story »

Iran Oil for Nukes Deal Approved

By Nick Guarino | September 3, 2015

Oil Will Crash


Are you ready for this. 50 million barrels of new oil is about to devastate an already vastly oversupplied oil market. If you hate Obama I understand. But the dumbest deal of the century has the potential to make you rich. And you’ve got to thank the Pres.

It’s now a slam dunk (Obama loves B-ball) all that oil that Iran has stored will come to market and soon! Sanctions against Iran has meant that a vast amount of oil it has been unable to sell on the black market will come to market. Legally and soon. Obama has enough votes to pass the Iran gets nukes deal.

This means two things:

1st in the next 6 months the oil market will see an even bigger over supply crises and oil will plunge to $10.00 a barrel Read the rest of this story »


By Nick Guarino | September 2, 2015

Oil Market Manipulation Failed.

Still fooling the fools.

Were you fooled? These past few days have had some some real fireworks in the oil market. Oil had its biggest 3 day gain since the start of the gulf war. As oil came off its most recent lows, the Jerk OFFS and the pretty Wall Street babes were fast to declare the next BULL market in crude oil.

What bullshit. Look at the chart, grasshopper and I’ll tell you the real story.














As you can see, oil has come off of its recent $100 high and after a couple of rally backs, crashed to $38 a barrel. Then out of a clear blue sky it “rallied” to $50. And the teleprompter analysts were all over this like an NBA player on a blonde cheerleader. Read the rest of this story »