Trade Making 56,000 Smiles

By Nick Guarino | August 30, 2021

Back on May 31st I gave you my 3 hottest trades. If you made just one of them, you’re sitting on close to $60,000 net profit. In that trade I told you to buy the NASDAQ 100 Mini and your first position was around 13,700. On July 9th I told you to buy your next layer at 14,700 and now you need to buy your third layer at 15,700.

In the original trade, we told you to take profits at 16,700 which I still hope to get. If the trade works out as planned, you could make $120,000. You might consider taking some of those profits and subscribing to our comprehensive Financial News Network because our biggest trade ever is coming up this Fall. I gave this trade to prove to you that we have the golden touch and we can deliver the goods.

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