Crash And Burn Up In Flames

By Nick Guarino | March 5, 2016

The Wipe Out Has Started


Aubrey McClendon, considered a big player in the energy industry, died in a suspicious fiery single-car crash Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases. Some people one should not trifle with. As Aubrey learned the hard way. The former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, was forced to relinquish his position as chairman of that company in 2012 following a shareholder revolt led by activist investor Carl Icahn.

He built Chesapeake Energy into the nation’s second-largest producer of natural gas, (when gas was over $8.00) amassing massive debt and wealth to become part owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team and a renowned collector of antique maps and rare wines. Chesapeake came under scrutiny after it was disclosed that McClendon, 56, had borrowed more than $1 billion against his personal stake in company wells.

What you need to understand is the fact that the whole oil and gas business especially in the US was/is a house of cards. Built on massive debt and banker oil price manipulation. Here is a chart of natural gas. You can see why the players in the natural gas business are hitting the wall, crashing and burning:

Now let me show you what is going on in the crude oil part of the business. This chart shows you despite all the blow and go crude oil prices are still stuck in wipe out mode:

From a peak of $115 a barrel to the investment hysteria investment binge when crude was over $100 a barrel. To today’s haha “recovery” of $35 a barrel. The low at $27 was a disaster. But crude oil at $40 or even $50 does not save our banker buddies and oil companies. They need $75 a barrel oil at least. Yes, yes, I know they are spinning that they have cut costs… Economized… You smell that funny smell… Why it’s Wall Street banker/oil industry desperate for survival… Bullshit!!

When was the last time you bought a barrel of crude oil? Other than natural gas which requires no refining. Oil products have to be refined. This is where the revenue that is derived makes it up the supply chain. Let’s look at the end products and see what prices have done. The first chart is gasoline:

From $3.00 a gallon to under $1.50. No business can survive its gross revenues cut in half. Don’t be fooled, this rally back will not last. Prices will soon peak and crash again. Reality is even with the slight recovery in prices, it’s still a disaster de Jour in the energy business.

Now I want you to see the chart of heating oil which I use as a proxy for diesel fuel:

Again the price cut by more than half… A unmitigated disaster. I repeat, don’t be so easily fooled by the spin. All rallies in oil, oil products, the stock market and especially financial company shares of stock are doomed. And are a selling opportunity.

Even when oil producers come to a production agreement it will do no good. The need for revenue is too great. Oil producers and oil producing nations are the most desperate people in the world. The temptation to cheat is too great. This is all about a desperate and hopeless bid for survival. One that will doom the US oil industry, economy and financial system and bring crude oil prices to under $10 a barrel.

You need to understand the commodity price crash is a wreck still in progress. It’s a banking and a colossal financial economic crises. It would be really stupid to not see the coming depression that has already started. You have eyes to see, use them. Of course the politicians, central bankers, stock market players and dead broke bankers are going to blow blue sky up our butts. I would expect nothing less from the lying scum bags.

Look at the news flow. Oil crashes from $115 a barrel to $27 and you here little about the economic side of the crises. There is certainly little publicity about the bankruptcies or the 100,000 people losing their jobs. No losses by the financiers publicized. Hidden losses are still losses.

Oil climbs from $27 to $36 and they declare the crises over… Really? That’s a fools game. Like I pointed out earlier, I expect this rally back in oil could go to $50. And it will be a great selling opportunity.

Look at the chart of bankruptcies. See how they have spiked. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As I have pointed out to you before, there is a time lag. The bigger the balance sheet the longer they can hide the losses. And the greater the losses when they ultimately fail. No, they cannot hide losses forever.

Think about the 2007/8 financial crises and wipe out. If they could hold on forever we would have never gotten the wipe out. This proves that there is only so much rope before they hang themselves.

The greatest depression the world has ever seen has not been put off. It’s not even been delayed. In fact, it’s right on schedule. Stay tuned for trades that should make a killing.

We’ve got them hooked, let them run out a little bit of line before we reel them in again.

Thank you,
Nick Guarino



The Wreck… Has Already Occurred

By Nick Guarino | February 27, 2016

Your Bank is Stone Cold BROKE!


You need to grasp the fact we have had for over 50 years rising commodity price lead growth, inflation and profits. We are now entering a time of a commodity prices crashing led contraction, deflation and losses. It will be the biggest depression the world has ever experienced. It’s not too difficult a job to analyze and understand this. What we are not being told is the extent of losses generated by crashing commodity and oil prices. Your bank is broke and most major corporations are taking their biggest hit ever.

What got a temporary reprieve to the 2008 sub prime mortgage crises. A hyper bubble was formed in stocks, commodities and oil. Government allowed bankers and investment banks and mega corporations to rig the commodity and energy markets. With borrowed money creating the greatest bubble ever! The bubble has crashed in commodities, banks and stocks are next.

Want PROOF? All you have to do is look at the soaring prices of oil and every commodity under the sun. Here is a chart of oil from the 2008 financial crises to its peak. From $40 a barrel to $115:

But it was not just oil that soared in price. Now look at one of the key industrial metals, copper. From $1.40 a pound to over $4.60:

Now look at silver from $10 an ounce to a peak of $50. That move fooled a lot of people:

Gold also joined in the fun from $700 a ounce to $1900:

Now look at agricultural commodities. Corn soared from $3.50 a bushel to over $8.50. These are staggering gains unexplained by normal market forces moves unprecedented:

Look at soybeans. From $9.00 a bushel to $18.00. These are staggering increases in prices:

Even the price of your hamburger soared in value. Here is a chart of Cattle prices. From .80 a pound to over $1.70:

Even cotton prices were manipulated to the moon. From $40 a pound to $200… Crazy:

As you have seen the bankers and mega corporations using borrowed money from the FED. To manipulate oil and commodity prices to the moon creating the greatest commodity price bubble in world history.

But their manipulations were not limited to commodities. With hundreds of trillions in leveraged money they applied their evil to the stock market. Look at the chart of the DOW. From the post financial crash low of 7000 the stock market more than doubled to over 18,000:

This just a sampling. All commodities and stocks were manipulated higher in recent years with incredible sums of borrowed money. This illegal manipulation was done by the banks and mega corporations in an organized conspiracy with the aide of the worlds central banks in a desperate attempt to forestall the coming global depression. The scheme has let them manipulate commodities and stocks to hopefully save themselves and save the global financial system from collapse.

Unfortunately for mankind as you will see all manipulations are destined to fail. With disastrous consequences. The bankers were hoping that global growth would kick in and sustain the manipulated prices and bail their bacon out of the fire.

Global growth never came and stock and commodity prices collapsed

The global economic slow down is the death knell for the global financial system. The truth is that China was supposed to lead the global economy forward. Demand, as the masses of Asia entered the middle class, was supposed to boost all commodities. The truth is just the opposite happened. China growth never materialized and their economy is leading the global depression. As a result all and I mean all commodities are in vast surplus. With demand and price crashing!

It is a well known fact that sky high oil prices did two things. First it made new technologies feasible like fracking, oil tar and oil sands recovery. It also brought about new efficiencies in the use of fossil fuels. The car of today consumes far, far, less fuel.

And as you have seen, high prices cut demand. In fact global demand for oil is dropping while global production is soaring. The net result is oil has plunged from $110 a barrel to around $30. Look at the chart of oil prices below. From $40 when the manipulation started to $115 high and now $30 as the manipulation failed:

Don’t be fooled, a lot of bankers and funds and mega corporations invested with the idea that oil would never come down. The Einstein analysts the bankers employed predicted oil would be at $250 a barrel right now. No one except us predicted the wipe out. And oil will, after a sucker rally back, drop to $10 a barrel. The trillions invested and financed in oil stagger the consciousness. The losses are also staggering. It will wipe out the global banking system

Now look at copper. It is a key industrial metal and proxy for all industrial metals. What you see happen in copper happened in ALL industrial metals. Now let’s look at the round trip in the worlds key industrial metal copper. As you can see, before the manipulation copper was trading at $1.60 a pound. It hit a manipulation high of $4.60 a pound. And now it’s trading around $2.00 a pound. It will drop to below $1.00 a pound.

And as in oil the losses are incredible. From billion dollar mines to ships and rail systems to move industrial metals from mine to smelter to market. All financed by our soon to be declared broke banker buddies and Wall Street financiers.

It does not stop there. Now let’s look at what happened to precious metals starting with silver. The reality is that the masses bought into the hype that the commodity surge would at least bring about massive inflation. With some hysterical analysts predicting hyper inflation. Indeed as you are about to see we have a massive commodity lead deflation instead. Silver soared to new highs driven not by demand but the manipulation and incredible hype. As you can see by the chart below Silver before the manipulation was trading around $10.00 an ounce and soared to $50.00 as the hysteria spread. Once the manipulation failed Silver plunged and is now trading at $15.00 as the depression takes hold silver will fall to under $2.00 an ounce.

All commodities ARE STILL wiping out. It’s not over. The losses in silver are staggering.

Now let’s look at the disaster in gold. From under $700 an ounce pre manipulation to a high of close to $2000 an ounce. Another disaster, gold is now trading around $1200 an ounce. Look at the chart:

Just like the entire commodity complex the disaster in gold is far, far, far from over. Gold ceased to be money 100 years ago. Other then jewelry gold is an inflation hedge and a good one. As you are seeing inflation is long dead, buried and gone. Gold is doomed! We are now in a global deflation that will soon be called a depression. Which means gold will go to under $150 a ounce. And the losses in gold are astonishing. A store house of wealth does not lose half its value in 4 years.

Let’s look at the agricultural commodity complex. One of the key human and animal and fuel crops is corn. From your cereal, to animal feed to even automobile fuel, corn is a bellwether agricultural commodity. It has been a disaster. From a pre-manipulation low of under $3.00 a bushel to a manipulation high of over $8.50 a bushel. Now that the manipulation has failed corn is trading at $3.60 a bushel. And it will soon be under $1.50 a bushel. Look at the chart:

As you can well imagine the losses are staggering. Bankers, farmers, farm equipment manufacturers and mega food agriculture traders are taking huge losses. It’s the same sad story. They predicted demand would cover the manipulation. It was believed that as the worlds poor would join the middle class. Their demand for meat would soar creating ever increasing prices for corn as an animal feed. It was even better. As oil prices soared it was believed corn would come into its own. As a renewable energy source. Demand for a cheaper than oil fuel alternative would bring $15.00 a bushel corn. Well that never happened and will never happen. Oil crashed. And the Asian miracle became a nightmare. Corn will be trading under $1.50 a bushel as the depression takes hold.

Now let’s look at another key agricultural commodity and feed source, soybeans. Again the expectations in the manipulation were absurd. I saw predictions of soybeans at $25 a bushel. Let’s see what really happened. Soybeans before the manipulation were trading under $8.00 a bushel. They achieved a high of $18.00 a bushel. And now that the banker party has come to a disastrous end, soybeans are trading under $9.00 a bushel on their way to $3.00. And once again the losses are staggering. You can see the wipe out on the chart below:

And if feed prices soared and collapsed the animals you feed prices also boomed and collapsed. Look at the chart for cattle:

From .80 a pound to $1.80 peak and now trading at $1.25. with a drop to under $1.00 a pound to soon come.

The last commodity full circle chart I want to show you is cotton. Wall Street and their banker buddies market manipulation waged war on all commodities. The idea was to get the price to soar to the moon (which they did) and dump their holdings as demand kicked in. It was a good plan except for one fatal flaw. Demand never kicked in. And they were never able to dump their holdings. Look at the cotton chart below:

Let’s look at the chart of the DOW. Because of Wall Street’s ability to hide losses (more on that in a moment) stock prices have not crashed yet. This next chart will show you how the manipulation shot stock prices to the moon. The stock market has peaked and soon will be in a death plunge. As you can see by the chart below, from the financial crises low of under 7000 stocks have soared to a high of over 18,000. Currently the DOW is trading in the 16,000 area. I can tell you wall street is scared shitless by this recent minor plunge. The truth is as the losses come out the DOW will go under 7000 and in fact will go to under 5000.

As you have just seen the losses in the biggest oil and commodity bust ever are staggering. There is no issue here, we are in a depression with commodity prices plunging like never seen before.

This is what happens in a depression. There are two more events that are about to occur that can make you very, very wealthy or very, very poor.

The banks are about to wipe out and the stock market is about to crash

Yes it is obvious that these 2 key events have not happened just yet. Now ask yourself, how come now that ALL commodity prices have crashed at least 50% and oil 70% we have not seen any significant losses in banks or the stock market?

They sure as hell were booking the soaring commodity prices profits. How come no one is posting losses. We know they never took profits. We know the loans were never repaid. So how come to date there is no apparent fallout. No losses or company collapse. No banking losses and no stock market plunge. The biggest commodity price bust in history! With the greatest ever bank exposure to commodities and Nothing?????

The answer lies in accounting rule FAS 157

Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case the mother of deception. Allow me to explain. In the 2007/08 financial wipe out the FED had to save the system. Remember the FED is a creature of the banking system. And its blood brothers were stone cold broke with massive losses they had to book. The FED provided massive amounts of liquidity in the form of very low interest, massive loans to the dead broke banks. But it soon became apparent that was not enough. At that time banks, like other mere mortals, had to record their trades at mark to market. That meant that trades profit or losses (in this case massive losses) had to be recorded.

If that happened the banking system would be in ruin no matter how much money the Fed loaned the banks. So the banking lobby kicked in and what was supposed to be a temporary accounting change was made known as Rule FAS 78. For the first time ever dead broke banks did not have to record the actual losses they were taking on their derivative trades. They were allowed to mark to model.

Here is the rule change. Quoted is the definition of Mark To Model by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Known as FAS 157 for financial assets and liabilities like derivatives. It allows:

“The pricing of a specific investment position or portfolio based on internal assumptions or financial models. This contrasts with traditional mark-to-market valuations, in which market prices are used to calculate values as well as the losses or gains on positions. Assets that must be marked-to-model either don’t have a regular market that provides accurate pricing, or valuations rely on a complex set of reference variables and time frames. This creates a situation in which guesswork and assumptions must be used to assign value to an asset. These assets are typically derivative contracts or securitized cash flow instruments, and most do not have liquid trading markets.”

Current accounting standards have significant provisions for valuing structured financial products (that’s the shit your bank is trading in the derivatives casino) based on analytically derived expectations of future cash flows.

First off, let me explain to you this rule was supposed to expire and banks were supposed to go back to marking to market. Quietly in the dead of night the mark to miracle fantasy has been extended.

Your bank is still allowed to price the value of their commodities and oil trades at any price they want. At what fantasy price they expect the price of oil and commodities to be… Over $100 a barrel in oil is their model. Not the actual oil price of $30 a barrel. Your bank is already dead broke. A dead man walking. They are still in business by accounting rules (legalized accounting fraud) that allow them to hide the massive losses they are taking.

This is the height of desperation. Banks and major corporations are stone cold broke. You can cook the books all you want. But as 2007/08 has proven, eventually you wipe out. This time they will go broke and stay broke.

Prepare yourself for the biggest banking wipe out in world history. Prepare yourself for the biggest stock market crash ever.

And this time there will be no bail outs. With interest rates near zero, the Fed is out of ammo and cutie accounting tricks.

Yes, you can become fabulously wealthy in the coming great depression. We know what to do and we know how to trade this.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



It Won’t Be a Happy New Year for Most

By Nick Guarino | January 4, 2016

7 Steps You Must Do Right Now


Here are the 7 steps you must take right now. If you want any chance to keep your wealth. This is my way of making sure you are prepared for the coming financial system collapse. And stock market crash. Look, this is not hysteria, this is not hype. This is a reality check. I can’t believe after what you have seen there could be any doubt in your mind that a depressionary wipe-out of biblical proportions is upon us.

It will be a very, very interesting new year to say the least. And I think we could make a hell of a lot of money. I have to report, we have gotten complete and total verification that the biggest commodity, banking and stock market wipe-out ever is upon us. The truth is for most everyone it will be a life changing event. The vast majority of prosperous people around the world will be thrust into poverty. It will be worst for Americans. We are the least prepared people on the planet. The higher up you are the bigger the fall.

I know this is a hell of a way to start a New Year. But the truth is for us it represents what could be a vast fortune. Now you might think this is a sad message. And for most people it will be. But if you know what to do and DO IT. Then this is a message of hope and inspiration. It means that you have a chance to become a player. You could join the ranks of the wealthy. You can leave your DNA imprint on the world. You can save your loved ones, your family, your friends. You can even save your community. Maybe even your nation.

I have never met a poor philanthropist. You can have all the good intentions in the world. You can have all the great ideas. You can really see the way forward. And know how to save our way of life. All that does not mean squat if you don’t have the do ray me. The moolah. The money to carry out your plans. And this wipe-out which as far as I am concerned is a guaranteed event. Makes the life of your dreams possible.

SO take heart, be happy. Because we have seen the proof that the banking bubble wipe-out and stock market crash is upon us. I want to urge you to follow ALL our recommendations. Stash cash and follow the recommendations as outlined. They will not reverse the commodity wipe-out. Oil is doomed! $10 a barrel here we come. And the bankers will never be able to bail out their bad loans and shit commodity investments.

The stock market is getting ready for its date with the devil. Wall Street sold their soul and the devil is coming to collect. It will be ugly. A 10,000 point plunge in the Dow will soon be upon us.

The deflation will mean people will earn $1.00 a hour. A new car will be $2,000. A Manson with the furniture, bone china and sterling silver will be $30,000.

We are resetting the clock. Most people will be totally blindsided, they will never know what hit them.

I met people in New York who were wiped out in the last deflationary collapse. They never recovered. It’s been called the Great Depression for a reason. Former millionaires went to their plush offices. At 9:00 AM they were among the richest people in the world. In a matter of hours they lost ALL their cash when their banks closed their doors. THOUSANDS OF BANKS CLOSED. PEOPLE LOST EVERYTHING. IT WILL BE NO DIFFERENT THIS TIME. In fact it will be far, far, far worse.

Their stock portfolio went from millions to pennies in the twinkling of a eye. I heard stories where the wife and the kids went back to her fathers paid for farm in Iowa.

And Mr Bigshot was left with his tweed coat. And ended up on the Bowery in a soup kitchen for dinner. From fine cigars and fancy restaurants. To cigarette butts he found on the street. And dinner in a bread line. It happened so fast they never knew what hit them.

If you are not careful and do exactly like I tell you this could be you. These people were not poor people when they started their day. And I warn you, it happened in the twinkling of a eye. And that was the day before computers and money zipping around the trading casinos of the world at the speed of light.

From millionaires to the bread line in an instant. Like most people today they were stupid enough to trust government, the stock market and their banks. They had nothing when the wipe-out came like a bolt of lighting out of a clear blue sky.

Look at the picture on the right. These are not bums. These are well dressed people whose banks closed and left them nothing. The line they are standing in is to get a free meal. This will be you if you do not follow my 7 simple steps outlined below.


And how did all this happen. Very simple, the banks went broke and wiped out the stock market and took down the US economy. Just like is about to happen today. I beg you, don’t be fooled into thinking it can’t happen again. Because a banking wipe-out and stock market crash is a guaranteed event.

Look, in 2007 they BARELY saved the financial system. They call it the great recession. And all the complicated derivatives based debt entities are still with us times 3. The banks are more highly leveraged than ever. And they have already wiped out again. This time in oil and the commodities markets. We will soon be able to add to the list the stock market wipe out.

Let me ask you a couple critical questions. What would your life be like if you wake up one day and discover ALL your charge cards have been turned off? And your banks are closed and you can’t get any money from your ATM. Imagine you can’t write a check because your bank is broke and they lost all your money.

Sounds like science fiction? Well it’s not. How much of your money do you think your bank has? Try 6 cents on the dollar. Before bankruptcy costs. Imagine your pension gone, your mutual fund closed, your money market account frozen. Imagine everything you have worked for and your savings gone, gone, gone. Are you really so sure it can’t happen again. Are you willing to bet you life on the government being able to save them?

Remember they weren’t supposed to go broke in 2007/8. So if the system is so safe and sound, why did every major financial institution in America need a bail out. Remember the money is gone. There is no way they can be bailed out again. 2007/8 was your warning, it can and will happen again.

I want you to look at the picture on the right. Envision yourself standing there at the door of your closed bank. And realizing all of a sudden you are poor and penniless when your bank closes.

You buy life insurance. You buy health insurance. You buy car accident insurance.

Why are you not buying insurance from ANOTHER banker wipe-out and stock market crash. Are you really going to trust everything to the bank insurance fund. Because it is also broke.

FDIC insurance has no government guarantee. It is an insurance fund that banks pay into. You wanna know how much of the total deposits in US banks it can cover? Prepare yourself to be shocked.

There is 50 billion in the FDIC insurance fund to cover over 10 trillion in deposits. There is less than 1 penny on the dollar to cover any losses in peoples accounts held in the banking system.

Get this, 4 US Banks hold more than $8 Trillion in assets. JP Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., and Wells Fargo & Co. IF just one of these large banks go bust, the entire FDIC insurance fund is WIPED OUT. And as you can see below they are wiped out buried in derivatives:

And it’s not just the big banks either. It would take only 30 of the smaller banks (with about US $1.5 Billion in assets) to go under in order to also wipe out the entire FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund.

To put that into perspective, there are in excess of 6,500 banks covered by the FDIC insurance. So, what that means is, IF ONLY ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the small banks go under, the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund would be stone cold broke. Think about that for just one moment. So tell me, how are you protected? The truth is your not.

SO why is there a crises now? It’s simple, your bank took your money and gambled it away in the derivatives casino. They bet on the price of oil and commodities going up and staying up. They bet wrong.

So as you can see, your bank, mutual fund, money market fund, retirement account and even your pension is rolling the dice with your money in the derivatives casino. And don’t be fooled when they tell you we don’t trade derivatives. They may not but the people they are loaning your money to are. This is known as counter party risk. It’s completely and totally not accounted for. In fact, there is no system to even disclose counter party risk. Never mind evaluate it. Even if the bank or financial entity holding your money is rated very high. It still does not mean squat because the people they are loaning your money to are literally gambling your money away, and they have rolled snake eyes.

We have now established that ALL the global financial entities are trading in the derivatives casino. And for a fact they are taking enormous, highly leveraged losses with your’s and everyone else’s money.

Now we need to analyze that risk. We know for a fact that the worlds global financial institutions embarked on the greatest market manipulation in history. And for a number of years it looked like they pulled off the impossible.

They were able to get oil to over $100 a barrel. Copper, gold silver, steel, iron ore, coal, in fact every commodity they touched soared in value. The problem was it was a manipulation pure and simple. In order to get those record breaking sky high prices in everything from Aluminum to Zinc. They had to buy the commodities (hundreds of trillions worth) and hold them off of the market.

In every market manipulation that creates artificially high prices. You must buy and hold product off the market. This comes with enormous risk. The high prices the bankers created by market manipulation in every commodity under the sun. Bought in huge supply. So they created bubbles in commodities like oil, copper, soy beans, even corn. Producers responded to the highest prices ever by producing product in record amounts. The supply exceeded the bankers ability to buy. That is why EVERY major commodity has lost half its value. Their commodity manipulation has failed and the bankers are hiding hundreds of trillions in massive losses.

Look at oil. For over 50 years we were told any year now we would run out… You remember the peak oil predictions? Well sky high prices for years of oil over $100 a barrel bought new technologies and new discovery’s. And voila, we now have all the oil we could ever want. Funny how the peak oil hysteria has disappeared. In fact, prices are getting cheaper by the day.

For example, just one discovery, the Alberta oil sands in Canada and new extraction technology has brought about a revolution. That one deposit is enough to supply ALL the worlds energy needs for the next 300 years. And in ten years Canada has gone from an oil importer to a net exporter. In fact, they now rank the 5th biggest in the world.

Hell has no fury like a market manipulation gone bad

And that gets to my next point. Here is where it gets up close, in your face, down, dirty and personal for you. Because what you do not know is the fact that all your financial institutions, directly or indirectly made loans to commodity producers. That is your money that has already been lost. Through the financial institutions you use and have your money in. They invested in oil and commodity projects that are now broke. And they did this with ALL your money in financial institutions. Down to your last dime in banks, funds and retirement accounts. YOUR MONEY IS GONE! All that money was poured into the commodity market that not only will wipe, but already has. All your waiting for, whether you know it or not, is the day of reckoning. That is where they finally admit you’re broke and they close your account.

While you were living in blissful ignorance. Right before your very eyes commodity prices across the board have lost at least half their value. With your money! These are staggering losses any way you look at it. But what makes this even worse is the 300% leverage ALL players in the derivatives casino use.
So how close are we to the biggest financial banking collapse the world has ever seen? Well the fact is it’s knocking on the door.

1. People like never seen before have most all their money in financial institutions. That will prove to be a fatal mistake.

2. Every damn one of them either directly or indirectly have sent your money into the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives casino

3. They for a fact created the greatest commodity bubble ever and caused the price of ALL commodities to soar in value

4. They did this through manipulations that they will eventually go to jail for. They held product off the market creating artificial shortages. They used their vast deposits… Your money and incredible leverage to create bubbles in every commodity under the sun

5. They were so successful that the huge bubbles they created are now bursting. The fact of the matter is every commodity under the sun is trading at least half of their former peak

6. Unprecedented losses, epic record breaking losses are being taking by them in their trading of commodities. And in their leveraged loans to commodity traders and producers

7. And here is the punch line! They are hiding enormous derivatives losses that is about to bring down the global financial system

And that is why a great depression, stock market crash and banking wipe-out is upon us. Now, you can wait for the runs on banks to start. Like the people on the right did. But you will get nothing for your trouble. Because your money has already been lost in the Wall Street banker derivatives casino.

You can wait for the stock market to crash before you take action. You can wait till you see headlines like this. By then your money will be long gone. And that is what most people will do. Doing nothing guarantees your own personal wipe-out. If you think you’ve got money troubles now, you ain’t seen shit. Wait, the day is coming where you will have NOTHING.

You need to understand we have been here and done that before. You will not be the first person to lose everything in a banking and stock market collapse. And you will have a lot in common with the people whose lives were destroyed in the last great depression. What you hold in common with them is the fact that they did not heed the warning signs either. They trusted the banker and wall street bullshit. I beg you, please prepare now for the greatest financial wipe-out mankind has ever seen

Starving to death is a very, very unpleasant death indeed. And I warn you again, millions of Americans will literally lose everything. They will become homeless and many will literally starve to death. Look, it happened before. There is no safety net. There is only the illusions that government will be there to help you. Please, please don’t be fooled. Unfortunately, doing nothing and waiting guarantees you a reservation at your local soup kitchen.

Look at the picture above. That WILL be you if you are not damn careful and take the steps I am about to give you right now! OK, you have been warned, remember this day.

Now there are seven simple steps you must take right now. This will guarantee you do not join those poor souls who wiped out in the last great depression. 7 simple steps you must do right now.

So why am I doing this? Well to tell you I care will not cut it with a lot of you. So let me give you the cynical view. See, this wipe-out will make me a billionaire. My associates, those who follow my trading recommendations, will become at least multi-millionaires in the coming financial market panic and collapse.

And as I enjoy the fruits of my labors. I do not want it spoiled because I feel guilty about you being thrust overnight into abject poverty. So by warning you and giving you these simple 7 steps you must do today, my conscience is clear. This is my New Years gift to you.

Here are the 7 steps you must take right away to save yourself

First You need to raise cash. And stuff your mattress. That is right, you need to get ALL the cash you possibly can out of the financial system. That is ALL banks, credit unions, mutual funds, stock funds, retirement account, annuities, and life insurance policies. You need to do this nice ans legal like. Now, if you’ve got millions or you’ve got thousands, you need to get as much cash as you can in The First National Bank of your Mattress.

Second The dollar is king, it’s the only currency to hold. It will not wipe out but continue to get stronger and stronger against every currency in the world. Forget yield and forget returns. Look, no matter how poor or rich you are. I want you to get cold hard cash in DOLLARS in YOUR possession. $1,000 will buy in the future what $100,000 buys today. So no matter how little you have you need to be in cold hard cash. CASH is king. And the dollar is a queen.

Third You need to buy US government securities known as treasuries. Don’t believe the crap that there will will be a US debt wipe out. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the dollar will be king among the world currencies. And US debt will be the only debt that will be paid back in full. And the ONLY way to buy US government debt is through this US government website. Treasury Direct. Here is a link:

Fourth Sell ALL your gold and silver to raise cash now. Inflation is dead. And gold will go to $150 an ounce and silver will go to $3.00 an ounce. And there will be no rally back. Face reality, if you bought gold and silver it was a stupid thing to do. Instead of wallowing in your mistake, take your ass kicking like a man. Get out before you lose even more money. Ditto for stocks. Which are also wiping out.

Fifth Sell all real estate. It will lose 90% of its value. And don’t tell me your real estate is different. It will ALL wipe out. Real estate is about the worst investment in a depression you could ever make. Keep the house or farm you love but lighten up. Get out, get out, get out NOW.

Sixth Get out of ALL debt now, PERIOD. Don’t tell me you can’t do it, you must. Adjust your lifestyle to your income. Which by the way will wipe out with the economy. I am telling you, it’s the best it’s gonna get. The easy times are over. The times of the most prosperity the world has ever seen is coming to an abrupt end.

Seven Invest in the very few trades that will make money. Only do this with 10% of your liquid net worth. Don’t confuse trading which is speculating with investing. There is a chance to make millions with a precious few instruments that could make you wealthier than a king. Now is not the place or time for this.

In closing There you have it, free of charge, what you must do to survive the coming stock market wipe-out. In a few days I’ll tell you how you can get in on the greatest trading opportunity I have ever seen.

Now is not the place or time for this. See you in a few days. And we will talk about the speculating opportunities that are about to pop up.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Obama kills the Keystone oil pipeline…

By Nick Guarino | November 8, 2015

He does not want America to have a direct supply to the worlds largest oil fields!


Obama and his merry bunch of traitors sells out America once again. As you are probably aware, Obama has Killed the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of ecology. Sound nice, BUT that ain’t what happened by a long shot. This has nothing to do with the environment.

The sold out media has not begun to tell the REAL story. The XL pipeline was to link the vast oil fields of Alberta Canada and the Bakkans in the US to Cushing, Oklahoma storage facilities and the Texas oil refiners. Cushing is one of the US’s key oil terminals. That is where the nations biggest oil refineries draw the crude oil from that they turn into oil based products like gasoline and Jet fuel. It is the most strategic oil terminal in the world.

To understand the scope of this great crime, you need to grasp the miracle of US fracking and the technology of Alberta oil sands processing. The Bakkans and the vast unconventional oil sands fields of Alberta contain the worlds largest oil supplies.

The Bakkans hold, according to estimates, total reserves now recoverable with today’s technology, at close to 500 billion barrels.

The oil sands of Alberta Canada contain 2 trillion barrels of oil. Bigger than ALL of the oil fields of the Middle East combined. This one oil field has enough oil to supply ALL the worlds energy needs for the next 200 years.

If you were an Islamic oil state, soul brother of Obama, the last thing you would want is oil from the politically stable, free market economies of Canada and the US coming to market. Canada is Americas largest trade partner. The Bakkans fields are in the US. And the oil sands of Canada are across the street from America. Not across the world in the Islamic crazy land also known as the middle east.

Obama and his hate America agenda will not succeed. These oil fields will come to market no matter what the greenies do. But they have the power to make it more costly and to drag the fight on for years.

I am telling you, kicking and screaming all the way, the vast majority of Middle Eastern oil will stay in the ground. These maniacs are not worth the hassle of trying to do business with them. The world will soon realize there are far, far better and safer places to draw its oil from. Between fracking in the US, Unconventional oil sands in Canada and Russian Siberian oil and gas, the world will soon be replacing Middle Eastern Islamic crazies oil 4 times over.

The pipelines are being built to get other sources of oil to market

The cheapest and most efficient way to move oil and natural gas is by pipelines. Not by ships. Which, by the way, is how most of the Middle Eastern oil comes to market

The Russian Star of Siberia pipeline under construction is 2,500 miles long. It took 24 months from conception to design, funding and construction to begin. On 29 October 2012, president Vladimir Putin instructed the general manager of Gazprom to start the construction of the pipeline. That’s all it took to get the project going… On 21 May 2014, Russia and China signed a 30-year gas deal which was needed to make the project feasible and fully fund it. Construction was launched on 1 September 2014 in Yakutsk by president Putin and Chinese deputy premier minister Zhang Gaoli. Construction of the pipeline from Vladivostok to China is expected to be completed in 2 years and producing.

See the map below. You may notice that the thick red line section is on Russian territory and exits at the RUSSIAN PORT of Nakhodka.

It sets up a direct oil supply line from Angarsk in Russia to the hungry energy markets of China, South Korea and Japan. Please note the spurs (blue dotted lines) to Bejing and South Korea. In other words, in two years Russia, already the drop dead only supplier of note to Europe becomes the largest suppler of oil to Asia. And takes the whole Asian market… Please note, this is new oil and gas that is land locked. This is net new oil coming to market. Adding to the global supply glut.

What’s an Islamic Oil supplier to do? HELP!! Get your Islamic brother Obama to do everything possible to stop as much new oil as he can coming to market.

And now you understand the real reason Obama has killed the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now that you have this background, let’s look at the Keystone XL chart on the right. It’s not a new project, in fact the first three parts of the pipeline have been completed.

The Keystone Pipeline (Phase I), delivering oil from Hardisty, Alberta over 2,147 miles long to the junction at Steele City, Nebraska and on to Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois and Patoka Oil Terminal Hub (tank farm) north of Patoka, Illinois, completed in June 2010. The Keystone-Cushing extension

(Phase II), 291mi from Steele City to storage and distribution facilities tank farm at Cushing, Oklahoma, completed in February 2011.

The Gulf Coast Extension (Phase III), running 487 miles from Cushing to refineries at Port Arthur, Texas was completed in January 2014, and a lateral pipeline to refineries at Houston, Texas and a terminal will be completed late 2015, going online a year later.

The controversy is over the XL project which runs down a shorter route with a larger pipe line hence the designation XL. See the green line.

The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline (Phase IV) would have essentially duplicated the Phase I pipeline between Hardisty, Alberta; and Steele City, Nebraska, with a shorter route and a larger-diameter pipe.

It would run through Baker, Montana, where American-produced light crude oil from the Williston Basin (Bakken formation) of Montana and North Dakota would be added to the Keystone’s current throughput of synthetic crude oil (syncrude) and diluted bitumen (dilbit) from the Alberta oil.

Besides bringing to the refineries of Texas, Canadian oil, the XL pipeline would also open up some of Americas oil fields. Presently, because there is no pipeline, a lot of the Bakken oil is being delivered by truck and train. The most costly and dangerous way to move crude oil.

But, the keystone XL project is not gonna happen. After more than six years of review, President Barack Obama has decided, in his infinitive wisdom, to kill the vital 4th phase of the project. Remember, in Russia they put the deal for their pipeline together in 3 years. Americas next President, the heir apparent to the Obama dynasty, Hillary also opposes the XL project.

So this means once again, American leaders are trying to keep as much oil off market as possible. Despite this, the free enterprise system is exerting a mighty influence on the oil market. And despite every trick in the book, vast amounts of new oil is making it to market and will continue to do so.

Now here is the money ball. Vast amounts of new oil are still coming to market. Despite the spin, oil prices are already cut in half from recent highs and because of all the new production, are still under enormous price pressure. Iranian oil will hit the market in the first half of 2016. EVERY producer the world over is pumping all the oil they can to increase volume to make up for lower price.

The worlds 3 largest oil producers are pumping record amounts of oil. The US is the worlds largest oil prouder. Not to be confused with the worlds largest oil exporters. Russia, the worlds 2nd largest oil producer and largest exporter is killing it. Increasing production month over month. And Saudi Arabia, the worlds 3rd largest oil producer, is producing and exporting the most oil in its history.

Contrary to Wall Street spin, lower oil prices does not curtail oil production but in fact increase it. And the proof is, as the price of oil has been cut in half this past year, global oil production has increased. And now is at all time record highs. And global oil output is due to continue to increase.

This means there is great opportunity here because the price of oil will fall further. Even with Wall Street’s altered reality fighting it all the way, oil will soon be at $10.00 a barrel.

What you need to understand is that Wall Street and bankers are choking on oil. Oil they have purchased and held off the market in storage. Oil companies they have invested in and loaned vast amounts of money to. In other words, oil at under $50 a barrel is killing Wall Street and the bankers. They are getting more desperate by the day. Every attempt they have made to rally oil prices, at great expense I may add, has failed miserably. Soon they will reach the breaking point and throw in the towel.

That means besides all the other oil supply swamping the market, from established producers, we have Iranian oil coming to market as sanctions are lifted early next year. AND we will have what is called capitulation. That is where Wall Street and the bankers throw in the towel, sell out and take their losses on the vast amount of oil they are holding.

These combined forces will take oil to lows not seen since the late 1980′s wipe out. All I can say is look out below.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Stupid people do stupid things… And we all have to pay the price

By Nick Guarino | November 6, 2015

Oh my GOD not Again!




What MOST people don’t know is the the last great depression was caused by a stock market and banking wipe out. Like now, Wall Street bet wrong and finally the losses got too big to hide.

What threw gasoline on the fire was a critical mistake. The Fed raised rates. This event insured that the great depression was the greatest financial disaster the world ever faced… Up to now.

And they are going to do it again… I have prepared my latest E-report which is an audio file for you.

I waited for all the data to come in. And recent statements by clueless in Cleveland Federal Reserve governors guarantees a catastrophic melt down in the global economy.

This is one of the most timely and significant special reports I have ever published.

What’s about to happen will go down in the history books as the dumbest freaking thing a clueless Fed has ever done.

See for yourself. In this tape I will describe the catastrophe we all face and what you must do right now to protect yourself. Then I will go into how to turn the crises that is about to happen into your biggest payday ever.

Click here to be taken directly to this most critical E-report audio file.

Thank you,
Nick Guarino

Nick Note: This is tape one of a two part series. I will notify you when part two is ready.




By Nick Guarino | October 22, 2015

Too Big to Fail = Too Big to Save
Too Big to Regulate = Too Big to Manage

Dead Broke Banks are out of control


This is the start of the next banking wipeout. I have been busy this past 2 weeks as the worlds biggest banks report the earnings disaster the 3rd quarter really was. As bad as it is, the big banks financials are impossible to decipher. And if they can’t be figured out, it’s because they don’t want you to… It ain’t no accident.

What I can tell you for sure is that our banker buddies are losing huge amounts of money. Their trading desks and their commodity trading partners (who they have loaned trillions to) are evaporating money faster than a beer spilled on a New York city sidewalk on a hot day in August. The last time I have seen this was right before the 2007/2008 financial wipe out.

See for yourself. Here is short list of what they fess up to:

*Glencore the worlds largest commodities trading firm has posted staggering losses. and their share prices are also taking a huge hit.

*Reo Tinto the worlds largest miner is also posting record breaking losses

*Fortress Investment Group confirmed that it was closing its flagship Fortress Macro Funds, and returning all the capital to investors, by the end of the year. It has dropped 29% year to date

*Norway’s Sovereign wealth fund, the world largest in essence, is in liquidation because of the plunge in oil prices.

*Black Rock the worlds largest asset manger said net income fell 8 percent.

*HSBC worlds largest banks have already started admitting to massive trading losses.

*Goldman Sachs one of the worlds largest investment banks just reported a 38 percent drop in earnings in the third quarter. The bank was hurt by recent market turbulence and lower commodity prices. Revenue fell almost 20%.

*Bank of New York Mellon Corp reported that third-quarter profit fell 23 percent from the year-ago period.

*Morgan Stanley profits plunged in the third quarter as revenues for commodity, bond and foreign exchange trading fell. Net profit fell 42%.

*Citigroup “Citi Holdings reported revenues were down 8% and its assets declined 20% year-over-year

*JPMorgan Chase reported total revenue declined 6.4% and trading revenue declined 15%

As you can see, it’s not a very pretty picture this earning season. The truth is, the balance sheets have a lot of tricks to lessen the published losses. I want you fully aware that the most recent stock market and commodity plunge is far, far, far from over.

Wall Street, knowing the earnings season would be a disaster, put on the full court press. Fireman to the rescue. Everyone is doing their part to try to stall off the next stock market down turn for as long as possible. This is not business as usual. That is why you are seeing this very small rally back in the commodities and stock market. This will not last much longer. Soon it will back to the losses.

The fact of the matter is, the dead broke banks will wipe out the US economy again. You already see the cracks in the concrete. And I want you prepared for another wipe out like the 2007 wreck at the end of the runway. This time it will be far, far worse. Because the banks have far more leverage and are hiding bigger losses than ever on their balance sheets.

Banks have gotten so big that they can not be bailed out. The money does not exist.

Now you may believe the popular myth that the FED will pump all the money into the banks to hose down the fire storm of their massive losses with endless money…. WRONG! The fact of the matter is, the FED is a creature of the banking system. BUT they will not trash the dollar or wipe out the US Treasury market to save the banks… For two reasons.

1. If they tried it, an outrageous Congress that is already very distrustful of the FED would pull their franchise quicker than a drag racer pushes the gas pedal when the light turns green.

2. It would not work anyway. In these days of free floating currency markets, the dollar would wipe out and the fed would have an even bigger problem.

You need to accept the fact and prepare for half the banks and financial institutions in the US wiping out. And they are now far, far too big to save. It is a massive deflation not an inflation and you damn well better learn the difference.

But there is another problem. We have allowed the banks to become these HUGE dinosaurs that will soon be extinct.

They are so big that they are impossible to manage.

Time and time again, we have seen near death experiences in the banking system where some trader has a blow up. These “sticky finger” events are more common place than you may realize. Banks trading departments have replaced their loan operations. Banks no longer compete for funds or loan money… If you want to buy a CD, they will pay you virtually nothing. The reason is, the banks can borrow all they want from the FED. Banks have become great big market trading entities. That most of the time get it wrong.

Bankers are smart enough to know another economic melt down is on the near horizon. That is why they are lending out very little money… Unless it’s to roll the dice in the derivatives trading casino.

The ugly truth is, banks have become these great big, out of control trading machines. And no one is minding the store. They are so big and the trades are so complex and the counter parties are endless. No one knows who they are trading with and if they can cover their losses. Any assessment of risk is out the window. IMPOSSIBLE!

I want you to ponder this for a moment. Banks are trading on 300 times leverage, hundreds of trillions of borrowed from the FED dollars. Instruments are so diverse and so complex, it takes super computers to initiate these trades. Never mind keep track of them. The accounting rules allow them, in fact encourage them, to hide losses. Traders who lose money get fired. And traders who make money (at least on paper) become richer than Midas… All by risking someone else’s money. In trades that their bosses don’t understand and the accounting departments can’t track. One trader in a remote branch office can obligate the bank for all its capital times a hundred and do so on a daily basis.

You can understand how the system has been corrupted. You heard you can see who is swimming naked when they drain the pool. Well prepare yourself for the shock of your lifetime. The emperor has no cloths and neither does anyone in the banking community. The banks trading departments are out of control, hiding massive losses in this commodity market and oil wipe out. You may think the FED is here to help… WRONG!

Do not confuse endless easing with endless bail outs. You may ask how we know… It’s pretty darn simple when you think about it. Banks favorite speculative vehicles in commodities, especially oil, have taken a 50% loss on average. Oil, gold industrial metals and agriculture commodities are all wiping out. And the latest reporting of banks show they are taking and hiding serious losses in their trading departments.

And it gets worse. 3 major sectors of the world are in desperation, deploying quantum easing. Central banks are in a panic about the spreading deflation. Quantum easing, which is virtually free money for the banks is not working. These regions in endless easing and damn near free money for the banks are Europe, Japan and the United States. They represent 2/3 of world GDP. And the fact of the matter is, all 3 regions are in a massive, ever growing deflation. The great quantum easing experiment is failing. Money is being lost faster than the banks can create it. Think about it, every commodity in the world has lost half its value… That’s a lot of losses… AND quantum easing can not fill the gap.

Helicopter money won’t work either

Let me explain what helicopter money is. That is where central banks push money into the system. Hence my analogy of FED reserve helicopters flying over the cities of America dumping out money from the air. Obviously that is not going to happen.

The point is that pushing massive amounts of cash into the system will not work. The reason being, in the day of free floating currencies like we have everyone is watching. If they tried a desperate stunt like that (flooding the economy with money)it would not work. The reasons being, if the markets got a sense that inflation was about to return big time, investors would flee the dollar and US treasuries in mass. The dollar and debt markets would collapse. Giving the FED a much greater problem than half the banks and financial institutions in the country failing.

In fact, we face quite the opposite of much ballyhooed inflation, dollar collapse and debt wipe (with soaring interest rates) like everyone and their dog is predicting. We have negative inflation (deflation), the dollar is soaring. Every one wants the dollar. And US government debt is the most desirable of all debt. And interest rates on US debt are plunging.

They keep coming back for more and more US government debt

Popular Wall Street myth is the US issues so much debt that it will flood the market. Interest rates will soar, inflation will run rampant and the dollar will become worthless… WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

US government deficits are plunging… YES it’s true

Runaway US government debt… In fact, quite the opposite is happening. In 2009 the US government yearly deficit was 1.459 trillion dollars. For fiscal year 2015 the budget deficit was 439 billion. A trillion dollars less. FUNNY what THEY WONT TELL YOU! Now you might say a 500 billion dollar deficit is a crisis. Not really, the US is a huge economy… The worlds biggest and US debt as a percent of yearly GDP is only 2.5%. Among the lowest in the world.

But you are right, there is a debt crisis. The crisis is the US is not issuing enough debt to meet market demand. US government debt, contrary to Wall Street bullshit myth, is the most sought after debt in the world. Despite record low yield. With US government yearly deficits plunging, our government now issues much less debt than it used to.

There is a debt crisis. There is not enough debt being issued. Despite the lowest interest rates on US government debt since the last depression, people cannot get enough US government Treasuries. Every auction sees at least 3 times as many buyers than the debt being sold.

Yes, you got it, for every billion dollars in debt issued there are 3 billion dollars in bids. 2/3 of the buyers go home empty handed… So why are the smartest, biggest players scooping up US government debt with both hands?

It does not take an Einstein to understand that there is something big afoot. And US treasury debt is the safest in the world. Absolutely, positively it will be there. I want you prepared and safe and secure and hopefully making money in the coming banking crises. In the next phase of the ongoing banker wipe out, the banks will go broke and stay broke. Just like Lehman was allowed to fail in 2007.

And I hasten to add, it will be like what happened in the last great depression in the 1930′s only worse. Banks wiped out and depositors lost their money. The stock market crashed, erasing three generations of wealth. And real estate plunged in value, trading at ten cents on the dollar. This is the hallmark of a great deflation/depressionary wipe out.

Every Man for HIMSELF

Ask yourself, why are they telling you to prepare for a hyper inflation? An event that has never occurred in America. When we are headed for another great depression, an event that has occurred in America every 70 to 100 years.

Great financial panics represent, for most people, a life changing event they never recover from. For most people, the coming bank wipe out and financial panic will be THE defining event for their lifetime. An event that will blindside them that they will never recover from. The majority of Americans are about to be reduced to abject poverty. They will stand in bread lines for their food and dining out will be in a soup kitchen. It’s happened before and it’s about to happen again.

Remember, the houses that will be lost and the money that is gone out of your account will not be blasted off into space… Money and real estate will change owners. In an instant, trillions of dollars in bank deposits will disappear. And there will be many, many losers and a blessed few winners.

The good part is, there will be phenomenal money making opportunities. Most people will be caught napping and lose everything. Instruments that are money losers will turn on a dime… Instruments that are little understood, that appear to be nothing, will shock people with how well they do. Wall Street and those internet guys are clueless. Little more than paid pimps for the wall street whores. Offering the latest load of money losing wall street schemes.

In closing, the last thing Wall Street wants you to understand, never mind know how to trade, is a deflation AKA Great Depression.

I want you prepared and to know how to prosper. I am making a tape on this. When it’s ready, I’ll send you an email and an SMS (text) message…

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Obama failures, Putin aggression opening the gates of Islamic hell…

By Nick Guarino | October 6, 2015

Don’t be surprised by the great evil unleashed


You are witnessing a defining moment in world history. That will shape a very ugly future for mankind. Obama’s intentional premature withdrawal for the middle east created a vacuum. Russia is rushing in to fill the bloody void. And there will be hell to pay. Russia has opened its first new military base outside the old Soviet Union in the Middle East.

Russia now has a formidable air base and troop presence in Syria. This now gives Russia the most modern air force in the Middle East. Soon to be the largest. Russia has sent its crack special troops into Syria to back up President Bashar al-Assad’s bid to wipe out his opposition.

Vladimir Putin’s feared blood thirsty special forces Spetsnaz unit and a covert para battalion snuck into the war-torn country and are preparing for an all-out assault on rebels fighting the regime – including moderate units such as the western-backed CIA supplied Free Syrian Army.

A military source said: “Putin’s marines are there to guard the airbases they are using against sabotage by rebels. But Spetsnaz and air-assault troops are not there to provide security to static objects, they are extremely aggressive and highly trained. They are there to mop up after air strikes, call in air strikes, go on extremely covert missions against rebels and ultimately wipe them out.”

Putin is bombing everyone in sight with not seen before in this conflict, bunker buster bombs. Russian jets obliterated nine ISIS outposts in just 24 hours using bunker-busting bombs. See picture below:

There will be hell to pay. Russia wants to sweep up the west of Syria, taking Raqqa and all the oil and gas resources around Palmyra. This is fast becoming a race to Raqqa in order to secure the oil fields they need to cleanse the region of insurgents, and obliterate the ISIS capital. Russia is targeting not just ISIS but moderate freedom fighters.

Assad is just another Middle East dictator. He is slaughtering his people wholesale. He was losing his country. The tide of battle has turned the other way.

Russia’s involvement in Syria means that the Axis of power in the Middle East is Russia, Syria and Iran. This is something the US, under a real leader, would never let happen. Iraq is toast… They will be little more than an Iranian client state.

Russia is targeting the northern oil field area of Iraq and Syria held by ISIS for now. The idea is to bring that oil to market in ever grater amounts for Assad. And starve ISIS of its revenue. Ironically this means that even more middle eastern oil will be coming to market. As usual, exactly the opposite of Wall Street spin.

Not now but in the next 18 to 24 months, after Iran re-arms, they will attack the gulf states oil fields. Then oil will soar. Until then, this is spike in oil is little more than a rally back that will be doomed. I want to be clear here.

I expect oil, over the next 5 to 6 months, to have a slight upward basis. The next big plunge in oil will come in the early spring. Do not be fooled. More and more oil each and every day is coming to market.

Remember, US sellers of oil (especially the frackers) are still hedged into the late spring. The desperate bankers are pushing them HARD to pump and dump as much oil as possible. The next round of bankruptcies will come in about 5 months when the oil industry comes off their hedge positions.

This will happen at the exact time that Iranian oil comes to market. We are talking a major price decline in oil. The perfect over-production storm is brewing. Be ready. Believe it or not, Russia entering the fray for now and the near future will bring stability to the region. This will ensure even more oil comes to market.

Don’t let them fool you. Insiders, start brewing the green tea, I have prepared a tape for you on all of these developments – Click here.

Thank you,



Boehner Bombs…

By Nick Guarino | September 25, 2015

Stock Market Flame Out Coming


Government shut down now very likely. This could be a trigger for a major stock market wipe out. Look, we have been looking for the trigger for a flame out in the stock market. I have prepared a very special tape. The market is about to experience what could be another game changer…

Please click here to listen to my latest audio file offering.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Fed Trapped In Endless Easing…

By Nick Guarino | September 20, 2015

7 Years of Zero Interest Rates With No End in Sight


Trapped like a caged Lion, there is little the FED can do. Contrary to popular misleading spin, it’s not inflation that has got the FED in a quandary. It’s the global deflation that has central bankers shitting bricks. This knowledge is worth millions to you. Let me explain! The Fed cannot raise interest rates. They are in a liquidity trap caused by the global deflation. Their statement shows what a dangerous game they are playing.

The global Quantum easing, that they embarked upon 7 years ago as a temporary measure, has become endless easing. Their statement reveals that they are clueless in Cleveland. The FED has no idea what to do. This knowledge is life changing and reaffirms our constant warning about the deflationary spiral the world has entered.

The world is about to enter a global depression. You must understand that Interest rates are going to go beyond 0 (zero) and to double digit negative. You have got to grasp these never seen before economic events that are already occurring. Negative interest rates on long term government paper is an economic reality.

I know negative interest rates are for most people a quandary. But you’ve got to understand this. In this report, I will take you to places where indeed interest rates are beyond zero and negative. You will not believe what banks and people are doing. Early 2015, Switzerland’s interest rates turned negative. Not for one year. Not for five years. But all the way out to 10 years, meaning that virtually everyone desiring to park their cash, in supposedly safe-haven Swiss francs, had to pay for the privilege.

And Swiss bonds weren’t unique. Yields on French and German sovereign debt went negative out to five and seven years, respectively, while the overnight Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor), which had averaged about 2% for the previous couple of years, fell below zero and stayed there. By the end of 2015’s first quarter, paper accounting for 31% of the Bloomberg Eurozone Sovereign Bond Index was trading with negative yields.

Even more startling than the numbers was the timing. This plunge in rates occurred in the sixth year of a recovery, during which most of the developed world had run record fiscal deficits, cut interest rates aggressively, and created vast amounts of new currency.

The last thing Wall Street wants you to
understand or prepare for is a deflation
and negative interest rates

Let’s start out by the looking at the Feds work product, their statement from their last meeting.

Federal Reserve’s Monetary-Policy Statement

“The Committee continues to see the risks to the outlook for economic activity and the labor market as nearly balanced but is monitoring developments abroad. (They mean the Chinese and European wipe out) Inflation is anticipated to remain near its recent low level in the near term. The Committee today reaffirmed its view that the current 0 to 1/4 percent target range for the federal funds rate remains appropriate. In determining how long to maintain this target range, the Committee will assess progress–both realized and expected–toward its objectives of maximum employment and 2 percent inflation. (There lies the fatal mistake. We don’t have 2% inflation. We don’t have .02% inflation, They are fighting the wrong enemy. It’s deflation that is the crises. They are waiting for an event we will never see again… Inflation.) This assessment will take into account a wide range of information, including measures of labor market conditions, indicators of inflation pressures and inflation expectations, and readings on financial and international developments. The Committee anticipates that it will be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate when it has seen some further improvement in the labor market and is reasonably confident that inflation will move back to its 2 percent objective over the medium term. (It’s never going to happen in your or my life time.)

Federal Reserve officials’ projections for the U.S. economy help to explain why the central bank delayed a rate hike. Fed officials revised down inflation. The median estimate for inflation is now a modest 0.4 percent this year, down from 0.7 percent in the June projections. (STILL WAY, WAY TOO HIGH.) The Fed targets inflation at 2 percent, a level the projections say won’t be achieved in our life time.

This indicates that they’re still waiting for signs that inflation — which has largely faded because of cheaper oil prices, a stronger dollar, plunging stock market and crashing commodities prices.

Fed officials see growth as slightly stronger this year than they did in June. They also anticipate the unemployment rate falling from its current 5.1 percent to a median of 4.8 percent next year.

They are carefully monitoring the slowdown in China and other emerging markets, in addition to struggles by Europe to increase economic growth. Everywhere they look they see deflation.

We are in for decades of no inflation and
NEGATIVE interest rates and crashing economies.

Here is something you urgently need to know. The cat is out of the bag. One Federal Reserve policymaker believes zero interest rates aren’t low enough and is calling for rates to go negative. The official wasn’t identified in materials the central bank released Thursday. But we have been able to confirm the lone honest man at the FED is Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Kocherlakota was an inflation hawk before undergoing a stunning turnaround in 2012 that transformed him into one of the Fed’s strongest advocates for easy money policies. When he figured out that the FED has created a liquidity trap. And the Investment banks manipulations in stocks and commodities created the biggest bubble the world has ever seen, he changed his position and issued his dire warning. See chart of Banker Syndicated loans that are the life blood of the derivatives casino:

Kocherlakota has been outspoken about his concern that inflation is too low and could move lower. As in a deflation and depression. So why has he come out of the closet now? Kocherlakota will be leaving his post at the end of the year … It is easier to be provocative when you are walking out the door.

The Fed has kept the rate it controls near zero since December 2008. The last time they raised rates was 10 years ago.

The Fed has said, if we found ourselves with a weak economy that needed additional stimulus, we would look at all of our available tools. And that would be something that we would evaluate in that kind of context. One way to push short-term rates negative would be to charge interest on excess bank reserves.

The interest rate paid by the Fed on excess reserves, the so-called IOER, is a benchmark for a wide variety of short-term rates, including rates on Treasury bills, commercial paper, and interbank loans. If the Fed pushes the IOER below zero into negative territory, other rates are likely to follow. It is this tool that they will be using in desperation. It will result in double digit negative yields.

You must understand that significantly negative rates — that is, rates below 50 basis points – will create an investment world you have never seen before. You can imagine what will happen when long term interest rates got to a -10%. Don’t scoff, it happened before during the last great depression. Financial innovations, such as CASH special-purpose banks and the use of certified bank checks in large-value transactions will be the norm.

Where in a inflation, you defer payments to payback in cheaper dollars. In a deflation, where cash become more valuable by the day, it’s a whole new ballgame. People will make excess payments to creditworthy counter-parties. Because money will be more valuable, people will prefer receiving payments in forms that facilitate deferred collection.

Such responses should be expected in a market-based economy but may nevertheless present new problems for financial service providers (when their products and services are used in ways not previously anticipated) and for regulators (when novel private sector behaviour leads to new types of systemic risk).

Your friendly banker will tell you negative rates are impossible. Because the last thing he wants is for market participants to be holding cash. You have a BIG advantage as a small player… Under five million dollars. You can easily hold cash and US dollar based treasuries.

But cash is not a realistic alternative for corporations and state and local governments, or for wealthy individuals. The largest denomination bill available today is the $100 bill. It would take ten thousand such bills to make $1 million. Ten thousand bills take up a lot of space, are costly to transport, and present significant security problems.

Nevertheless, if rates go negative, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing will likely be called upon to print a lot more currency as individuals and small businesses substitute cash for their bank balances.

In a deflation, their printing of money will not spark off inflation. In fact, just the opposite. If rates go negative, we should also expect to see financial innovations that emulate cash in more convenient forms. One obvious candidate is a special-purpose bank that offers conventional checking accounts (for a fee) and pledges to hold no asset other than green cash (which it stores in a very large vault). I always dreamed about starting one.

Checks written on accounts in a special-purpose bank would be tantamount to negotiable warehouse receipts on the bank’s cash. Special-purpose banks would only work when interest rates (because break-even account fees are likely to be high), go much further negative (globally) than they are now.

A credit card holder might choose to make a large advance payment and then run down his balance with subsequent expenditures, reversing the usual practice of making purchases first and payments later. In essence, turing his credit card into a debit card with a high balance.

We might also see some relatively simple avoidance strategies in connection with conventional payments. If I receive a check from the federal government, or some other creditworthy enterprise, I might choose to put the check in a drawer for a few months rather than deposit it in a bank (which charges interest). In fact, I might even go to my bank and withdraw funds in the form of a certified check made payable to myself, and then put that check in a drawer.

Commercial banks might find their liabilities shifting from deposits (on which they charge interest) to certified checks outstanding (where assessing interest charges could be more challenging). If bank liabilities shifted from deposits to certified checks to a significant degree, banks might be less willing to extend loans, because certified checks are likely to be less stable than deposits as a source of funding.

As interest rates go more negative, market participants will have increasing incentives to make payments quickly and to receive payments in forms that can be collected slowly. This is exactly the opposite of what happened when short-term interest rates skyrocketed in the late 1970s: people then wanted to delay making payments as long as possible and to collect payments as quickly as possible. Some corporations chose to write checks on remote banks (to delay collection as long as possible), and consumers learned to cash checks quickly, even if that meant more trips to the bank, and to demand direct deposits.

When interest rates go negative, the incentives reverse: people receiving payments will prefer checks (which can be held back from collection) to electronic transfers. Such a reversal could impose novel burdens on payment systems that have evolved in an environment of positive interest rates.

The upshot of all this is when interest rates go negative, financial service providers are likely to find their products and services being used in volumes and ways not previously anticipated, and regulators may find that private sector responses to negative interest rates have spawned new risks that are not fully priced by market participants.

In the coming world of negative interest rates, cash will reign supreme, as everyone rushes to withdraw their “taxed by negative interest rates” bank deposits and keep the funds in the form of paper cash, hidden safely somewhere where the bank has no access, and where no bank can collect an interest rate for the “privilege” of being funded with a negative rate liability. Like in the First National Bank of YOUR Mattress.

Traditional bullshit economic theory says that a combination of massive deficit spending and historically low (not to mention negative) interest rates should produce a rip-roaring boom in which workers get generous raises, prices and inflation rates spike, and interest rates follow. Theory also says that, even in the rare case of nominal interest rates turning negative, the rates can’t stay there because beyond this “zero bound,” savers and investors will withdraw their cash and store it themselves, emptying banks and crashing the financial system. And sparking off a inflationary fire storm. BULLSHIT DONT BE FOOLED! Recent events have proven these assumptions are dead wrong. In fact just the opposite has happened.

Loans have to be repaid with funds that might otherwise go toward investment and consumption. Today’s unprecedented levels of debt thus create an economic headwind that requires commensurately forceful policies (including negative interest rates) to induce more borrowing and spending. “People and governments are now leveraged to the hilt, which translates into lower demand, slower growth, and lower interest rates,” says Ken Shepherd, Prospect Mortgage. Here again, “This is not a business cycle thing. It’s structural.”

When central banks buy bonds with newly created currency, they hand commercial banks more reserves with which to write loans. But the experimental and therefore unpredictable nature of these programs is making businesses reluctant to invest, says Keith Dicker, CFA, president and chief investment officer of IceCap Asset Management in Halifax, Canada.

Because policymakers are improvising, “It’s impossible to know what future monetary policy will be,” says Dicker. “In that environment, will you open a new plant in France? Probably not.”

The combination of rising reserves and reluctant borrowers leaves banks with far more money than they need, or can loan out so that is why they go hog wild in incredible stupid speculations on their own hook… You saw the incredible binge, all that cash bankers are holding creating bubbles in commodities and stocks.

Gerald Jensen, CFA, finance professor at Northern Illinois University “Historically, bank excess reserves (funds deposited with the central bank rather than being lent out) averaged less than 3% of total reserves,” says Jensen. “Currently in the US, that number is 95%. So banks have little incentive to offer higher rates to attract or keep customer deposits.”

And the amount of free or excess reserves the banks are holding is getting worse by the month… See the chart below:

This, in time, will push already crashing interest rates deep into negative territory. What the Fed is doing in a feeble attempt to induce more borrowing and spending will blow up in their faces.

We already are seeing a mass migration out of the stock market and commodities markets and into cash. In response, governments and banks around the world are attempting to marginalize cash (physical currency and deposits) by making it harder and/or less attractive to hold. It’s not working and never will.

In early 2015, JP Morgan Chase forbade some customers from storing cash in safe deposit boxes. Swiss banks refused to allow pension funds to withdraw large amounts of cash from their accounts. Danish legislators proposed a law allowing shops to refuse to accept cash payments. Australia imposed a 0.05% tax on some bank deposits. And France cut the legal limit on cash payments from 3,000 euros to 1,000 euros.

In a June 2015 report, the Bank for International Settlements warned that a policy of persistently low interest rates “runs the risk of entrenching instability and chronic weakness.” Such an environment makes several extreme — and, sometimes, mutually exclusive — scenarios at least conceivable.

As these trends continue, another financial crisis is about to occur, the flow of capital away from risk and toward safety will become a tsunami, sending US bond yields even lower. In fact, double digit negative.

The US dollar will soar in value, drawing the lion’s share of global capital flows and rising against all other currencies. Such a scenario would be a bonanza for the owners of Treasury bonds. But it would be a serious crises for those unlucky or unwise enough to own dollars.

Third world countries and the BRICS that borrow dollars and run its economy in dollars will not pay its debts and default. This group includes a big part of the developing world, where approximately US$9 trillion of dollar-denominated debt was outstanding in mid-2015.

In 1937, the United States was approximately seven years into the Great Depression. Today we are seven years removed from the financial crisis of 2008. By late 1936, as today, the Fed started to worry that excess liquidity and credit growth might lead to accelerated inflation. So it took the initiative to soak up the excess reserves on bank balance sheets by increasing the reserve requirement ratio (the equivalent of tightening the money supply). Rather than absorb the excess liquidity, however, this move forced the US economy back into recession.

As today, banks were still worried about a resurgence of economic weakness and, therefore, wanted to maintain greater reserves to protect against a downturn. So, as the Fed elevated the reserve requirement ratio, banks reduced lending. Between May 1937 and June 1938, US GDP contracted by 9%.

We are about to see the same crises again. From a Fed policy perspective, the lesson here is that the 1933–1937 period is similar to the environment today, while the 1929–1933 period is not. The economy today has had roughly seven years to recover, while the 1930s period had four. Like then, today the global economy is faltering, capital is fleeing emerging markets, and the dollar is rising.

That underlines central banks secret concern that non-existent inflation may yet morph into outright deflation, despite zero interest rates and the masses of liquidity coursing through the financial system courtesy of quantitative easing.

All of this is the reason that inflationary forces are declining. And a massive deflation/depression is right around the corner. And just like in 1937 the FED cannot stop this coming wipe out.

You have been warned.

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Thank you,
Nick Guarino



DAH! Goldman Sachs Finally Predicts $20 Oil…

By Nick Guarino | September 14, 2015

They Are Getting Close… It Will Be $10


At $100 oil Goldman Sacks was predicting $200 a barrel oil. After the market drops to $45, they FINALLY scratched their butt and figured it half out. NOW they predict $20 oil. What a bold prediction. They changed their prediction by $180. They only missed the first $55 of the drop. BUT they are going to grab the last $20. SHIT, what whores. And these are supposed to be the world’s Einsteins of trading. I’ll tell you what they are. Wall Street whores.

Because once again they are setting up their clients to take the fall. And here is why. As you know, we have been warning about the very wipe out in oil we are seeing. As you know, this drop to $10 is the tail end.

The really big call is our prediction for $500 a barrel oil after the death plunge finishes. How do I know I am right? Well in part because Goldman predicts $20 a barrel oil and they are always wrong.

I predict after the plunge to $10 oil, in 18 months we get a damn near overnight run to $500.

To Quote Mr T in part “I pity the fool”…. Who takes their market advise from Goldman Sachs, the money of the clueless. Forget their bullshit!

Now here is the real deal:

Russia and Iran are going to destroy gulf oil production and producers

As we speak, because of Obama’s abandonment of the middle east, the blood is flowing. Our intelligence guys on the ground are getting it right. They are warning that we are losing in the middle east. The Islamic crazies are taking over. 50 intelligence officers have gone public. They have officially complained that their assessments are being changed. Obama does not want to hear about what a screw up he is. Or the great big AWH shit he created in the Middle East.

The truth is, what you are seeing has its roots in Obama’s famous screw up two years ago. That is when the US, Brits and Israelis were on the border of Syria. They were about to attack. And stop the chemical weapons on civilians and end the Assad regime. Obama called the attack off. So much for his chemical weapons line in the sand.

Since that fateful night, to say things have gone downhill is the understatement of the year. A vacuum was created by US troop withdrawal prematurely from Iraq. That fateful move destabilized the entire middle east.

Obama failed to act on his line in the sand. And did nothing about the Syrian military chemical attacks as threatened. Assad read the US withdraw from Iran as weakness. That was further confirmed when the US did not attack when Assad repeatedly used chemical weapons against his own citizens.

It was not just Assad that understood that Obama had given them the green light to do as they please. A whole host of crazies were let out of the bottle. Chief among them, ISIS, which is bringing back the brutality of the dark ages.

Now you may wonder what all this has to do with oil. But it’s all about oil. Look at the map:

Look at the concentration of the green and red dots. That real estate represents two things. The bloodiest place on earth, being torn apart by war. AND it also supplies 1/3 of the worlds oil.

Now look at the map of who in that region is producing all that oil:

As you can see, the bulk of that Middle East production is from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

What is significant is these key players (known as the gulf producers) are Sunnis. They are the enemies of the other producers the Shiite. Who are chiefly Iran and Iraq.

Look at the next map and you will understand the power struggle:

Syria’s Sunnis are under attack by the Assad regime supported by the Shiites of Iran. Iraq (mostly Shiites)is increasingly coming under Iran control. The US token forces that are left in Iraq are fighting a losing battle.

Oman supports Iran and Yemen is falling to the Iranian supported Houthi. Their leaders, such as Issam Al-’Imad, stated as early as 2011 that they were religiously and ideologically influenced by Iran and as of 2014 it has been observed that The Houthi group’s approach is in many ways similar to that of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Another group supported by Iran.

As you can see, the Shiites are circling the Sunni gulf oil producers, chief among them is the worlds largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia.

And here is the greatest oil trade ever

Oil, because of the global slow down and vast oversupply, IS crashing.

Shit, even Goldman Sachs finally figured it out. As the global slow down bites hard and the bankers go broke again, oil will go to $10 a barrel. That is the short term trade. But it ain’t squat compared to what happens next.

One of the greatest mistakes of our time (besides leaving Iraq to soon) is the Obama Iranian Nuclear deal. What you need to understand is, it’s not simply a nuclear deal. It’s also an economic and military weapon deal too.

Sanctions have meant Iran’s economy has been crippled. It has not been able to produce all the oil it’s capable of. And it has not even been able to sell the oil it’s producing. That’s all about to change. Iran will swamp the market with oil it has in storage, and it will quickly ramp up production. And that is why oil prices will crash to $10.

But there is something far, far more important about to happen. Sanctions have meant Iran has not been able to buy or pay for all the non nuke military toys it has wanted. Namely, the parts for and the purchase of long range missiles and tanks. Look at the map:

Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded. All that is stopping the attack is the fact Iran needs 18 months to rebuild its economy and military. Now that sanctions are to be lifted, it’s a done deal. Once it rearms, the oil fields of the gulf Arab states will go up in flames. And $500 a barrel oil here we come. In an hour, 1/3 of the worlds oil supply will go up in flames.

An oil field is very easy to put out of production. And it takes years to recover from an attack.

The playboys of the gulf states are no match for the Iranian radicalized forces. These guys want blood and are religious fanatics. But there is something that just happened that is a warning that should not be ignored.

Here is how this shakes out. Assad of Syria has been kept in power by two friends. Iran and Iran’s arms supplier, Russia. Russia is the worlds second largest oil producer. Second behind its big competitor, the Saudis.

Putin is the worlds first trillionaire. Besides being the worlds richest man, he is also the most powerful. He is very, very ambitious to say the least. As a result of his attack on the Ukraine, he is suffering under sanctions.

If that were not enough, he has seen the price for his oil cut in half. And he blames the Saudis, who have not only not cut their oil production, they have increased it. Putin is pissed to say the least. And he is doing something about it.

He is not a man to mess with. And he has a big problem. He needs a high price for his oil. And Putin is used to getting what he wants. SO, how does he get the oil price back up? Well the equation has two parts, supply and demand. As mighty as Putin is and do not underestimate him, he is a mighty dictator. He can not increase global demand. Especially as the world enters this horrible deflation. But there is another side of the equation and that is supply.

If Putin were to cut oil supply, he could get the price higher. But that does him no good. So he has got to figure out a way to cut global oil supplies and production. Without cutting his own output. And he has found a way. In fact he has already put his fiendish plan into motion.

The middle east is already up for grabs. Thank YOU Obama. So all Putin has got to do is get the natural enemies there to do his dirty work for him. And it has started!

Russia is setting up an air base in Syria

U.S. intelligence now shows that Russia is planning to send a force into Syria that is capable of striking targets on the ground. Two U.S. officials told me that the intelligence community has collected evidence that Russia plans to deploy Mikoyan MiG 31 and Sukhoi Su-25 fighter planes to Latakia in the coming days and weeks. The military equipment that has already arrived includes air traffic control towers, aircraft maintenance supplies, and housing units for hundreds of personnel.

As Obama runs out of the Middle East, Russia walks right in. To the determent of all mankind. Russia is filling the vacuum left by the US abandonment of its Middle East allies… But Putin is not stupid. Not by a long shot. Their base, which will eventually have 500 fighter jets, will be the largest in the middle east. The base is set up by invitation of the Syrian government. Completely legal. Much like the US bases now abandoned in Iraq. The Russian MIG base has two purposes. To defend its ally Syria. And to defend its biggest arms buyer, the Iranians. Israels wet dream of attacking Iranian Nuclear weapons facilities are gone.

When Iran gets around to attacking the gulf states oil fields (with its new Russian Missiles)in the next 18 months, it has little to fear. It’s protected by the Middle East’s largest air force… THE RUSSIANS.

It’s the perfect set up. Russia is “neutral” as long time enemies Iran and Saudi Arabia duke it out. Before the world can react, the Saudi oil fields are up in flames.

Everyone goes home happy.

Iran strikes a deadly blow against its Sunni Enemies for Mohammad.

Russia becomes the worlds largest oil suppler at $500 a barrel.

And you could turn thousands into millions as the price of oil soars.

I have prepared a special oil file on all of this… Please click here.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Hyper Inflation NO, Deflation Crises YES

By Nick Guarino | September 6, 2015

Death by Deflation….

Worst of All

We are in, as President Bush used to say, Deep DO DO. The global deflation that has been growing for years has now taken hold. Commodities prices have crashed world wide and now global stock markets are starting to crash. If you do not understand deflation and know exactly what to do, you could lose everything.

Before we get into proof of the coming deflation/depression, let me explain to you what is happening in the markets and what the future holds.


The next wipe out will take $100 a barrel Crude oil to $10.

Do not get caught up in the incredible spin. Oil is in vast over supply. It’s pretty simple. $100 a barrel oil made it damn profitable to invest in new oil exploration and oil recovery technologies. And it payed off big time. At least at first.

Every producer and producing region of the world have vastly increased their output. Canada, who 5 years ago was a net oil importer, has become among the worlds top 10 oil exporters. The US is very close to becoming energy independent.

What you need to understand, this is a global phenomenon. Global oil supplies are shooting to the moon. On the right is a chart reflecting that fact.

Reality is the global deflationary slow down is reducing demand. At the same time, 5 years of the biggest investment in exploration and new oil field technology have greatly increased supplies and production. And the price of oil reflects that reality. Look at the oil price chart on the right.

As you can see on the chart, oil prices have dropped by half. What you need to understand is the biggest investors in oil were the banks. What they did in the housing markets (creating a bubble) from 2000 to 2007, they did in oil from 2008 to 2015. They were given trillions in virtually free loans by the treasury. And they did two things with that money they leveraged 100 times over.

They invested in and manipulated commodities, especially oil. And they created the greatest stock market bubble ever. (more on stock market further down) In case you have not noticed, commodities and the stock market have all started to crash.

Key word here, started. Because the commodities and oil market wipe out are far from over. In fact, the next leg down in oil is about to begin. If you thought the over supply oil glut was bad. It’s fixing to get a whole lot worse. And here is why..

The Obama Iran Sell out will bring vast amounts of oil to market.

Lifting Iran sanctions, besides letting Iran get nukes. And buying formerly embargoed Russian long range missiles. Also unleashes an oil export juggernaut. Iran’s oil exports plunged under the embargo and sanctions to under 1 million barrels a day. They have already let contracts and ordered badly needed spare parts. Which means they will be able to ramp up production quickly. We are talking about an increase of 3 million barrels a day in their exports. Bringing them to 4.5 million barrels a day.

What most people don’t understand is Iran has vast oil reserves. Its crude oil reserves are ranked 4th and its natural gas reserves are ranked as the 2nd largest in the world. And Iran’s production has been shut in for decades. Funny what Wall Street forgets to tell you.

Look at the map. It shows the locations of Iran’s existing vast oil reserves. But get this, a lot of potential oil rich land in Iran has never been explored.




















But there is more. Iran under sanctions could not get the spare parts and equipment for its oil fields. Exploration and new production came to a screeching halt. In other words, they are 20 years behind on their oil field technology. Production was cut by 2/3. Now that sanctions are about to be lifted, that will all change. They have already ordered parts they need to ramp up production. They also have inked contracts for oil field and drilling companies to come in. Which means another oil production star is born.

Oh, one other thing. Iran has had a hard time selling what little oil it produced on the black market. They have stockpiled, mostly on tankers, 50 million barrels of oil. The day sanctions are lifted that oil will slam the oil market.

It’s not rocket science. Oil is seeing an ever increasing river of product come to market. Wall Street and the bankers have failed keeping prices up. There is just too much supply. Every rally back is nothing more than a selling opportunity. Ten dollar a barrel oil here we come.


STOCKS have started their fourth biggest decline in history.

I have predicted AHEAD OF TIME and traded 3 out of the 4 of the greatest stock market wipe outs in modern time. The first great stock market crash was the 1929 wipe out. This gave us the great depression. The second was the 2001 tech wreck. Those of you who were with us at the time know we made a killing. The next great stealing of individual wealth by Wall Street was the 2007 housing wipe out stock market crash. And another great fortune was made. And the fourth is the one that just stated, the banker commodity/oil market crash induced, stock market wipe out. Everyone of these stock market crashes wipes out many people who did not have enough time to wait for a recovery.

Unfortunately, this time the crash and subsequent depression will be like 1929. It will take 20 years or more to even begin a recovery. Most people who are trading today will never see their money come back. This next great depression, like the last one, will end up in all out war.

Yes my friends, World War II was a direct result of the poverty and desperation brought on by a world impoverished by Wall Street. Already for most of the third world, they’re down the road into their commodity induced poverty and depression.

Come to think of it, most all commodity based economies are in the dumpster. Wall street shot ALL commodity prices to the moon and distorted national economies. It was easy to be lured into the trap of making investments and borrowing money based on the artificially high commodity prices.

Now that all commodity prices have crashed, it’s hell to pay. Australia has seen their currency crash. Iron ore, copper and the minerals they used to sell to China are trading for half the price. The billions and billions of mine and port investments are now colossal money losers.

Canada’s oil and mining industries are devastated and their economy is in a recession. The good times are over. Same thing in Brazil and Peru, all the mineral, oil and agricultural exporting nations are the first to fall.

Now it’s spreading. Who do you think manipulated commodity prices to the moon? You got it, our Wall Street banking whores, flush with bailout money from the US, European and Japan’s central banks. They used those funds to manipulate commodities markets and stock markets the world over to the moon.

They then loaned players the money to finance and expand their oil and commodity businesses. They also provided the loans and the capital for the stock market manipulations.

All commodity prices the world over are crashing and all stock markets the world over have started to crash. Can’t you see it? I defy you to find me a commodity or stock market the world over that is up for the year.

Don’t be fooled by the wall street self serving spin. This is not a correction, not a pause that refreshes and certainly not a buying opportunity. This will go down in history as the biggest commodity and stock market wipe out the world has ever seen.

There will be no recession this time, no great recession and bail out. But the biggest depression the world has ever seen. If you do not understand a deflation and do everything right, you will lose everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

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Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Iran Oil for Nukes Deal Approved

By Nick Guarino | September 3, 2015

Oil Will Crash


Are you ready for this. 50 million barrels of new oil is about to devastate an already vastly oversupplied oil market. If you hate Obama I understand. But the dumbest deal of the century has the potential to make you rich. And you’ve got to thank the Pres.

It’s now a slam dunk (Obama loves B-ball) all that oil that Iran has stored will come to market and soon! Sanctions against Iran has meant that a vast amount of oil it has been unable to sell on the black market will come to market. Legally and soon. Obama has enough votes to pass the Iran gets nukes deal.

This means two things:

1st in the next 6 months the oil market will see an even bigger over supply crises and oil will plunge to $10.00 a barrel

2nd Iran will get nukes. In the next 12 to 24 months Iran will attack the Saudi oil fields. Thanks to Obama Iran will have enough money to buy Russian rockets. They will attack Saudi Oil fields. Oil will soar from $10 a barrel to $500..

You could get rich in our oil trades two ways.

Your first fortune could come as $50 oil plunges to $10. The oil death plunge has already started. Like we predicted oil has crashed from $100 to now $50. The next leg down will occur as Iran dumps huge amounts of stockpiled oil on the cash market. And triples its oil output to 3.5 million barrels a day.

Your second fortune could come next. The real money to be made is when Iran uses its brand new Russian rockets. Equipped with either conventional warheads or nukes to settle old scores. The Iranian Shiite Muslims hate the gulf state Sunni Arabs, especially Saudi Arabia. They will bomb the gulf state and Saudi oil fields.

Iran is supporting and supplying with arms, Yemen Houthis troops, in an ever growing conflict with Saudi Arabia. Yemen has a long border running along the southern flank of Saudi Arabia. Iran is not ready just yet for all out war with the Saudis. But you can bet at $500 oil it will.

Sanctions have devastated Iran’s economy. Now that Obama foolishly lifted them Iran is re-arming. And preparing for all out war with its hated neighbours to the south..

Obama’s Sell out of America can make you rich.

My oil trades can show you how. I warn you, do not be fooled by attempted manipulations in the oil sector to take oil higher. Our Banker Buddies are losing their ass in commodities, especially oil. This latest stock market wipe out only sealed their coffins.

There will be a great human tragedy and a price to be paid. This silly agreement with Iran guarantees that they will get nukes. But they don’t need them to attack the Saudi’s and the gulf states oil fields. Because the agreement Obama did with Iran also lets them get long range missiles from Russia. There is no defence from a thousand rockets packed with conventional high explosives raining down on 35% of the worlds oil supply.

Overnight the world will be in its biggest energy crises ever. The price of oil will shoot to the moon. But between now and then, oil will go to $10 a barrel.

Why would Russia supply Iran with thousands of its rockets? Well there are two reasons.

1. Iran now has the cash to pay for advanced rockets and Russia needs money.

2. Russia will become the worlds largest oil exporter at the highest price in history. When Iran attacks the gulf oil fields.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. When Iran attacks the gulf oil fields, not if, the oil glut is solved. One third of the worlds oil goes up in flames. That solves the oversupply problem and low price issue.

Russia becomes the worlds biggest oil exporter and they get the price the highest price ever paid for oil and gas.

Oil at $500 a barrel means Russia becomes the worlds only super power. With a huge surplus economy and a mighty oil based cash generating machine. They sell oil and gas to Europe and with the new pipeline, they sell to a very eager Asia including China, Japan and South Korea to name a few.

On the other hand, America will be mired in its biggest economic crises ever. Its oil industry and banks wiped out by $10 oil.

But it’s uglier than that. Without a drastic change in leadership, America’s military will crumble away. It happened to the Roman’s mighty military. Although never defeated in battle. It was destroyed by stupid politicians.

More about all that later. In closing, I want to warn you. Don’t be fooled by these rally backs. The stock market, commodities and oil all have a date with destiny. Wall Street and our banker buddies are desperate. That can’t stand much more pain.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino




By Nick Guarino | September 2, 2015

Oil Market Manipulation Failed.

Still fooling the fools.

Were you fooled? These past few days have had some some real fireworks in the oil market. Oil had its biggest 3 day gain since the start of the gulf war. As oil came off its most recent lows, the Jerk OFFS and the pretty Wall Street babes were fast to declare the next BULL market in crude oil.

What bullshit. Look at the chart, grasshopper and I’ll tell you the real story.














As you can see, oil has come off of its recent $100 high and after a couple of rally backs, crashed to $38 a barrel. Then out of a clear blue sky it “rallied” to $50. And the teleprompter analysts were all over this like an NBA player on a blonde cheerleader.

As you know, I recommended selling oil from the start and adding more into this silliness. Here is what happened. The deep in debt to the Wall Street bankers oil companies got scared as shit. Oil in the thirties is a lethal injection.

They needed relief. The bankers are going broke in commodity trades, especially oil. And losing their asses in energy loans, are trying to suck every dime they can out of the oil companies. It’s the old cliche, you can’t get blood out of a turnip. But you can get plenty of turnip juice if you squeeze hard enough.

So here is what they did. They dialed up their oil manipulations bedfellows, the Saudis, and they got them to run a disinformation story in the OPEC Bulletin.

The commentary in Mondays magazine issued by OPEC’s Vienna headquarters, said downward pressure on prices due to higher production “remains a cause for concern” and OPEC “stands ready to talk to all other producers”.

And it was off to the races because the boys in the trading pits bought. They were tipped 3 days ahead of time.

Monday’s story added anther 8% to the 20% three day surge. And the stupid money was fooled again. The retail brokers and pretty Wall Street TV babes declared a (HA HA HA) new bull market in oil.

Of course it was totally bogus. OPEC will not relent in its price war until it puts as many producers as possible out of business. And that will take $10 a barrel oil. Look they have plunged the oil price 3 times in the past to crush competition.

The planted story was retracted when a Gulf delegate said the Bulletin reflected genuine concern in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries about falling prices but it did not signal a policy shift or pending production cut. DAH

Oil promptly fell $6 a barrel and will soon resume its death plunge. So what did they accomplish. Well Grasshopper, it allowed the producers to hedge their production for the next 6 months to 12 months at over $50 a barrel. Thereby making the turnip juice the bankers are desperate to collect just a little sweeter.

Unfortunately, not nearly high enough to save their bacon from the fire.

Call this report learning how Wall Street sausage is really made.

Thank you,



Economies and Markets Melting…Bankers Did it Again

By Nick Guarino | September 1, 2015

Our Party in Oil and Stocks is Far From Over.

Markets will continue to crash

This SMALL reversal in oil is a selling opportunity . See, it’s not supposed to be a straight plunge down. Life is just not that simple. This rally back in oil is NOTHING but a shorting opportunity. It’s temporary and NOT UNEXPECTED! And the stock market, after its rally back, is crashing again… Talk about eyes wide open.


It’s a great place to ADD more positions in our oil trades on the short side. It’s not required, but if you are so inclined, add more. For newbies, it’s a great place to start operations. You can use the DWTI if you have not done so already. If you don’t know what to do it’s OK, that’s my job.

I added the DWTI trade in Nick’s Picks oil. Look, $100 crude hitting $38 and rebounding to $48 is not squat. Keep your perspective. I could see a chance of getting a $55 price and we will add more positions. It changes nothing. Look at the chart.














I heard the spin about the new bull market is crude. The only thing that is a bull here is the bullshit they are spreading. This is a way for the producers to lock in higher prices in the futures markets. AND for wall street to harvest the weak shorts money

Excuse me, a $10 rally back in a market that fell over $60 is called a suckers play. Always remember the slot machine. It periodically spits back some of the suckers losses to keep them feeding money into the machine. So why now? The answer is, once they cracked $45 on crude – everyone and their dog shorted. So it’s time to clean out the weak shorts and down oil will go again.

The oil market is in vast over supply. Here is a chart that says it all:





















Don’t let them fool you, the oil bubble is bigger than ever and growing by the day. And yes, they will do everything to hide that fact from you. Markets are supposed to reverse from time to time. It’s the way of the market spin-meisters.

I still see $10 oil in the next 6 months. OPEC is not about to throw in the towel. They know they have not broken their competitors back just yet. They need oil to go down and stay down. When you see the major bankruptcies in the oil sector and lights out in Houston then you will know the oil crash is over.


In the stocks, same game different market. After the death plunge, all the trend, silly ass, buy, buy, buy traders jumped in. Another up move to keep the suckers in the game. Now that’s over. They will flush them down the Wall Street poop chute again. Look at the chart of the open.














There is no chance this bust is over. I am writing this at the NY open. They show a DOW down 400 points to 16,200. the NYSE invoked rule 48. Why? to try to slow the decline. This is still a selling opportunity. And a great way to get at it is the trades in Nick’s Picks. I have added a new trade in the FAZ.


You need to understand this is a bust. A wipe out. A crash in the making. Of course they are going to poo-poo this.

The talking heads and the Wall Street business show babes have their marching orders. Keep the masses calm and keep the suckers in the game. Interview after interview all has the same theme… You’re supposed to stay in the market and get wiped out. It’s all about taking the trusting masses retirement funds and life savings.

I want you to know the biggest wipe out in the history of the trading markets has started. I beg you, don’t be fooled.

Those of you in this with me are having a great time… And the best is yet to come… I pity the fool who trusts the Wall Street, steal your money machine.

Click here to be taken to my latest tape.

It’s my pleasure and profound joy to see you making money.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Now It’s Global Stock Markets In Death Plunge

By Nick Guarino | August 28, 2015

Bear Market Started.

Wall Street’s Desperate Spin Not Working

What a week, some of the biggest losses in stock market history. And it’s far, far from over. This one scared the tar out of Wall Street and our banker buddies. They have pulled out all the stops, desperate for a rally back. The spin machine is in overdrive. Behind closed doors, they are scared as shit. They know that they cannot stop the flood waters because the dam is cracking.

Look at the chart, it tells it all:














An 18,400 Dow, that took 7 years to build, takes 3 months to lose 1,000 points, 18,400 to 17,400. And then, in 3 days it drops from 17,400 to 15,400. A 2,000 point loss, its biggest, fastest ever. Then came the dead cat bounce. With all the stops pulled and all the money they could muster, Wall Street spin-meisters on hyper-spin could only manage a little over 1,000 point rally back. Pretty damn pitiful.

It is not unusual after a near death experience like we have seen and at the start of a bear market, to see a 2/3 retracement. In this case, a dead count bounce to 17,400 DOW could happen. SO at the present level (midday Friday). It remains to be seen if they can get the market up that far. So far, it’s been a pretty pitiful 1/3 rally back. And here is why I have my doubts that they can do much better.

In the trading networks, bank to bank, like Reuters and Bloomberg, there is an obvious lack of cash. After the commodities plunge, china stock market wipe out and now the US stock market death plunge, I am seeing liquidation. Somebody is losing their ass. In fact, a lot of somebodies are stone cold broke. Which means there is no rocket (money) fuel left to power the market ahead.

Translation, it’s a great time, if you so incline, to add positions and round out your holdings. I have posted a lot of trades in what seem to me the best instruments to use in the past week. Please go to Nick’s Picks stocks to see my past offerings.

You know me, I don’t mince words. This is the start of what will be the greatest financial wipe out in Human history. It’s across the board. Stocks, commodities, currencies (except for the dollar). And it’s across all borders, US, Europe, Asia, Latin America and emerging markets. It’s a massive deflationary wipe out.

What you saw this past week will be seen in the future as a minor swoon. The frequency, velocity and veracity of the downward plunges will become bigger and faster. The losses will stretch far and wide and few will survive in its wake.

I would be remiss if I did not mention crude oil bases WTI light. Crude oil has rallied off of its low of $37.78 to close today at $45.10, another joke dead cat bounce. Look at the chart:

















In the past three months, from $65 a barrel to a low of $37 to now trading at a rally back of $45 is pretty sad. Eight bucks off of its recent low. It’s even worse when you consider the fact that Crude is off its recent cycle high of $100 a barrel. Losing over half its value…. Still.

As in stocks, use this rally back in oil as a opportunity to add more positions if you are so inclined.

Happy hunting,



First National Trading Fund of Your Mattress

By Nick Guarino | August 18, 2015

This is part II of our Mattress series


Hi, our last audio file, First National Bank of YOUR Mattress got a lot of serious questions from you. The questions you asked deserves a further explanation. I know that a financial crash like the great depression is upon us. Only worse, far, far worse. I want you bullet proof. There is understandably a lot of confusion. Do you really think your fund, bank or brokerage firm are going to encourage you to take your money out? Or make it easy? Not hardly!!

And if you think those joke rating services that rank these guys are any good you will be sadly disappointed. Look, these are billion dollar entities. They have thousands and tens of thousands of the smartest people on the planet. All paid to fool you and the regulators.

Governments the world over admit these institutions are too big to audit, regulate or even save. Do you really think some small firm with limited funds, expertise and few people dedicated to the task can rank these institutions? Using only public documents! There is no way they can scratch their butts and figure out what losses bankers and brokerage firms are hiding on their balance sheets. NOT A CHANCE.

As Warren Buffet famously said, you can’t tell who is swimming naked until the tide goes out. The accounting rules were changed in the 2007/2008 financial crises. Financial institutions can legally hide massive losses. They are allowed to value assets on what they hope they will be worth. Not their actual value, known as mark to market.

There is NO WAY of knowing their true financial condition. No one will know how broke they are until they go broke… and this time they will stay broke with your money gone. There will be no bailouts..

Millions of people lost everything in the last Great Depression.

The same horror show as in the 1930′s depression. There will be no bail outs. Governments simply don’t have the cash or liquidity to provide. Central banks the world over are all tapped out from the 2009 bail out. Another great depression is about to happen again. And there will be no hiding from it. Don’t lose everything!

The truth is, in the next financial crash, 2/3 of the investment banks and brokers are about to go broke. Half of the banks and credit unions will be gone with the wind. Gone with your money, your retirement account, your fund. You can’t be to careful.

As far as your broker, they are called a broker for a reason. More then half of these guys will be no more.

The advise you get to buy gold and silver is the worst thing you can do. The stuff will wipe out with your bank. It’s a deflation/depression not inflation/hyper-inflation. Precious metals are simply the wrong medicine.

Because of the great trading opportunities, you should have a broker account. The fact of the matter is, you need banks, you should not disengage entirely. Let me show you systems that work. In this critical audio file I have prepared, I’ll show you how to protect your wealth that is not in your FNBYM (First National Bank of YOUR Mattress) account.

We will show how to diversify your liquid assets and take steps to mitigate any loses. I have prepared an audio file for you that hopefully will ease your pain and show you some steps to take.

So fire up the green tea kettle and click here to be taken to my latest offering.

Thank you,
Nick Guarino



Economies Melting – Bankers Did It Again

By Nick Guarino | August 14, 2015

Debt Crushing China.

China’s life and death fight for survival will bring down the world economy.

If you read my Special Report on China titled “Chinese Economic Miracle Turning Into A Nightmare” what is going on now is no surprise. The biggest con job in modern history is the “China Miracle”. Try rocky mountain Horror Show. Their debt is 400% of GDP. Their economy is powered by 1 billion slaves producing the cheapest shit, substandard products the world has ever seen. They compete on price and price only. Which means they operate on razor thin margins. They need massive volume to survive and service their out of control debt.

And here lies the heart of the crises. China’s massive debt means they need to have massive growth. It’s the old joke.. they are losing a few pennies on everything they make. But they will make it up with volume. What they forget to tell you is their model is to cover the ever growing losses with more and more debt owed to the west…. And when the growth stops they wipe out as you are seeing.

Yes there is more. You got it, our friendly banker buddies are up to their sleazy neck ties in this. What no one is telling you is the fact the Chinese owe unbelievable sums of money to our banker buddies, the whores of Wall Street.

And China can’t pay them back. And our greedy banker buddies loaned money to China with absolutely no recourse. Which means they have no chance of collecting on these debts that have started going bad. The first loans to default are the massive loans our banker Einsteins have made on commodities.

Yes, you got it. Banker buddies have made massive commodities loans on Copper at an average price of $5 a pound, iron ore at $100 a ton and oil at $100 a barrel. The list goes on and on.

With the global slow down and commodity price wipe out it’s desperation time in Bankerville.

It’s bad enough that our Bankers and fund buddies can’t collect on their bad China loans. But it’s far, far worse than that. Because China, like every Ponzi scheme, requires fresh cash as in a mountain of new loans. A constant stream of new money to survive the spreading global slow down. Their only prayer of survival is to maintain and increase sales and exports. Which means they need to lower prices. And to lower their currency, to lower the final price of Chinese plastic dog shit.

In desperation the Chinese have started a Currency War

That will devastate the global economy. It has changed in the past week to the entire global landscape. Let me explain.

Loser analysts and snake oil salesman have long predicted the demise of the dollar and the rise of gold. The bullshit story goes like this. The massive yearly budget deficits and the massive balance of trade deficits debt, coupled with government printing of money will collapse the dollar into a hyperinflation, out of control spiral.


The fact of the matter is, the US budget deficits are far from crises. Everyone the world over buys all the debt the US issues, at the lowest interest rate in world history. They offer to buy the debt 3 times over and scream for more.

The truth is, the US yearly deficits have been cut in half. From a peak of a trillion dollars a fiscal year to 500 billion. Well within reason for an economy as large as the US. And it’s still dropping.

And the other twin in the twin deficits, the balance of trade deficit, has been cut in half. See chart below.












After peaking in 2007 – as you can see it’s half.

The REAL crises is the dollar is too strong, not too weak

The fact of the matter is, it’s a stronger dollar that is death to business. The higher the dollar goes, the more money US companies lose who on average get 40% of their net profits on overseas sales. The higher your currency goes, the less you sell and the less profits you make. Now for economies like Japan that rely upon 60% of their profits from foreign sales. And the Chinese who rely upon foreign sales for 80% of their income, the currency value is critical. The cheaper your currency the cheaper your products. Giving you an enormous competitive advantage.

Look at the chart below of the dollar index. As the hucksters told you to buy gold because the dollar will crash, the dollar has soared in value.





















And to make matters even worse, people who got sucked into alternative dollar investments are not done losing money. Gold will drop to under $300 an ounce. People who bought the hyper inflation hype have been wiped out in gold. Remember the most gold ever sold to individuals occurred at over $1500 AN OUNCE. See the gold chart below.

















Pretty ugly, especially when you consider the fact that gold will drop to not just $300 an ounce but under $150.

People who got suckered into silver did even worse. Talk about pitying the fool. Look what they did to Silver traders.

















From $50 an ounce to $15 and this was supposed to be a wealth preservation investment. That’s how the Wall Street whores pedal precious metals. Well the truth is, every report flashes it’s deflation warning. And reality is the dollar has soared in value as precious metals have wiped out.

It’s a deflation and as you are seeing the dollar is king and precious metals are inviting disaster.

But the real disaster is the strong dollar, it’s destroying profits on Wall Street and crushing markets the world over.

Oil is the first domino that is falling

It should be no surprise to any one. Global demand for all commodities is falling off a cliff. And Oil is the most widely used commodity in the world. It’s the perfect storm.

Production is off the chart. Iraq is fighting for its survival. And oil shipped out through the south is now up to 4 million barrels a day.

Iran is anticipating sanctions being lifted no matter what the US does. The fact of the matter is the EU and the UN both have agreed to lift sanctions.

Iran is already ramping up productions and no one has the stomach to enforce sanctions that they know are about to be lifted. The Iranian oil ministry says within 6 months their oil output will go from 1.5 million barrels per day to 4.5, an increase of 3 million BPD.

Add to the equation the 45 million barrels of oil Iran has in storage. Oil that is readily available to market and record high OPEC output lead by Saudi Arabia. The US fracking revolution has made the US totally independent of foreign producers or sources of oil. So you can see why we are predicting oil between $10 to $20 a barrel in the next 12 months.

It is one of the all time great trades. And there is more. Oil feeds the deflationary spiral. As the price of oil comes down, producers especially in the US halt exploration. They cut costs, workers and dump oil in a desperate bid to survive. They feed the oil price collapse and deflationary spiral.

Ultimately the Big losers are our good friends the bankers

Now let’s look at the financial side of the equation. Commodities were driven to record bubble highs. Funded by massive loans and manipulations by our banker buddies. The entire commodity complex is wiping out as we speak. The losses are staggering.

The record high commodities prices put in these last few years are now crashing. One hell of a lot of money has been and is being lost. And these massive unprecedented losses are being taken by our banker buddies.

That is why I am so bearish on the stock market (still near record highs) and Financial stocks. Many of you are concerned about the FAZ which is tied directly to the Russell 1000 financial stock index. Your concerns are duly noted and would be correct if we were in ordinary times. But we are not. As a result of the greatest blow up in commodity prices ever, all funded by massive loans and leverage by our banker buddies. I predict a financial collapse of biblical proportion.

It’s really very simple. If we don’t get the greatest banking wipe out ever our FAZ trade is doomed. We will never make any money.

BUT, BUT, BUT, if I am right and the bankers wipe out like I believe with all my heart and soul, the FAZ will soar to new highs. Whether they daily settle it or not.

Question! Is it not my job to see the mega events before everyone else? Did I not see the deflationary spiral first? Did I not see the commodities wipe out? The crashing oil?

I could appreciate it if you were concerned a year ago. When once again it looked like I was a fool and full of shit. But now that you understand that commodities were the greatest manipulated markets ever. Manipulated by our banker buddies on huge leverage with record amounts of borrowed money. And now you see the crashing commodities, the death plunge in oil, the Chinese wipe out starting. You should be able to connect the dots and see what a brilliant group of trades I have put you in.

As I have pointed out over and over again, events that are common knowledge known by the market opinion makers are not trade-able market events. And if markets were all seeing and all knowing, they would never grow these crazy bubbles. And they would certainly not wipe out.

But the truth is, the majority of people can’t see the future. They, in the name of being contrarians, really are running with the pack. Market opinion makers use ANYTHING to trap the fools. Right now, the most beautiful women in the world, who in another time would be dance girls, are on every single business network. Shapely red dress and all. The market sites and studio sets have been redesigned to have them do a shake your booty walk in front of giant screens of the markets.

The ugly ones have disappeared off of every business network. Just enough cleavage and dresses just short enough to slip a little higher when they give you the side shot of them sitting down. They have sports heroes appearing and celebrities too. All touting Wall Streets latest creations… designed to steal people money. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

I love a beautiful women as much as the next man

But let’s not get carried away here and certainty don’t let her carry away your money. The truth is, the Wall Street’s steal your money machine has gone into hyperdrive. They are trying to vacuum up every buck they can. They have deployed new tools and rewritten the book of tricks. Do not mistake this for the height of their power. It is not. It’s the height of their desperation.

Here is your two minute warning. We will soon be adding many trades in our stock market tools. Reality is the US stock market is still very close to its all time highs. So we have some time.

The really big story will be the next banking crises. It will be global and it will be bigger than anything mankind has ever seen before.

Half the wealth of the planet will be wiped out overnight

And you will have the tools to not only survive but thrive. I want you to line your ducks all in a row. Get your house in order and get your head clear.

We know how to do this. I have been preparing all my life for this day that is on the near horizon. Let’s talk straight here. You know I deliver the goods and you know I have the gift to see these things ahead of time.

Relax, you’ve got a ticket to be in the game here. No matter how rich or how poor you are, you can make a killing in these events which have already started.

I am at your service,
Nick Guarino

And I thank you



Ultimate Private Banking

By Nick Guarino | August 11, 2015

First National Bank of YOUR Mattress

Time to open the only bank account you will ever need

Don’t get wiped out and lose everything in the coming banking crash. As you know, times are getting ugly indeed. There are wars and financial panic and massive losses occurring around the world. Billions of people are displaced and poverty is spreading like a case of winter flu in a kindergarten.

Commodities are crashing, banks are going broke (even if they have not admitted it yet) and we are very close to a 1929 style financial panic. One that will wipe most people out in the twinkling of a eye.

How Do I Protect My Money?

The biggest most often asked question I get is how do I protect my wealth in what’s coming. And it’s a damn important question. One that you only get one chance to get right. Knowledge is critical if you want to keep your wealth. You were smart enough to make it. Now learn how to be smart enough to keep it.

There is an entire industry set up to screw you out of your money. From your retirement funds, to investment trusts, to gold, even real estate. What they want you to do is wrong wrong wrong.

The majority of people have got it wrong. And the very thing the financial establishment convinced them to do insures, in fact guarantees they lose EVERYTHING. And guess who the winners will be if you get it wrong? You got it, our wall street buddies. You lose, they win.

This is a difficult subject. Especially if you are still stuck on inflation. I have prepared an in depth tape on preserving your wealth. I try to cover the alternatives and deal with the most serious, often asked questions.

Let’s talk honest. It’s just not about you. If you’re like most people I know, your kids and grand kids are too busy being good little, deep in debt slaves. Shopping till they drop brain washed consumers. Yes I know it pisses you off. But you’ve got to be strong for them too.

It’s not their fault. Don’t blame them for being fooled. I promise you when the bubble bursts they will come back to you. Apologizing and thanking you. The french have a saying:

Once they see Paree it’s hard to get them back on the farm.

Hard but not impossible. When the Nazis rolled into Paris, the French all wished they had a farm to go back to. Well you keep the home fires burning and a candle in the window.

This is a labour of love. It’s my gift to you. I know what to do. We have the technology to preserve and grow your wealth. For some of you it will be difficult. For those of you who have been with me a while, there will be a lot of familiar ground.

I have also taken the liberty of updating some recommendations in the audio tape you’re about to hear. In view of the changing financial landscape this is urgent. It’s worth a serious listen to.

Click here to listen to audio file.

Thank You,
Nick Guarino



Oil – Gold – China – Bankers

By Nick Guarino | July 27, 2015

Gold, Oil and China are all CRASHING Stock Market and Banks are NEXT


It’s finally started. Damn near $2000 an ounce gold is barely over $1000. Crude oil that peaked at $150 a barrel and was at $100 in the past 12 months is now under $50. And despite the bogus numbers out of China’s communist government, the truth is their manufacturing miracle is in a colossal slow down. And their only miracle is the greatest debt orgy of any nation ever.

Lets take this from the top:

China manufacturing has been plunging for the last 18 months. The PMI for July was reported at 48.2, its lowest reading in 15 months. Any reading below 50 indicates a slow down. Everything China uses to manufacture in mass is not selling. And prices for key manufacturing commodities they used to suck up like a hoover are plunging in price and volume.

At China’s peak they were buying iron ore at $150 a ton and grabbing all they could. To feed their hungry factories. Now with demand cut in half, iron ore is $40 a ton. Copper that peaked at $9.00 a pound is now trading at $2.40 a pound. Copper actually was stored and traded like gold.

It makes sense that commodity’s are wiping out. Look at the core numbers the spin-meisters can’t change. Demand is falling because the global economy is entering the next phase of the global depression.

Oil is under two curses. Global demand has peaked and is dropping. While global oil production, because of the fracking miracle and wars, is at all time highs. The middle east wars mean everyone needs cash. OPEC output is the highest ever. Led by record production out of Saudi Arabia.

The BIG oil game changer is Iran. They are preparing for all out war. They fooled the fools and are about to get sanctions lifted. Fifty million barrels of market ready oil sitting in storage will come to market in a matter of weeks.

The moth balled oil fields of Iran will be in production again. By the end of the year, Iran production will be over 3 million Barrels a day. The price of oil is headed to $10 a barrel before the coming global oil crises comes.

Gold is the worst investment of the decade. Damn near $2000 an ounce gold has lost half its value. WHY? Because it’s a global depression and prices go down in a depression not up. Gold is doing its job and telling you there is no inflationary crises. Not now and not in the future. Millions of unsophisticated investors who bought into all that precious metals hype are getting wiped out. It’s sad to see. I am on record before the peak of predicting $300 an ounce gold. I may be wrong it may go down to $150 an ounce.

It’s worse for silver investors. Silver peaked at over $50 an ounce and it’s now trading well under $15 an ounce. That is wiping people out the old fashioned way. But silvers crash is not over yet. It will go to under $3.00 an ounce.

Here is reality.

This is the START of the end… not the end

Which means the real fireworks are coming soon. And I want you ready. See audio file at the end

OK, lets get real here. You pay me for the inside skinny. And you expect me to deliver the goods. And I know that. By the way that is as it should be. Please notice I am accountable. Like I say, those business shows and wall street publications tell you what has happened and at best what IS happening. At worst, they feed you as full of crap as they can, to take your money.

My job is different. I tell you what will happen. With a view to first protect your wealth and hopefully multiply it.

As you know there is a major flaw.. Most of the time I know what. It’s the when part that is a bugger. BUT, as you are seeing, when does eventually come. And with these wonderful trading tools time is no longer your enemy. You can wait the bastards out.

You better know I weigh every word I write. I agonize over every prediction. I only put pen to paper or voice to microphone when I can’t stand it any longer.

Like a woman giving birth, I agonize, and when I can’t stand it any longer and I am sure inside, I tell you what I must. It’s then time to deliver the goods.

I know full well it’s hard for some of you when everyone else is giving out the Wall Street lie. And I tell you the exact opposite.

You may ask how the hell do I know? Beats the tar out of me… I just know. Of course, between knowing and telling, I put in a lot of hard work to be sure.

Nobody said it was supposed to be easy. Now comes to what I have to tell you.

Oil, China and gold are symptoms of a much greater problem. And that is the fact the matter is the freeging banks and the derivatives casino is in BIG trouble.

They are stone cold broke and about to wipe out again.

We are on the verge of the greatest banking crises ever

It’s the deep dark secret of Wall Street. The banks are more highly leveraged than in the 2007/2008 financial crises. Remember when they were bailed out they were suppose to de-leverage and scale down their speculative operations. Well, not only did they not liquidate their casino interments, they leveraged even more.

Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total national derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion – about 25% more than in 2008, beyond what anyone can conceive, let alone regulate or control when the next wipe out strikes.

Since 2008, too-big-to-fail banks consolidated to much greater leverage than ever. They’re financial and political powerhouses, controlling world economies to their own advantage.

Civilization’s have no hope in smashing them or dismantling them into small, impotent pieces, or ideally putting money back in public hands where it belongs. They will wipe out and destroy everything they touch.

This is my great gift to you. They are about to wipe out every credit based institution and debt carrying individual on the planet. That means with your cash in the first national bank of your mattress, you will be a dynasty unto yourself. They wont be able to touch you.

Cash is king and the squeeze has started. Look at the markets, especially commodities. Consider this your two minute warning.

I’ll tell you who’s to blame. My old enemy, that rat bastard sell out Bill Clinton, who repealed Glass-Steagall (the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act – letting insurance, investment and commercial banking merge) and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (permitting unregulated commodity and derivatives trading).

He unleashed the financial predators from hell who entrap small/weak people and entities and nations, making them into their debt slaves. Look how they used the bank credit system to beat the Greeks into submission. They sucked the life out of them like a vampire bleeds its prey. But if you have your wealth outside their (in cash) clutches they cant get to you.

The bankers grow more powerful and wealthier than ever. I am warning you ahead of time, the whole corrupt system is going bust. It will soon decimate billions of people worldwide and create the greatest human poverty and misery ever seen.

I am telling you the derivatives casino counter-parties don’t have funds to pay as the bubbles begin deflating. It’s just a matter of time before current market mania ends.

The Wall Street owned, controlled and operated Fed is the problem, not the solution. Monied interests buy politicians like a New York hooker. They write business friendly legislation, getting Congress to pass it in return for generous campaign contributions and other special favours.

The corrupt, clueless, blow dried pretty boys and sexy, slinky girl models of the financial media don’t know squat about the markets. But are portrayed as experts to trick the masses. America’s and for that matter the global economy and financial system are train wrecks of mass destruction waiting to happen. Nothing can save the global financial system. But I know how to save you.

Ok, now I said it. You are warned.

And no, I am not happy about being the bearer of this incredible bad news.

Sometimes I hate my job.

But I love saving your butt!

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Thank you,
Nick Guarino



Stupidity or Treason

By Nick Guarino | July 18, 2015

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Obama does not want the public to understand that Islam is our enemy

Excuse my while I rant and rave. I want you to picture this in your mind. The terrorist’s name is Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24 born in Kuwait. His father is a Palestinian from Nablus in the West Bank of Israel (home to many, many terrorists) and his mother is from Kuwait.

He immigrated to the US with his family in 1996. His father has been investigated for supplying funding to terrorists. And Muhammad, his son, just attacked and killed US military personnel in the US.

To add more to the theatre of the Absurd, ISIS Tweeted a Warning 11 minutes Before the Terror Attack. ‘O American Dogs, Soon You Will See Wonders’ #Chattanooga.’ See copy of tweet on the right.

On the last day of Ramadan, a murderer and devout Muslim named Muhammad attacks US Military unarmed personnel. Killing 4 marines and seriously wounding another.

He does this as ISIS commanded, on many social media websites. ISIS has been calling for “lone wolf” style attacks in the U.S. on the military and police during the month of Ramadan. In fact ISIS said any terrorist believer who did such an attack to celebrate the last day of Ramadan will get 100 times the usual 40 virgin reward.

Muhammad frequently traveled to the Middle East and went to Jordan a number of times. Last year he spent 7 months in the Middle East, exact location unknown.

It’s been reported he went to Yemen to complete his radicalization. His high school yearbook quote was, “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?” It’s pretty obvious this Islamic Terrorist, from a terrorist family, was in training for a long time.

So what does Obama do as US marines are being slaughtered like pigs? Read it for yourself:

“Michelle and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to Muslims in the United States and around the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr,”

“As Muslims mark the end of the month, they are reminded that Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need. While Eid marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual — a reason to celebrate and express gratitude on this holiday.” “As Muslim Americans celebrate Eid across America, the holiday is a reminder to every American of the importance of respecting those of all faiths and beliefs,”

“Michelle and I hope today brings joy to all of your homes, both here in the U.S. and around the world. From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!”

The most disgusting part of this is US law enforcement officials are bending over backwards not to call this an Islamic terrorist attack

Why? because the last thing the Obama pro Muslim administration wants the pubic to know is the fact that we are at war with Islam. And the fact Obama supports them. He has opened the door to immigration of Islamic radicals.

He supports, aids and abets the Shiite war against the Sunnis in the middle east. And he forces the traditional media, in the name of political correctness, not to report the Islamic terrorists attacks on US soil as what they are.

The body count, not counting 911, is over one hundred people dead or wounded by these domestic Islamic terrorists.

It is outrageous that the Obama administration refuses military personnel the right to carry arms and defend themselves.

Muhammad, the latest terrorist, was able to murder in cold blood 4 combat hardened Marines, one who received the purple heart twice.

The marines, all accomplished weapons experts, were forced by their commander in chief to be totally disarmed. Even though the FBI and NSA received thousand of intercepts from Islamic terrorist groups calling for their members to attack US military personnel in the US.

Now if that were not shameful enough, all the kings horses and all Obama’s men are bending over backwards TRYING NOT TO CALL THIS latest atrocity ISLAMIC terrorist attacks.

So how far down this idiotic road of political correctness are we going to go?

This is some very, very sick shit. How are you going to defend yourself against an enemy you will not even acknowledge… Never mind investigate.

Obama refuses to let our intelligence community set up operations against Imams, Mosques or know radical members of Islam. It is forbidden in the name of racial profiling.

When are we going to face the cold hard reality that Islam is our enemy? When are we going to realize Obama and his administration is aiding and abetting that enemy.

Someone has got to speak out

Thank You,
Nick Guarino